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luckyj 03-24-2012 10:51 PM

Water filtration
If/when SHTF, what filtration methods will you employ and what are the most cost effective? I have a creek on my property and would probably be using that for drinking, etc. There is also a well but who knows how long I would be able to use that for a water supply.

bkt 03-24-2012 10:55 PM

Big Berkey is my choice. Sport Berkey water bottles are another solution for when I'm moving. Water drops/boiling are the other solution when I'm on the move.

c3shooter 03-24-2012 11:30 PM

If you can get water up from the well (bucket/chain in my backup stuff) you can use well water indefinitely.

I use a Pur backpacker's pump filter when I am up on the Appalachian Trail- keep iodine tabs with my canteen, but that does not always work.

luckyj 03-25-2012 12:10 AM

Thanks guys. I checked them both out. Looks like Big Berkey is on back order at the moment. Both have excellent reviews. It's not likely but in the event the well dries up, I definitely don't want to be stranded without some sort of filtration mechanism.

HockaLouis 03-25-2012 12:40 AM

Try a different sized Berkey including the Berkey Light. I think people are concerned again and buying stuff up.

Prefilter outdoor water thru coffee filter paper. 1 lb. of the right pool Shock will disinfect 9-10,000 gallons of water and cost you a few dollars.

PS: Read up on the Berkey Sport -- I do not believe it is nearly as effective or safe as regular Berkey filters but not sure anymore. I am a fan of Seychelle Advanced water straws as a short-term but compact and light, easy to use, incredibly effective, item. Think Get Home Bag, BOB, etc.

fireguy 03-25-2012 02:29 AM

+1 on the coffee filters. Low cost way to get the sediment out and prolong the life of the micron filter(s). I have the monolithic ceramic filter kit from cheaperthandirt. Not very expensive and will do the job. I also have two smaller filters for packs. Clorox and pool shock are in the supply as well. I have a well, a metal roof on the house that can quickly be utilized to reclaim rain water, and a creek less than a quarter mile away.

luckyj 03-25-2012 02:25 PM

I think I may end up going with the Berkey. I have pool shock and around a couple thousand coffee filters. (Can't remember why but someone in the family had an entire box full of coffee filters that somehow ended up in my garage.) My brother is going to get one of the ceramic ones from cheaper than dirt for us to try out.

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