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What would you grow?

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Originally Posted by G21.45 View Post
No, just don't place it on the south side of the garden. It does take a lot of fertilizer, though; and I do irrigate frequently.

(I've never admitted this before; but I've, 'recycled' all of our household dog and cat poop throughout the gardens for years - As long as you bury it fairly deep underneath the plant, it works great!)
sounds good. i might give that (corn and the poo) a try next year.
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CHICKENS and OPIUM popies,is that heads up, or feet up?
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pumpkins and the squashes. Easy to grow and very hardy for the most part. Also easily seeded.
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Liberals - planted deep enough they provide much nitrogen and their use as a fertilizer helps in the depletion of oxygen from the atmosphere, curbing global warming..
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Root crops certainly, but I think I'd be more prone to growing wheat instead of corn because of disease and pest considerations. It's starch either way, but smut and worms hit more frequently than cereal rusts. That, and the water requirements are much less.
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Originally Posted by gnoll View Post
if you all read the mother earth news
you can make fuel out of it
you can make close and food too
i think the small minded thinking this world is in wont like my choice
but i would grow weed as my staple
Well that didn't take long. I figured it wouldn't take long for someone to mention pot.
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
If you were planning for a possible SHTF situation and had a good acre of land to grow crops on .. What would you plant?
This is an easy one...
Everything I like to eat, and what ever would sell/trade to the locals even if I didn't like it!

I get a HUGE head start on this since I was mostly raised by my grandparents and they were farm & depression era people...
We canned everything from wild mushrooms to hog fat!

Nothing got by them!
They canned blackberries, goose berries, apples, pears, and anything else that was in season!

They canned meat of all kinds, including venison, ground hogs, coons, fish, and domestic animals, which were often preserved in other ways too (drying, smoking, salt and sugar curing)....

Gardens included everything from something as simple as two or three different kinds of corn to abstract plants like Spearmint, Dill, Rhubarb, and medicinal plants like Lavender and Doc Weed...

We always had at least two different kinds of potatoes, one was drought tolerant, one was flood tolerant, and in 'Good' years, both came in with good yields.

Don't forget nuts and nut trees!
Green Walnuts Husks will provide a preservative for wood (like garden tool handles) and insect repellant for live stock and barns/shops.
It is also a good leather tanning agent, and will kill skin fungus like Ring Worm and athletes foot.

Green Walnut Husks thrown in dog houses or chicken coops will help keep the parasites like fleas, ticks and lice down.

Pine Cones will reveal pine nuts when you open them with warm water. Some people really like pine nuts.

An acre garden will feed a dozen people many times over!

I'd probably stick with the old standbys that are easy to preserve by drying or canning or 'Root Cellar' storage,

Corn, different kinds of beans, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, ect.

Climbing beans and peas can be a pain, but they do produce more 'Food' per square foot since they go vertical.

If I was able to can food, I'd do things that had high sugar content,
Fruits, Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Black berries, Beets, stuff like that.

Fruit trees are a luxury and the take up a lot of space, but the high sugar food they produce is worth it's weight in gold!

Apples & Pears can be dried with the beans, peas, tomatoes & peppers, but they just aren't as good when re-hydrated!

An acre isn't large enough to provide enough of a staple like Wheat, and Wheat is a high 'Investment' crop for the amount of yield you get back (Corn or Soy beans are high yield compared to wheat)
In the early days, if the farmers didn't have a LARGE use for the stems/stalks/chaff, they probably wouldn't have grown wheat much...

When you are talking about "Gardens" don't forget the PROTEIN side of things!
Rabbits will survive quite well on what you prune and cultivate & weed out of the garden and provide good protein.
If you have a little larger animal in mind, maybe one that will provide some fat, then pigs, sheep or goats would be a good idea.
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Originally Posted by poolshark13 View Post
i saw somewhere that the first engine henry ford designed ran on a hemp based gas. i havent done any research to whether thats true or not, but if its true, the government has been missing out on a huge area to tax. if they legalized for fuel, rope, smoking, thats a whole realm of taxes that would only help the economy, and lower gas prices.
Not true in two departments.
First off, Henry Ford didn't 'Invent' engines, He bought patents and built them.

Secondly, The first 'Model 'T' vehicles were designed to run on Ethanol, or grain alcohol.

The first Diesel engines were designed to run off Peanut oil, which at that time was considered a 'Waste' product.

During WW II both sides designed engines that would burn either Hemp oil directly, or a mixture of Hemp oil and either gasoline or petroleum based diesel fuel.

Hemp was being grown and processed by the millions of tons for fibers, mostly for rope, but some for cloths and fibers for filters, both air and industrial applications.
The Hemp oil was a byproduct that was used for everything from a tonic for constipation to engine fuels.

Hemp oil will burn directly in a warm diesel engine with nothing more than filtration.

After WW II, Hemp rope fell into disuse as Nylon & Polyester rope was lighter, stronger, lasted longer & rotted less, and then came the 'Anti Marijuana' laws that pretty much drove a nail in the coffin of Hemp producers.
(Law makers are too stupid to distinguish the difference between 'Fiber Hemp' and Marijuana!)

Around here, you can still find it growing in the ends of fields where it has existed since WW II production.
The fields have long been switched over to conventional crops, but the Hemp is persistent!

I always like to see the stories in the news paper about the cops spending millions flying around in choppers looking for 'Marijuana' and showing pictures of fiber Hemp being burned! (since you could smoke a pound of fiber hemp and not get anything but a headache and lung cancer!)

The blurb they always print in the news paper about the street value being between 1 million and 3 million dollars always makes me smile!
That would be some seriously EXPENSIVE rugs or rope!
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I would grow a verity of beans, potatoes, tomatoes, berries, fruit and other veggies. Along with corn and wheat and if I could rice. I would have pigs and cows. But hear is another thing. This could add a bunch of protein to your diet and might not taste all that bad I have never eaten it myself.

A few people talk about picking off would be shoppers. What do you do with the body? Think about a 200# man would offer some decent meat for the winter. Then you could do without slaughtering your livestock for that much longer. How many of you would eat the trespassers you "Pick Off"? I know I would if it came right to it. meat is meat to me.
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I don't know about cannablism, if i was starving yes, if not you could burn the body for energy to warm your shelter or just leave it at the edge of your location as a warning
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