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dango 02-03-2013 09:14 PM

What is Sustanence ?
What do I need to stay alive excluding for now everything ,but what is needed to sustain healthy life.!
1-Water,a man can go twice as long without food than water!
All living animals are 90% water.In a pinch,raw animals contain enough water to keep you alive.! Also some roots , cactus , etc.

2-Fat,deprive the body of fat and the "Machine " will shut down! "Auto-cannibalism", is the term. If all a man ate was deer meat , he would eventually DIE !
Where to find "FAT" ? The slower the metabolism , the more the fat!
Example: A grass hopper vs a slug , obviously , the slug ! Found under rotting logs vegetation etc.. Maggots , salmon , bear , etc.! The slower the metabolism,
the fat,!

3-Vitimin D , the "GATE-WAY" vitamin , (The Sun) !

4-Vitamin C , immature or "GREEN" pine needles made into tea! Also , berries , rose-hips , etc.!

5-Vitamin B,s , roots , critters , pine nuts , (THE FRUIT OF THE PINE CONE) !

6-Fiber , In most of the above !

7-Volumes , age , metabolism , health , weather , weight , etc.! Too many variables !

Through the years , I have developed a system that works for me!
We live on a planet surrounded by life sustaining things if one knows safely how to go about it !

TASTE TEST: Before desperation , Before starvation , while you still have energy to burn , experiment ! Take a little bite of some potential life giving matter , (LITTLE BITE) , and wait about two hours for any adverse effects.
If no bad feelings , eat it !


If you may have Ooops a little , A little bite ain't enough to kill you even though you want to die, try this.!

Charcoal: This is still used in hospitals for many digestible poisons !
Where do you get "CHARCOAL ? You burn what has poisoned you,(Charcoal-ize it and eat it......! :)

When people get stranded and die ,we say the weather or the forest killed them !
I Say; (THEY DIED OF IGNORANCE) .........! :)

Hope this helps..!

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