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What should I do?

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If flying worries you then take a train or a bus. If the possibility of SHTF worries you then you need to think long and hard about exactly what you are trying to prepare for. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for unexpected events but you can't let the remote possibility of extremely unlikely event control your life.
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You can even check your handgun, if that's what u mean, and wear it in AZ as of a couple of years ago.

Buy some water when you get to AZ -- I think I stowed a multi-gallon refrigerator jug bought at the super-market in my rental jeep last time I was there.

Yes, know that Phoenix is the kidnap-capital of the country. But you are more likely to have the cops in AZ leap upon you from their big, comfy, tinted-window, air-conditioned, cruisers and SUV's to write you the tickets that pay for them so just don't speed.
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Go visit your Mother!! When I travel I always have a knife in my check in bag! No big deal!! Go!!
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Go see mom. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch your back and don't worry about the SHTF crap. If something happens you'll go into survival mode if your prepared. You would want to be with mom to make sure she's ok either way. Enjoy your visit and your time with mom. If your that worried about it and saying that your a teen, get mom to purchase a firearm for her house to keep there for visits and her protection as well. I always check my favorite and take it with me. However, since I can't check ammo it's just a brick until I get to a store or my father's house where I keep a box. I purchased him a nice piece to keep at his house for his protection as well so there's always something around. All this being said. None of it is worth not spending time with Mom. Those days are precious.
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Beast- you know you can PM me (or any of the mods) if you want to talk.

Go see your Mom. As far as flying, I fly about 130-150 times a year. Beats the heck out of driving, and is actually per mile traveled the safest way to go.

You are correct, you cannot carry a weapon (or weapon like things) on board the aircraft. You CAN have a knife in your CHECKED baggage. However, you will be in a different place that has different rules. If it is anything more than a regular pocket knife. leave it at home.

Was in Phoenix earlier this year. Neat place. Now go hug your Mom.
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Flying as others have said, statistically is much safer than driving. I however will not go anywhere were I am unable to protect myself. I understand.

Now, that said. The S isn't likely to HTF while you take a week to go visit your mom. And if it does your BOB isn't likely to help you anyway. We all spend too much time packing bags, or prepping food, or setting snares (if you will) instead of spending time learning the skills that our ancestors used to forge a life.

If my dad were on the edge and flying was the only way I could go see him, I would fly.

But if you are unwilling to fly. from where I live in Iowa in my Oh10 6.7 it would cost me a little over .8 times what it would cost to fly with little notice.

Go visit your mom.
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No one is protected every single minute of the day!!! Don't live your life worrying about what "could" happen. Go see your mom. So, are you going to tell your mom you can't see her because you are afraid of what "could" happen even in your home state.
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We are not all bad guys down here. Come on down the weather is cooling off now. Its the best time of the year. There are many of us on the forum from AZ. Once a long long time ago, I was also a teen.
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