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tylerjac 03-08-2012 10:02 PM

What are we preparing for.
Want to know, just what most folks think they are preparing for? Nuclear attack? Economic collapse? General unrest?

Just curious.....And when do you think this collapse may occur?

bkt 03-08-2012 10:18 PM

Uhh...everything. Nothing. Don't prep for an event. Prep because it makes sense. Seriously, the objective is to increase self-sufficiency. Anything less is goofy.

If everything goes to hell, you're still OK. If nothing goes to hell, you save money. I don't see how you lose being a prepper.

hiwall 03-08-2012 10:32 PM

Listen to bkt as he says it very well. Being a good prepper is a win-win. If you are rich or poor does not matter. It is no different than having a savings account.

JonM 03-09-2012 12:57 AM

i dont prep huge stockpiles. im not staying in wisconsin if something does happen. less to move. i do have a 6 month supply of dried grains mainly rice. its the easiest to transport and with the addition of the occasional squirrel or fish or whatever caught or gathered or bartered for will keep the wife and i alive long enough to reach a warmer climate.

if its not a earth shattering event we can ride out whatever here in the house till order is restored.

pretty much what bkt said.

unless something changes and this nation does a 180 reverse course in the next few years we face a national economic collapse. i dont think any politician has the stones to do whats right and end social security medicaide medicare and obamacare and welfare on a national level. unless that happens its only a matter of time.

historically, countries that collapse economically suffer a 6-10 month period of chaos until order is restored. i think the USA will recover faster as we arent as far from a self sufficient freedom loving past as european socialistic nations are.

the only thing that holds us back is our own over bloated federal govt. once that road block collapses the individual states will restore order quickly.

the big cities full of welfare dependent work nots will be an issue.

if obamacare is repealed it only postpones the collapse as social spending is hardly being touched. the real issue is the ones i mentioned above.

Josh1158 03-09-2012 01:02 AM

I think if we just stopped helping other countries and worried about our own problems we could get outa this mess. I think if we taxed the hell outta the companies that moved there stuff over seas so they could make more cash would help too

Georgiahunter 03-09-2012 01:04 AM

I think most people prep for general SHTF. I am trying to learn as many skills as possible currently because I believe skills for survival will go farther than stocking up supplies. Don't get me wrong, stocking up is not a bad idea, but people can steal material things then you are left with nothing. However, survival skills cannot be taken by anyone and they will never run out. Just my .02.

Josh1158 03-09-2012 01:05 AM

If we scraped nafta it would help too

Georgiahunter 03-09-2012 01:14 AM


Originally Posted by Josh1158
I think if we just stopped helping other countries and worried about our own problems we could get outa this mess. I think if we taxed the hell outta the companies that moved there stuff over seas so they could make more cash would help too

So you're a Ron Paul supporter huh. My only problem with isolationism is I don't believe it works very well. If we pull out and try to worry about our own behinds, we can get into trouble real quickly. Economically isolationism is suicide. If we place huge tariffs on all imports those countries will put even bigger tariffs on ours and it turns into a tariff wars, which is very bad for an economy. Speaking by the military and political versions of isolationism I believe in it a little more lenient. I am all for letting Africa screw themselves over, but the Middle East is different. Not only do we have a vital ally there (Israel) but I believe we are holding an attack at bay by being there. If we pulled out the war would eventually end up on our soil, again, a very bad thing.

neilage66 03-09-2012 01:20 AM

Being prepared for a number of possible contingencies is a form of insurance.

Good insurance has a financial cost.

Invest accordingly.

The most likely hardship for an individual is illness or injury.
Other likelihoods might include job loss, divorce, bankruptcy or localized natural disaster.
Never a bad idea to have a little put back...just in case. :)

md1911 03-09-2012 01:27 AM

Imho I agree with BKT. I also agree isolationism isn't good. But a little more care from the government about what's going on at home would be good. I also would like to see us go back to the constitution. And befor any one says it I am not voting for ron paul. I think if we just do the boy scott thing and always be prepared for any evenuality.

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