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gatopardo 02-02-2011 04:33 PM

Enhance or repair your gun sights
Enhance you weapon's sights with little money.

Glow-on super phosphorescent is ideal for the job, glows in the dark, the glow is long lasting, for just a few bucks.

The black cap on every glow-on vial shows the contents in real time and what you should expect after you apply it. The pigment is volumetric so it fills easily those old white dots some gun sights have, which get soiled so often

Option 1 contents:
-Single vial of Glow-On super phosphorescent.
-Instructions sheet.
-Two applicators.

US$ 6.99 plus S&H

Option 2 contents:
-1 Single vial of Glow-On super phosphorescent.
-1 package of Glow-On self adhesive (ten 1/2" squares and two small strips) for use on rear gun sights or a remote control
-1 Instructions sheet.
-2 applicators.

US$ 8.99 plus S&H

Option 3 contents
-1 Single vial of Glow-On super phosphorescent.
-1 package of Glow-On self adhesive (ten 1/2" squares and two small strips) for use on rear gun sights or a remote control.
-1 Instructions sheet.
-2 applicators.
-1 Glow-On self adhesive super phosphorescent all weather card ( about 2 1/2' x 3 1/2" ). For you to customize to your own needs.

US$ 14.99 plus S&H


Shipped the same day you order, it takes 2-3 day to arrival

gatopardo 02-04-2011 01:03 AM

Keltec PF9 sights
Keltec pf9 with enhanced sights.

Optionally, the pf9 regular white dot sights can be easily enhanced with an option No. 2 from Glow-On, paint on the front sight, and Glow in the dark self adhesive on the rear sight.

Does it last?
I carry mine everywhere for a year already, no wear or tear has happened.

Is there a tutorial? Yes Click Here

What is option No 2 from Glow-On?

$13.31 including shipping and handling:

The cost for pistol is less then $0.50 ........... two quarters!:D

Wenonah 02-04-2011 11:03 PM

How long does it glow when not exposed to light say in a pouch all day and pulled for fast work in a dark room?

gatopardo 02-05-2011 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by Wenonah (Post 437253)
How long does it glow when not exposed to light say in a pouch all day and pulled for fast work in a dark room?

Hi Wenonah.
First, thanks for your support.

To answer your question, if the sidearm has been stored in a bag for a long time the phosphorescent paint wont glow.

There has to be a previous exposure to light for it to glow, just a minute is enough, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't take half an hour, since we use Strontium , not the old phosphorus standard.

In our tests it doesn't present a significant difference, is not about time, but the intensity of the light. A brief exposure to a small flashlight is usually enough.

Glow-on is an enhancement, not substitute for good practices.
In any case is hard to beat for the price and performance, is better than not having anything. and of course there are plenty of other options from lasers to lamps and of course tritium and scopes and night vision.

But of course this is a "trick" you can only do with glow-on (option 2)

gatopardo 02-07-2011 03:55 AM

repair or enhance your gun sights
Here are some pics a friend sent me of his work with glow-on. He even did the Magpul logo with glow-on.

The stuff is "happy meal" cheap, and easy to apply, what is not to like.

gatopardo 02-19-2011 01:39 AM

ship international
We ship international too. So guys from Brazil go ahead.:D

gatopardo 02-26-2011 01:23 AM

repair your gunsights
How "Cutomized" can it get?

As much as it needs to be:

This is hipoint with a ghost ring cut in half and glow-on applied, fancy hey?

gatopardo 02-27-2011 07:00 PM

Glow-On video
Here is a hastily made video, a bit crude, but it shows the basics of the application, I promise a better one soon, (with a real gun).
So sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy.

gatopardo 03-04-2011 12:10 AM

Recent experience
Recently there was a police chase which ended a few blocks from where we live, It was about 0300 hours and there where about a couple dozen police cars going back and forth some with lights, some with the lights off, I woke up because of the emergency lights coming thru the second floor windows. There were no sirens or any sound, it looked alarming.

I could see on a field half a click away several patrols trying to illuminate a big area, of course they where looking for someone dangerous.

The second after I woke up i knew immediately where my pistol was, since I applied a couple of stick-on on the lower part of the magazine, my cell phone, my flashlight, my TV remote, light switches, etc. For the first time since we developed this product i could experience first hand and see with my own eyes the advantage it gives anyone who has it.

We kept all the lights off but we knew where everything important was, in the case of an invasion or such.

In the end, the suspect killed himself with his own pistol in a neighbor's backyard fortunately for us didn't that close to our house or our friend's.

Glow-on might not look like a great deal to some people, but even the small Swiss knife is worth one's life when we have it in the right moment, if one has it.

Respect Gatopardo

gatopardo 03-07-2011 03:40 AM

New Glow-On video
This is a new Glow-On video. Specifically designed tutorial for our customers who purchased the "Option 1" or paint only purchase option.

Even though this set of sights have receded dots and the front sight has a small gutter, the pigment is just as efficient over bare flat metal sights as I will demonstrate in a video soon.

The video is HD so if you use the whole screen you might be able to see the detail better.

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