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At what distant do shoot at?

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My wife got mine.
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I have to vary my shooting distances. For pistol I shoot from 0 to 25 yards. For rifle I shoot from 0 to 200 yards, sometimes more. For shotgun I shoot from 0 to 100 yards with slugs.

On my rifles I often use a red dot or 1 to 4 power Millett DMS-1 scope to enhance general accuracy.
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Originally Posted by Morgo View Post
Handguns out to 200m, every so often theres the chance to try a bit further. During the week it is mostly between 15yards and 50yards though.

Rifles out to 1000yards, but occasionally get to increase that greatly.
And in which video game is this? How do those handguns do at 200 meters or even further?

One shot, one kill...right?
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Originally Posted by pandamonium View Post
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I usually shoot pistols at 25 yards using IDPA silhouete targets. Rifles about 100 yards. Mosin Nagant 500 yards. Awesome rifle. Sometimes just for fun I will set a 5 gallon bucket at about 100 yards just to try to hit it with my 1911. It is not real practice. But it can be fun.
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Default Well, as any leo will...

Tell you that most gunfights take place between 7 to ten FEET! So the 50
yard target is rather "optomistic" for "real world use" of handguns! For those
of us that have a concealed carry permit... close range accuracy can be a
matter of "life or death"!!! Thankfully, the only living thing I have killed is a
deer & an elk with one of my handguns!
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I liked the original post because the poster examined his needs to determine what he needed to do. Bow hunters will use their lasers to predetermine ranges before their quarry shows up. An ex student and a former marine sniper demonstrated how they pre range objects in their field of fire and mapped the same.
It is 126 yds to the telephone pole on the other side of the county road from the edge of the machine shed and 647 yds to the end pine tree at the top of the neighbors hill.
I too am glad that I've only found reason to use my shortguns on deer.
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I went out Friday with my son (who got home from Afghanistan in July) to tune up my skills and be embarrassed by him. He qualifies at 25 meters with a handgun and has been able to out shoot the old man since he was a kid.
We took my 6 MM Remington, a custom built K 98 Mauser in .270, a friends .308 and a 22-250. Also took three 9MM pistols.
At 100 yards with the rifles I can shoot sub MOA. At 25 yards I can hit a man sized target a little below center of mass. ( I always have shot low and to the left with a handgun.
My son embarrassed me with all the arms we took. I think it was a combination of old eyes and the earths rotation that messed me up but he wasn't buying that excuse.
Sooooooooo.. I now have the Winchester Model 12 for my home defense gun and have cleaned the pistols and put them in the safe for him when he gets home again.
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Default how far?

Important point made. How far do you realistically need to shoot accurately and to what degree of accuracy? Center of mass hits, head shots, etc.. My daughter always outshoots me with handgun and with rifle we are about tied, only due to my longer time with rifles. I love it when she outshoots me. I sleep better knowing her skill level.
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Default To borrow a quote from the old...

Movie, "The Cruel Sea"! "Lots & lots of lovely practice"! (If you expect to hit
a target when you last expect to, then you had better practice a lot"!!!
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for fun the wife and i set up 100 yard 3 liter coke bottles and spent the afternoon potting em with the desert eagle 50. between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 hit rate. totally retarded but was a lot of fun. in texas qualified for my conceal carry range time with the DE 50AE 3 yard target ripped it to shreds from the muzzle blast. had to reshoot the course of fire starting at 7 yards lol. minimum handgun caliber i think when it first started there was .32. there was no max so i took the biggun just for larks and shot perfect score.

longest shot was a wild boar in hawaii on the m60 range 25 round burst est 1500yds.

nowadays i shoot as far as i can see and its getting shorter every year :/ for me my 14.5x leupold mk4 might as well be 4x. handguns i geneally stick to 7-10yard line and practice that. anything more in a SD fight ill be runnin' or seeking some sort of defensive position. im not a cop anymore and i dont carry enough ammo on me for an extended gun battle. but if i can make it to my truck....
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