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Gus556 07-19-2011 08:55 PM

Whats your e-shelter?
The great opaww (and others) have been enjoying the dinner thread and has suggested other topics. One of which is Shelters.
Well, being a fella that likes to have a roof over my head, I thought that was simply a capital idea. So, whats your idea of a good shelter?
How would you make it?
What do you think a good shelter should consist of?

I am thinking it depends largely on how long you plan on staying there, it also depends on terrain and what supplies are available to you.

I have a few shelters set up around my AO. Including the hunting property north of me.

I have an old camper set up at the hunting property. It is hidden well and I have two burms on the north side and eastern side of the camper. They offer protection and concealment. To the south and west I am on the high ground and can overlook a washout and a natural revine. The entire area has excellent overhead protection thanks to a thick canopy of hemlock trees.
On the same property I have my favorite style of primitive shelter, the lean to. I constructed the opening end out of 3 4x4 beams and have them connected w/ pole barn spikes. They are about 3.5' in the ground and held in place by quickcrete. The sides are made of many layers. The first layer is regular tarps, the second is straw, the third is cotton duck canvas, the fourth is branches. It is a large lean to at 14' x 30'. The roof layer consists of tarp, old steel roofing from the old barn roof, another layer of tarp and covered with a thick layer of light brush and sticks. It is very waterproof and works great. I have a large boxout in the back of it for the bed which consists of an old carpet, straw, and a top layer of all weather carpet. Toss on a bed roll and it is comfy.
I have had a few winter camps set up there and the coldest night I spent there got down to -5. -17 with the WCF. I also have an old pot belly set up in there for heat and cooking. It is one of my backup bug out spots. I have a few items of interest buried in watertight containers near there as well.
I am thinking of building a dug out shelter. I have a couple areas that have big hills with vertical faces that would be very easy to set up a dug out but I have never built one and would be nervous about cave in.

Sooooooo, what would you build, or did build, or think of building?

mrm14 07-19-2011 11:35 PM

Quite some years back when I was younger, a carpenter, and much more full of piss and viniger I thought of building a small to average sq. ft. size post and beam structure using pinned mortise and tennon joints. Some of my carpenter friends and I were looking to build it on a property I had in the hills for a hunting and fishing cabin. Even then it would have taken several of us to errect the thing. It never came to fruition. I have done a fair amount of custom post and beam work when I was a carpenter and could do it now but don't have the skilled help I had then or the interest for such an undertaking now that I'm in my mid 50's.

opaww 07-19-2011 11:56 PM

As of right now I rely on a small 4 person tent that is 7 lbs in weight. If I am someplece where long term stay is needed then I will endever to build something more like a small one room cabin

mrm14 07-20-2011 12:14 AM

I'm with ya' on the tent thing. I have a nice ultra light 4 season tent. Unless I'll be staying in the same place for an extended amount of time the tent will do me just fine.

opaww 07-20-2011 12:20 AM

I can build a lean to if I am just staying over night or maybe 2 days, but the last time I built a lean to I came back from fetching water to find a Badger had taken up residence in it. I was not going to try and evict it.

dunerunner 07-20-2011 02:39 AM

Living in the Pacific Northwest, a sports tent just won't last; especially if you have to bug out in the winter. Winds here routinely reach 60 mph with gusts above that figure when storms move onto the coast.

I have a chain saw and my bug out spot has plenty of timber. I have a tent and several large tarps for a temporary shelter but the intent is to build something more substantial if the stay in the wild lasts more than a few weeks.

I only wish I had property to bug out to, but there are some caves in the coastal range close by and that is where I'll head. Problem with a cave is it is cold and wet and usually a den for some woolly woods critters!! :D

yellowhand 07-20-2011 02:44 AM

If all else fails, I always have my poncho and poncho liner.
Will get me thru whatever until I locate a roof and walls.

FatPat 07-20-2011 01:03 PM

For transient shelter, I have a 2 person, 4 season tent. If I lose, or have to leave that, I have my poncho and liner. I can, of course, build anything from field expedient shelters to a log cabin if I need to.

I've considered building a partially buried, "harder" shelter on the snakier portion of my property (good slope, covered in small pines and kudzu, difficult to navigate) but right now I don't have the funds.

chrstian_indy 07-20-2011 02:09 PM

1- fold up tent. Pops up in a minute and very easy to pack. Trow some leaves on that SOB and you got your self a winter shelter. Any tents, just trow some leaves and brush and you got your self a nice comfy tent.

One of my ideas was getting a small camper

finding a nice secluded area. Make a nice hole in the ground, set some concrete blocks to have it sit on. Build a concrete roof, then pile up dirt on it. Make a hole on the floor, run some PVC pipeing. Etc etc. This would make a GREAT house for hot summers. The cold ground send the cold over the PVC pipe. Just gotta make a new door since itís going to be sitting about 10feet or so on the ground. But you guys get the idea. Kinda like a cellar. Maybe have the door on the roof top and just cover the camper with dirt around it.

wmille01 07-20-2011 04:32 PM

I have a small camouflaged tent meant for two people (old a frame) and if I need to stay someplace for a little while and stay extremely warm I can build a natural shelter which is a good choice for hiding made out of element in the environment blends into the surrounding area and holds in a lot of heat if built right. Also if you need to you can build it into the ground (not a great idea) and it makes it that much harder to find you.

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