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What is your go to gun for a Emergency Semi Auto or Revolver

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Shade, the "Educated Redneck" has stated some very valuable points when considering which you prefer, this being only one of them.....
Originally Posted by Shade View Post
~~ mechanical failures.......They will happen, your ability to deal with them under stress could be the difference between
life or death. ~~
I have used both a revolver and auto in combat. Both served me well, I'm still here, the bad guys aren't! I grew up with wheel guns and the 1911. In general, I prefer the auto loading pistol in 45 ACP, with lots of ammo, and normally that is what I carry. However, I also have revolvers and use them when I feel it is of advantage.....they are large bore, as in 44 or larger.

More important to me than the make, model, caliber, how well they will perform for me. Me, being the weakest link. My guns are pretty much the same level of performance every day. I'm the one who has ups and downs and needs to keep up on my game. Regardless if I'm shooting a Glock 21, Kimber Royal Classic, Model 29 or Ruger Super Blackhawk......if I experience a failure to hit, a failure to fire, a failure to eject or extract, or a failure to is almost assured 99.9999% of the time, it was ultimately caused by me, and I am the one who needs to overcome the challenge.

Guns don't jam....musicians jam and jam goes on toast.....guns malfunction [it's an old military thing!].

......and, ALL guns malfunction sooner or later whether they be single shot, revolvers or auto loaders. If we are going to rely on a mechanical contraption to aid in our defense, we should learn how to overcome those malfunctions, and above all have a backup and a backup plan, if the malfunction is of the FUBAR type.
Best Regards.......Eagle Six
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If I could only pick one, I gotta go with my Medusa. Only has 6 shots but with the ability 20+ calibers, im sure I could scrounge up enough ammo to keep it fed...
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G19 (filler because my message was too short)
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My carry gun is a CZ82. I may start carrying my CZ75b more now that its getting cooler.
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At home the go to guns are his and hers Ruger SR9c's. We can both operate either pistol without hesitation, mags are interchangeable and they are easy to use.
I have had malfunctions (plural) with revolvers so dont say they never jam. When they do jam, it is usually catastrophic and you are out of business. If any small debris gets behind the star on a reload you wont be able to close the cylinder. The military went to the 1911 because it was more reliable in the dirty conditions on a battlefield.
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Originally Posted by CAMCHAMPION1988 View Post
Me personally S&W 627 8 shot Revolver .357magnum because revolvers don't jam. They don't have feed ramps,mag springs therefore no failures to feed or eject. The only real thing you have to worry about with a revolver is a
''DUD ROUND''. But the odds of you encountering a DUD ROUND are like 1 in a billion ( I am just going off statistics i read about dud rounds ). You can keep a Revolver loaded forever besides a 8 shots of .357magnum that is plenty and then i got some speed loaders ready. I also got a Glock 20 10mm so this would be plenty of ULTIMATE RELIABLE STRONG CALIBER ACTION.
For a Zombie apocalypse,Armed Assailants doped up on PCP with the worst intentions for you and your family or whatever the SCENARIO is.

What is your go to gun? you got to factor in ammo capacity,Big or small Caliber and Reliability.
My "go to" is neither; it is a pump.

My carry is a 1911, but that is only cause I can't conceal a shotgun worth a damn.
"It is not so much staying alive, it is staying human that is important."

George Orwell
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My Go to is a sig p229 .40 but it's just to put them behind something till I get to my m&p15 psx or possibly the .338 lp magnum and just take the walls down lol
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I carry a j-frame revolver but when there is a possible situation I grab my old hi-power and an extra mag.
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S&W 586 6"

What is your go to gun for a Emergency Semi Auto or Revolver - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum

Sig 226 357sig & S&W 340PD

What is your go to gun for a Emergency Semi Auto or Revolver - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum
Retired LE, M.P., Sr. M.P. Investigator, armorer, F.B.I. Trained Rangemaster/Firearms Instructor , Presently Forensic Document Examiner for D.H.S.

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In an emergency, I would go with the gun I feel most comfortable with and can shoot most accurately. That it is my Springfield Armory 1911 Champion (.45 caliber.)
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