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frank_1947 11-01-2008 11:59 PM

45 acp 2000 mixed and more
once fired indoor range, all brass, cleaned polished mixed headstamp price includes shipping and insurance and tracking

1000 $53
2000 $96

I also have 1058 45 acp sorted in seperate bags this assortment shipped same as above

Federal 393
Winchester 252
R&P remington 169
CBC 244
Price $60

I take ck moneyorders, paypal please add $2 for pp fee Thanks Frank

Raymond 12-06-2008 06:15 PM

45 acp brass
like to know if you still sell 45 acp brass what brand do you have do you have federal

Dillinger 12-06-2008 06:17 PM

Ray - Your best bet is to e-mail him direct. I am sure he has more. I have ordered from him in the past, as have plenty of others on here, and his product is as advertised and shipping same day as payment is received. Frank is one of the good guys selling on line.


PS - Welcome to the Forum and get an AV! :D

frank_1947 12-07-2008 03:54 AM


Thanks I have brass every wk and every wk I sell it all, yes I will have more 45acp and will be ready to ship by Thursday or Friday, but I have to men in line that is normal if you would like to place a order please email me I will be able to give you an idea if I will have enough for you by Wednesday, as far Head Stamp or brand name, I sell mostly mixed in that mix will be all commercial stuff, Win, Fed, CCI, CBC, SBC R&P etc etc, at the moment I have been to busy to seperate by HS, all of my brass is Mostly once fired , indoor range, and good clean highly polished brass.

So please email me with your order and I will put you in line and notify you of progress, Thank You.


Sorry I have not been in here but as you read I am shipping 25000 cases a wk and soooooo busy thanks for all your kind words so often, talk to you when I get a break. Oh I bought a brand new AR 15 left handed, Stag, being a lefty I am over joyed with this weapon been wanting a lefty for along time.

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