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BullseyePrecision 01-20-2012 09:24 PM

Zippo Handwarmer
Anyone have the zippo handwarmer? If so whats the good and bad on it.

Sniper75 01-20-2012 11:18 PM

I have one they are very nice and warm.. Downside is that they use alot of fuel but my opinion worth it. I have an older one so that's prob why the fuel goes so fast I imagine the new ones are more efficient.

trip286 01-20-2012 11:34 PM

Well about how long does the fuel last? I think zippo's site has an estimate, but that always varies from the real world.

BullseyePrecision 01-21-2012 12:13 AM

I just ordered one on amazon for 12 bucks.

trip286 01-21-2012 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by BullseyePrecision
I just ordered one on amazon for 12 bucks.

You didn't order one for me?

BullseyePrecision 01-21-2012 12:50 AM

Sure you want the camo one like I got?

trip286 01-21-2012 12:53 AM

I'm kidding there, thanks though. A link though?

Jeepergeo 01-21-2012 12:59 AM

I have a really old one. It stays warm really nice, but it smells like lighter fluid. That's the only down side I can recall. Due to the flame, I would only use it while awake.

Vikingdad 01-21-2012 07:28 AM

Best not rely on fuel to warm your hands. Dress warmly in layers, wear gloves. That sort of thing.

Kodeman 01-22-2012 06:35 PM

Mine is about 25yrs old and still works fine. It came with a red flannel bag to keep it from contacting and burning the skin which it will do if not carefull. I use mine every yr for ice fishing and usually put it on my backside. You need to get a belt several sizes larger than you usually wear but it is well worth it as it keeps the warmer in place and keeps you comfortable all day long.

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