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gatopardo 09-04-2010 05:21 AM

affordable night sights
Weather resistant, super bright, super dense formula embedded in industrial grade weather resistant medium.

What is Glow-On™
Great things come in small packages.

Glow-On™Super Phosphorescent is a high density formula, extremely luminescent, created to be a long lasting cost effective, weather resistant durable and efficient water based luminescent medium for multiple applications.

You can use it on your gun to create night sights, enhance the controls on photographic cameras, radios, hiking equipment, create irresistible fishing lures, add to light switches, cell phones, TV remotes, push buttons, electronic switches, dials, etc. to make them visible in the dark, easy to find and easy to operate.
-It's the most affordable phosphorescent pigment in its class.
-One vial is enough for 25 pistols or a dozen fishing lures.
-Long afterglow: It glows for up to 10 hours.
-Glow-On™ is ten times brighter than similar products.
-Glow-On™ is easy to apply, it does not need a primer or base due ti its high density.
-Water based: Glow-On™ is easy to clean before it dries, unlike oil based products which are smelly and messy to deal with.
-Environmentally safe: Glow-On™ is non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-flammable.
-Glow-On™ Phosphorescent capabilities will last for at least 10 years.
--Any light will charge it, excitation and emission can be repeated indefinitely.
-Super concentrated: Our phosphorescent formula is the brightest formula available.

"This technology offers up to 10 times better brightness than previous zinc sulfide based materials."( Wikipedia )

Easy to apply, it will resist any weather.

Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent Paint single vial with instructions and 2 applicators,
starts at US$ 9.89 plus S&H US$ 3.42

It will include appreciation package. (See below)

Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent Paint single vial with instructions and 2 applicators
plus Self Adhesive material only US15.89 plus S&H US$ 3.42

It will include appreciation package. (See below)

In appreciation to FTF members support, extending o to the month of November with every purchase of Glow-On™,( single vial or single vial plus self adhesive) members of this forum and visitors to this page will receive an extra appreciation package with ten squares and two small strips of Glow-On™ Self Adhesive at no extra cost to use on at least ten rear sights, or a couple of remote controls etc.

follow this link
Some examples

gatopardo 09-10-2010 11:54 PM

For you guys who like fishing
For you guys who like fishing, the Glow-On was tested on lake Erie by Fishonaj , here some pics:

Our hero reports : Go with the glow!!!, for deep water fishing!

Live long, live free

Gojubrian 09-11-2010 02:12 PM

I'm going to have to try some of this. :)

Gojubrian 09-19-2010 08:37 PM

I just ordered mine. Pretty soon I'll be pimping these all over the place. :D

gatopardo 10-01-2010 01:19 AM

Dots, Dots, Dots!
Thanks for the response members of TFT

We are sending this month a few "dots" for evaluation for the month of October,
Or, you can just put them on your gun if you like

So What are this dots?
We are testing orange luminescent material, charges with light in a second, the glow even though its bright, last just a few minutes.

If the glow last just a few minutes, what's the use?

We are thinking, extended performance, or in other words, if you are moving around while shooting, like in competition, you'll always be able to see the orange color. We compared against "bright orange paint" and the regular paint orange disappears when there is not enough light.
We need feedback however.

On the left te luminescent material, on the right regular bright orange.

How do I get this "dots"?
When you order Glow-On, on the instructions to the seller write:
" I'm member of FTF and i like the dots"

How do I apply them?
Clean your sights with alcohol to get rid of grease and grim.
Peel of the paper back protecting the adhesive.
Set the dots over the sights.
When you have the on the right position apply transparent nail polish over the dot and its edges to seal the dot in.
Apply a couple of layers.

Of course since this are beta dots you could apply them to something else like a comb, a pen, etc. and see how they work, Hey they are free

You'll probably need a xacto knife or utility knife or a toothpick, to handle the dots.

Due to the hi demand so far for this "beta dots" we are not being able to set them properly on a backing sheet, so we are just putting them ( 8 orange and 8 green) in a little baggie, in the future though if they are added to our shopping cart they'll be properly set for an easier use.

mind you this are 1/8" in size they won't fit all guns.

Here my 40 cal sights reworked with the dots:

gatopardo 10-09-2010 11:27 PM

First off thanks for the help

Second, to make the testing easier, here are a few pointers:
take the dots inside the bag, expose them to the sun check what happens when you go inside, leave them over a table and check when everything is dark, etc. to get acquainted with their properties.
You could set them on a flashlight, your pistols etc. just be warned after following the procedure described below, you'll need solvent to remove them completely ( after you've applied the nail polish, that is).

And please remember, the green is for night sights, the orange is for enhanced day sights, it'll give you an advantage when moving and the light direction changes drastically
You are going to need some of this:
An xacto knife for handling the dots, a similar tool will help, colorless transparent nail polish, and of course , the dots.

Pull the dots from the base paper like this, if you received them in a littel baggie, just peel the backing off to expose the adhesive surface.

Set them over the intended target surface like so:
( I'm using a small tac-light for this example)

Press slightly and make sure the dot is at the right location, the adhesive allows to move he dot around somehow.

Now to make it "stable", apply ON AND AROUND THE EDGES transparent colorless nail polish, let dry for 1/2 hour and repeat.

That is it guys, it is what it is, it is not tritium, or red dot or anything else,is not better or worst than anything, is just different please PM me with your observations.

Live long, Gato

Highpower 10-10-2010 04:38 PM

OK, I've seen a few good reviews from the members of FTF now.
Just placed an order to see for myself. (Pun intended...) ;)

IGETEVEN 10-10-2010 06:28 PM

Indeed, I will concur, Glow On works very well in low light to dark conditions and lasted throughout the night for me. :cool:

Wake up out of a dead sleep and grab your favorite nightstand booger-bear gun or shotty, immediate ocular recognition of your weapon sites, lit up bright enough for you every time, especially the front site, for on target. Reminds me of NVG target sighting...but way cheaper! :)

Highly recommended if you want to really site or locate anything in the dark...or you just can't see as well as you used to, especially in the dark.

"Jack" approved! ;)

gatopardo 10-16-2010 06:10 PM

Holy costume party, Batman!
Holy costume party, Batman! - Robin
Halloween is around the corner.
I caught the idea from some forum members, thanks guys;)

So because Halloween is coming, and some members might use the stuff for scary nail art and such for the rest of this month We'll be filling those vials way up so you can have enough.


Check this out:

SecPro 10-16-2010 06:21 PM

SO the dot thingies are free? Mi wants to test some. I love reviews btu nothing beats first hand experience, especially when you have OCD. :)

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