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What is in your Bug Out Bag?

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Good suggestions here. I like the rice idea to augment the broth, which I have had in a BOB for 15 years.. Also a couple cheap space blankets, small first aid kit, pain killers (saved from dental and hospital visits), para cord, and latest addition - steri-pen and iodine tablets. A better water purification system is on order - the Katahdin purifier - good for over 2000 gals. A Lee handloader and dies for my rifle & handgun, 1 lb Unique powder, 1000 primers, and bullets. The Unique is good for both my Beretta .40 and my HighPoint .40 carbine, which IMO is a great SHTF weapon!
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Originally Posted by River Bend View Post
First of all, its not a bag but instead a Plastic/Rubberized, waterproof trunk,
All sizes Batteries
Solar radio & Flashlight
First Aid kit
prescription drugs
Spare sidearm & extra ammo
Propane bottles
space blankets
tent (4 person)
fishing kits
Survival knives
folding shovel
Folding Saw
para cord
magnifying glass
light sticks
various maps
Ghillie suit
Powdered drink mixes (Gatoraid, etc)
Long range talkabouts
trip line alarms
survival manuals
Gas Masks
Hazmat suits
Sleeping Bags
Duct Tape
and a few things I won't list
so how do u plan to haul all this around. if u say my vehical ok, but what if u run out of gas?????
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Originally Posted by sgtdeath66 View Post
so how do u plan to haul all this around. if u say my vehical ok, but what if u run out of gas?????
A bug-out bag is just that -- a bag. As in a backpack, large gym bag or Alice pack. The objective is to have what you would need to survive in relative comfort if you are forced, for whatever reason, to leave your home.

I would not use a rubberized box to haul this stuff around, though, when it can neatly fit on your back....
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Default bob contents

I have way too much stuff ..I have 3 backpacks full and of course my guns I wouldnt want to leave behind...think its time to start thinking like a backpacker..less is more..lighter is better kinda thing
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My bag

What is in your Bug Out Bag? - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum

1 wool blanket, socks, underware, in weather proof sack
2 compact flying kite "don't know why" can brighten the mode.
3 various adapters to go on my crank radio to charge phones and such
4 Topo maps SAS survival guide in waterproof case, also good for personal docs.
5 mylar blanket "space blanket"
6 emergency phone loaded with one years service or 800 min whatever comes first
7 Standard two-way radio.
8 batteries batteries and more batteries 9v AA aaa some lithion and alkaline
9 cooking pot and lid with stove and backup sterno
10 "Eternalight Elitemax" led light, at lowest setting 41.6 days of continues light from 3 AAA.

11 carabiner rated for 5300 pounds
12 survival necklace, fero-rod, hacksaw, blade, pen, whistle, matches, vaseline cotton balls.

13 lighter fluid
14 100 ft clothes line, 50 ft paracord
15 50 ft and about 30 ft paracord
16 USP resublimated iodine crystals for water purification. this bottle can make 1300 gallons. Hear is a link USP Iodine in 1 Ounce bottle great stuff

17 titanium fork knife spoon
18 razor
19 Frost Mora knife "Army model" stainless steel. At $12 bucks its the cheapest yet sharpest knifes i own.

20 K-Bar Becker Bk-2 campanion. carbon steel knife, 1/4 inch thick built like a tank.
21 Kershaw folding saw
22 Saber cut survival saw
23 needles and tread kit
24 pelican dry case with strike anywhere matches and cotton pads
25 water tight tube with more matches
26 Brunton polaris LED Lantern
27 Katadyn Pocket water filter, ceramic filter can filter 13,000 gallons. one of the best water filters you can get.

28 Platypus hydration water bladder 2 liters
29 Yukon night vision monocle with IR assist
30 Barska Blueline 10x40 Close Focus Monocular
31 Kaito KA500 radio. has, am, fm, sw1, sw2, NOAA stations is solar/crank/ battery powered and can charge your phone. also has LED reading lamp and strobe function.

32 got to love duct tape.
33 Tarp 10 x 12 with grommets and aluminized back
34 heavy leather gloves
35 wool cap
36 Star-flash mirror
37 Wetones sanitizer
38 First aid kit, put together myself, I included Quikclot.
39 compass lensatic
40 Garmin GPS "E-Trex legend" entire US loaded on there.
41 Tie wraps or Zipties as some call them.
42 also just off to the right was my bag of Mountain house foods, 5 days worth can probably stretch to a week.

Well thats about it all fits in a Large Alice Pack. about 39 ponds.
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Originally Posted by sgtdeath66 View Post
so how do u plan to haul all this around. if u say my vehical ok, but what if u run out of gas?????
Like it was done in Spaceballs, they emptied the trunk and carried it around.
Much lighter!
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My current kit is in a military 5.56 ammo can.
It doesn't hold all i want to have in there, but it's a start.

Tube tent
2 space blankets
water purification tabs
waterproof matches
2 bic lighters
magnesium block
a couple sharp lock-back knives
550 cord
compact fishing kit
trash bag (makes good rain poncho)
small first aid kit
small sewing kit
swiss army knife
"perry" whistle
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Default Has anyone...

Originally Posted by 1984cj View Post
What is in your bug out bag?
How big is it?
Do you have more than one for different occasions?

Right now I have my hunting gear packed into a bag but I am considering a purpose built bug out bag in case I need to relocate due to disaster.
Have you tried out your bag yet? Given it a test run over a long weekend to see if it will really do the job? I think far too many of us, me included, haven't given them a true "field test" to see if we have what we need, or are carrying a bunch of stuff that we don't need.

If you decide to test it out, you should also do some role-playing: avoidance of people, surv. & obs., etc. Also, you should have several "situation" cards that indicate a situation or emergency that you must handle effectively.

For example, every 4 hours, take out a pair of dice and throw them. For a roll of 2-6, take no action; for a 7, roll again; for 8-12, pull a card at random. The cards should be something like, "You've fallen and broken your arm. Treat your arm as if broken, including building a splint and sling. Spend the rest of the test period without the use of that arm, and limit yourself to 2 hours of sleep per day to simulate loss of sleep due to pain." or "You've fallen in the creek, and the lower half of your bag is soaked. You can't use anything below the half-way mark in your bag."

Such emergencies will determine how well you can handle such problems on your own, and how well you've distributed your load so that the loss of part of it won't eliminate a vital item.

Suggestions for other emergencies should be added. These were just the first 2 that came to mind.
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to start with s &w 40 cal. and 12 gauge ( i want to switch my arms to .22 **** ammo as ive found out id heavy)

4 mres
k bar
fishing gear
100ft 550 cord
a few notbooks w/ pens
2 sleeping bags
single tent
sml medical kit
iodine tablets
flashlight (wind up job)
flint stone

i am going to add the mignifien glass good idea the only eltronic is the radio and flish light i dont want to depend on electronics im going to take that advise for a field test then my list will change im sure
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What CAN'T you do with a quart bottle of Clorox? You can treat a lake full of H2O, you can cancel out any bio-attack, you can clean the nastiest local, and if needed you can use it to go on the offensive.
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