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dango 03-19-2013 03:27 PM

What is the longest ..?
Just wondering , "What is the longest" , time you've spent off the grid..? No out side help , not military but totally on your own.! All you have is what you carried in or can forage , How long..?

Me , the longest I've been removed was 6 1/2 months..! Between fishing and foraging , I spent with my gear and a canoe..! (THE Great Dismal Swamp)..!
Was very tough at times . Deer fly's , greased lightening and one hell of a wallop! Hate them . This time was spent on the border of Southern Virginia and North Carolina..! A million snakes and them Danged Fly's..! Eeeek..! :mad:

The second longest time was the "Appalachian Trail" over 4 months..! To all those who wish to free themselves , Well , if I can do it , so can anybody else..! Should be way simpler out of a stable home with all prep. done , peace of cake..! ;)

eatmydust 03-19-2013 03:37 PM

Never more than 1 week, on Appalachian Trail or sailing Chesapeake Bay, all that happened about 25 years ago.

I've become accustomed to and fond of "modern conveniences", when/if SHTF, it will be VERY inconvenient! Oh well!!

dango 03-19-2013 03:55 PM

Yo , eatyourdust , It's like riding a bike , you've done it , it's in the ole "Hard-Drive"..! Since I got married , things got a bit trickier , but , she can come with me or not.

At least four times a year and I won't pack my pack for less than ten days..!
Only time I had to quit was when we were raising the kids.! As soon as they were old enough , they came with us and became camping fixtures..! :D

I believe roughing it ain't really roughing it..! Well planned , all the right gear , it's home away from home..! I had to make trade-offs for the sake of the family , but was worth it..!

Trade-offs examples:
Big ole fluffy air mattress for the wife and kids..!
Big ole three burner camp stove with oven...!
Big ole "Poly tarp" living space , porch with lots of space , (12' x 16'..!
Coleman "Mister Coffee Machine"..!
Little things to make it a fun experience and they love..! :)
All things are possible , keep it fun and not so serious..!

All these years later , I got even the kitchen sink , almost..! Even got my own mini weather station , can predict up to 36 hours , better than nothing and pretty darned accurate..! :)

hiwall 03-19-2013 07:02 PM

I often camp for a week or 10 days in the RV. But that is not "roughing it"(though it suits this old body just fine).

dango 03-19-2013 09:34 PM

It doesn't half to be a tent or cave. What I'm meaning is , is detached , removed from city life . The RV is just a big hard wired tent . Making it on your own. The idea is to be comfortable as you can with no out-side assistance .
Be able to survive by food caches , growing , foraging , hunting , etc. !

If you can do this , I envy you , I ain't got no RV..! :p. How long can you hang in there..? With out the local grocery store..? It could be your house , but then again , how long before you need something..? Self sufficiency is what we're shooting for.! :D

Lets say , the fuel runs dry , then the stores have no food , electricity goes down,
communications break down , you are on your own..! Can you survive for an UN-limited length of time..? How long..? :D What do you need to live..? Do you have a plan..? :D

WNGMSTR 03-20-2013 01:35 AM

Three months, twelve days. In the beginning I would boat to the nearest primitive landing every 10-12 days to gather supplies used to keep the enemy from penetrating the perimeter.
The perimeter was tested 24/7 and was breached twice but secured quickly to save the compound.
My preps were deemed insane by those close to and around me but his real life SHTF scenario cleared me from the admittance to the funny farm......

trip286 03-20-2013 01:45 AM

DammitDango, the dismal swamp? Braver man than I.

My longest time, within the parameters listed, not counting military and such? A few weeks, camping here and there. My most challenging? 3 days. But I was 6. I had a stick that I sharpened on a rock, and a bic lighter I stole from the old man. I weren't hungry when they found me ;)

HockaLouis 03-20-2013 02:07 AM

12 days. In winter. There was no "grid."

dango 03-20-2013 02:34 AM

A toast to the insane..! :) A big welcome to my world Wngmstr , one nut case to another..! Been called crazy by everybody , everywhere , all my life.! Is good to be the King of something..! :D

Ma man , Trip286 , six..? So , you started the path of the insane early..? :D
The "BIC" , again , the best invention since the wheel..! :D

That thar swamp , started out tense but by the end of the 1rst month , gators are slow and stupid , a real pest when "Float" fishing..! :) Snakes , by end of the second month , I was chasing them bare footed , FOOD..! The only aggressive snakes I ran into were the "Moccasins" or "Cotton mouths", well , they could get Really , really big..! Eeeek..! Won't even tell you how big.!Eeek..!

Them flies though , make a man insaner ! Good thing I did a little research before hand , complete mosquito mesh body suit and you really need one..!
The only difference between me and all others is that I didn't get married till I was almost 36.!Full of energy , the still industry crashed and I had nothing but a bucket list with no responsibilities..!I do not understand why my life is tough to believe for some..? I absolutly understand their lives , got married young with obligations up the "Yin-Yang" , I got it..!
Why do not most others get me..? Whatever..? :confused:

dango 03-20-2013 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by HockaLouis (Post 1183138)
12 days. In winter. There was no "grid."

Love that winter stuff , almost to death..! :D Eeeek..! :) Won't tell you how long..! :p :)

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