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What do you bring to the table?

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I have some psyops and am often able to have people supply my needs by meeting one or more of their needs. Next I have had to become a community organizer (Ha Ha) Of sorts. I can take a small groups of people who don't get along and have them work as a team in no time. This is not done by force either. Zig Ziglar said that to get what you want you have to help people get what they want. In a crises after food and water and medical care they want emotional care, often this is just listening to them and not talking. Silence is the hardest skill we will ever learn. Oh and I can cook a gourmet pot of rocks or anything else.
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My strengths - I am pretty intelligent, and can critically think. I make rational decisions based on logic. I am calm, and can remain calm under a great deal of stress. I'm a good listener. I'm strong, and can lift/move pretty large objects. I can cook. I can drive a stick shift, and have some experience driving offroad.

Weaknesses - I do not have much experience with anything mechanical (though I am a quick learner). I do not have an outdoorsy background.
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Strengths: Herbalism (both medicinal & edible), plant identification, snares & trap building, fish traps, tracking, cold weather survival, general survival, Can lead or follow depending on need, excellent cook, fire builder, basic electrical, computers, excellent driver including offroad, trucks, motorcycles, almost anything, medical first aid, shelter building from nearby materials, astronomy, navigation, general problem solving.

Weaknesses: inability to work with negative people or constant nay-sayers, constant need to be working towards a goal in survival situation, would rather be reading than playing games or watching TV, tend not to participate in group recreational activities.
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Default to the table

I can cobble just about anything you need together with what ever is handy. It's a skill. I have an iron stomach, immune to just about any kind of intestinal bug out there, (I got amoebic dysentery when I was a kid and my system killed it before they could even get me to the doctor) which is handy for testing food and water sources. I'm a born peacemaker and can moderate and make two conflicting sides agree to meet in the middle. I can knock the tits off a momma flea with just about any firearm built. I'm a fair welder and have 7 different kinds of hammer for forcing metal to conform to my will. I have a set of tools that rivals most repair shops. Some of them date back to the 1930's when my Grandad made them himself on a farm in Andes NY.

I can hunt and fish and have much gear.

I'm fairly good at driving off-road.

I can sit quite still for long periods of time without fidgeting, which is handy for sentry duty, or waiting for some furry meal-to-be to come within range.

My best skill though is my sense of direction. I literally don't get lost. Drop me in the middle of unfamiliar territory, spin me around 100 times and I'll walk out without trouble. Been like that since I was a kid running around the Catskills. The Rockies, where I live now, are just taller.

Weaknesses, I've got something of temper and need to keep track of it.
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We have some folks with some outstanding skills on this forum. Even those who don't profess much in the way of skill have a definite advantage: Mindset.
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I can fix almost any internal combustion engine, shoot fairly well (its kept me alive in some tight spots) Wife says I can fix anything. I have good ole redneck ingenuity. Plus Im just an all around sweetheart of a guy.
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I have never found something I could not repair or rebuild. I can work on most any older vehicle especialy Chevy's. I can do body work, build engines, upholstery, electrical work. I am also an acomplished carpenter, roofer, plumber and electrican. Though I am not licensed. I am not afriad to tackle any mechanical job. I am good at managing people. That is what I do for a living.

However, I often rub people the wrong way. I have no patience for stupidity. If someone obvously doesn't know what they are doing, I have no problem telling them so.
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Strengths: I am a fairly good mechanic, great with my hands, good shot, can drive just about anything, bring a sense of humor with me, easy to get along with, can do just about any manual labor job aroun d competently, and am good at moving around the woods.

Weaknesses: I can be pretty bull headed sometimes, tend to over think some things, i have also been know to be more than a little reckless sometimes.
Nick L.
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I can lead and get the results I want without getting in anyone's face. I have a lot of experience in emergency responses and can make spot decisions that will not lead to a worse situation. I am proficient in advanced first aid, airway management and intravenous intubation. I can design and build with wood very well. I have hunted, fished, and camped since I was a boy, sometimes in the winter with only a sleeping bag and a couple of cans of soup to supplement what we could find, catch, or kill. I am a pretty good shot with a rifle, pistol and shotgun, and know how to keep them running. I can cook very well and make tasty grub out of most anything. I can run most kinds of heavy equipment, or learn in short order. I have eaten possum, raccoon, and beaver, and they all taste pretty good grilled. Even though I'm over 50 I am still pretty strong and can outrun my 15 year old son who won track sprints last year, although I am not in nearly good enough shape to go to a grid down life without a lot of aches and pains. I have always had a good ability to retain what I read and recall it when necessary, this is what I am most thankful for.

Weaknesses: I haven't reloaded for almost 30 years and that was shotshells. I don't know how or own the equipment to make more rifle or pistol cartridges. I know very little about modern car and truck engines, if I needed to replace the electronics due to HEMP I don't even know where to find the pieces in the engine compartment. I blame this on having very good luck with my last few vehicles, they just don't need anything except tires and oil changes. I am not very good at metal fabrication, I can run a torch but my welding would be suspect. I don't have my wife totally on board, but she supports and appreciates the preparations I have been making. She would have to make some serious transitions in her priorities and goals if the SHTF.
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In times such as the scenario we speak skills at hunting, fishing, trapping, reloading and casting bullets would be more valuable than anything else I could offer. The only weakness that comes to mind right off would be I'm a sucker for good looking women.
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