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Weapons Arsenal

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for a shtf senario what is your situation? stationary/holding downt he fort, are others with you, or are you mobile and weight is an issue? also what is your budget?

if i was stationary my arsenal would be something like
1 scoped 22 mag. practice with it and you can hunt anything from squirrel to deer with it.

2 m14/m1a. put a quality mount on it and you have a damn fine sniper rifle. also 308 can take down any game in north america with proper shot placement.

3. ak47. rugged, reliable. will go bang with every squeeze of the trigger. a proven medium range man stopper.

4. ar15. weither you like the design or not it is a HUGLY popular rifle. when supplies dry up parts will still be easier to find then about any other firearm.

5. rem 700 in 300 winchester mag. put a good scope on there and your good to 1000yds.

6 xdm in 40 cal. very popular round should be available for quite a while. also holds 16rds.

7. xdm in 9mm. even more popular. and holds 19rds.

8. ruger 10/22. good for plinking with. ammo is cheap. possible to take dear with it(with a very well placed shot)

9. some kind of revolver in 357 mag. cant beat a revolver for reliability. can shoot 357 or 38 sp ammo in it.

10. siaga 12 ga. 10rd mags available($50) can get 20 or 25 rd drums. accepts 3in shells. its based on the ak. how much more reliable can you get.

if i had to be mobile. id cut that down to 3. the m1a, the xdm in 40, and the siaga. with as much ammo as i could carry for all.m1a youve got your huntin and long range gun out to 800yds. xdm your defensive pistol and close quarters for when your scrounging for food, and the siaga 12 loaded with 00 buck for when theres more then one zombee comeing at you and there close(no time to aim).

now youve just gotta get enopugh amo to feed them all.
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Throw in a .22 rifle, like the 10/22 and lots of ammo for it. Better to open fire with a lessor weapon until te critters get lulled into a sense of false security and then open up with the heavy hardware. Also, a .22 is great for small game should ya get hungry.
Just my two cents worth!
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Wow...a SHTF scenario, and not one of the arms listed has a suppressor?

I see a lot of big BANGS, enough to do just about anything you'd want to be able to do. But if you want to keep being able to do that, you'll have to be able to do it a little "quieter" when need be.

I'd look into a couple cans, at least one for the .22 pistol or rifle, tends to not spook the rest of the game.

If need be, get one for the 9mm/40/45 whichever you decide. I also have one for the AR, and one for my bolt-gun. Even if they do still hear a sound, it is pretty much non-directional, so alot harder to figure out where I am.

I'd try to stay with the regular rounds, .22LR, .38 Spec., 9mm, (.40 might be pushing it), .45ACP. in the handguns. Sure, maybe splurge on one high-power handgun (.44mag/.454Casull/.460S&W/or .500S&W) as a "just-in-case" last resort piece. Never know when Yogi or BooBoo might get the drop on you.

For long-guns, again .22LR, 5.56/.223, 5.45x39, 7.62x39, .308/7.62x51, (maybe .44mag for a lever action - so you can double up on ammo for firearms), and a good long range round. Mine is a .338 Lapua Mag. Some may opt for something in .50 BMG. Your mileage may vary.

Shotguns - if you can keep one of each, why not? Don't know that I would go crazy with a Saiga 12, but to each his own. K-I-S-S works for all of these. Hence, I keep pump-actions in each .410/20ga/12ga. - with extra barrels to extend what you might want to use them for (slugs/buck/shot) My 20/12ga both have extra rifled barrels w/ scopes on them, 24"-26" barrels w/chokes, as well as short barrels for QCB, the 20/12ga both have Knoxx (Blackhawk) stocks, in the form of the Comp Stock for the 20Ga, and the Spec-Ops for the 12ga. If you've never tried one before, try it - you won't go back to stock. Pumps are either Remington 870 or Mossy 500/590.

For semi- work, I keep a Mossy 930 SPX, a Benelli (finicky at times though), Beretta 391, Winchester Super X2, and a Remington 1100. All have the extensions - if you need more, then feed it. No need to weigh it down with a 20rd mag - imho.

Anything larger - wait for the right time. Main reason I stick with these, other than the .338 (but even that is changing to be more common on the SHTF fields), most of what I have listed is going to be fairly common, and easy to pick up replacements for, in parts (whole guns) and ammo.

But then again....what am I saying? I lost all of my toys when we were re-enacting the Titanic. But...for what it's worth, that was my .02.

Oops, forgot a few essentials -

last but not least on the list, should include a crossbow/compound bow with variety of arrow tips/arrows, a blowgun, and lastly - a WristRocket or similar type of slingshot - for those times when you don't want a "bang"


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I started my collection for a SHTF Zombie scenario. I only have three firearms because I'm so poor but I plan on getting more.

1. Smith & Wesson 410S, .40cal, 10+1, 4" barrel
2. Charles Daly Field Tactical, 12 gauge, pistol grip, 5+1, 18.5" barrel
3. Rossi revolver, .38 Special, 3" barrel, 5 shot

I can borrow the .22 from my grandma. All I need to finish my simple zombie hunter collection is a good .30-06 for sniping, but if I could afford it I would get a Springfield Armory M1A Socom in .308
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Haha I defiantly appreciate the arsenal enthusiasm, but I build ar's for my local Westminster swat team and spending as much time as I do with them, you come to find that its not quantity of your arsenal but effectiveness. There is a huge separation between my "dooms day" items and the fun stuff. Personally I believe the less you have to carry and worry about the better. Having multiple weapons that shoot the same caliber is always a smart thing to do, that way there is less confusion and time required while on the move. My buddy John who is also a police officer and ex ranger suggest that one weapon with high rate of fire such as an AR57 "5.7x28" or an AK, two back up pistols of the same caliber and something for door breach "saiga 12" "rem 870" Would be really all that is needed to secure ones safety against like minded opponents, in any situation. Training family and friends to use specific weapons and have specific jobs is also very affective and allows you to better focus on your tasks at hand. As far as a mini 14 goes, that is a great weapon but one thing to think about is the advancement of technology, in this day and age make sure what ever you carry is comparable to what you might come up against. I know I rambled on forever lol and I’m not pretending to be a know it all or anything but I thought I would pass a little knowledge on that I learned from the pros!!!

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Default Bullpup

Originally Posted by Grey View Post
I was thinking about an M14 variant for a long time so as soon as you mentioned one I knew I should add it to my list! =) As for the .22, I already own a Ruger. I think that'll complete my dream gun collection but if anyone else has suggestions, Im listening.
I want to add a rifle with the bull pup design but theyre so pricey.
Im also thinking of adding a Glock but I dont want to become a Glock addict.
If I buy too many I wont be able to shoot them all! -_- lol.
I bought a century AK bullpup under $400.00.. "New" I luv it. 7.62X39 rips through anything and puts an AR to shame.. It isn't as accurite as the AR but it will put a wall of lead in the air really fast.. I have a picture of it on my posts. It is not a bullpup kit, it is made that way..
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Originally Posted by Chiefof21 View Post
I am not sure but the you all talk I may have gone a little too far;

1. M1 Garand
2. EXM15 A2
3. 8mm Mauser x2 1 German and 1 Yugoslov
4. M91-30 Moisin Nagant
5. M39 Italian Carcano
6. MK1 No. 4 Enfield
7. M1894 Winchesters x3 1 in 30-30 and 2 in 32 win spl
8. M1894 Marlin 44 mag/spl
9. Remington 700BDL 7mm Mag
10. 2 scoped .22 rifles
11. .17 mac 2 rifle
12. Remington 1187 12ga
13. Mossberg 500 12 ga
14. Remington 1100 12 ga.
15. 3-1911 .45 auto's
16. 3 .357 magnums
17. Ruger super Blackhawk .44 mag
18. CZ-53 7.62x25
19. Bulldog .44 spl
20. Tarus .38 spl. snubby
21. Tarus Judge .45/.410
22. 1873 Colt Peacemaker .45
23. Hawkin .50 cal muzzle loader
24. 3 compound bows
25. and lots of large knifes

and plenty of food for all with enough supplies to reload for sometime. My son and I have loading these into the truck down to a 20 minute science.

This is not all but it is what is in the bug out plan.

So have I gone a little over or am I well prepared?:
Were is the sks
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Default my list

My list WOULD BE

1. mossberg 500 tactical in 12ga.mag.
2.SKS with mounted scope so you can still see the open sights
4.kel-tek PMR-30 .22 magnum(has 30 rd magazine)
5.taurus 24/7 .40sw (15 rd mag)

there would be a lot else to but this is all I WOULD need
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Default My favorite SHTF guns

I really don't know how many guns I have, but I can tell if there is one missing or moved. I'll name my top 10 favorites in no ceritan order.
1. Moss 500 with a rifled barrel and one without rifling
2. Saiga 12 w/10 rnd mag
3. AK with over 2000 rnds and 18 mags loaded 30 rnd mags
4. DPMS AR15 with over 2000 rnds and 22 mags loaded
5. Ruger ranch rifle/mini 14 7.62X39
6. Mini 14 .223
7. Colt 1911 w/4 extra mags
8. Armalite AR10 .308
9. Rem 700 chambered in .308 & .243
10. Kel Tec RFB .308 bullpup

I have about 35 or 40 firearms in all with ammo. When SHTF I will use the extra guns and ammo as currency.
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How many guns do I own?

More than I need but not as many as I want.

I think a good long range rifle is a must. A .22 rimfire is a must. A good handgun is a must.

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