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walking to Illinois from Ohio

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Originally Posted by LUBrowningBoy View Post
(They're wool, they should keep me warm even when wet. Besides, I only have two pair. I guess I could take some normal socks too.)

It doesn't matter if they keep you warm...if they are wet and you keep them on your feet while the boots rub your will get raw, wrinkly skin and possibly open sores...moisture does that
wet feet in wet footwear over a period of time = trench foot. trench foot will turn gangrene in short order and kill you. after a bit you wont even feel it happening
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I agree with what C3 is saying, you may want to have spots that you KNOW you can camp lined up. Maybe KOA campgrounds or rest areas or something. I wouldnt depend on asking people if you can sleep in their front yards.
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Originally Posted by hunter Joe View Post
I just want to know one thing. Why in the world would anyone want to go to Illinois?
Amen. I just moved from IL to MO.
Originally Posted by spittinfire View Post
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Yea.. trenchfoot is what i was getting at....

and i have to drive through pennsylvania, ohio, illinois, and indiana in order to get to my college in missouri....i dont like illinois lol
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For me your not taking enough food. MRE's would be better for you to take.

Socks you can never have enough socks. Oh there is a reason that the military issues 2 pairs of boots. That reason is not to make life hell for new recruits either.

While in the military and not walking a whole lot as I was always driving someone around. I still changed my socks 2 to 4 times a day.

So think about 4 pairs of good high quality socks like smartwool per day would be enough never ever skimp on socks.

Ditch the blue jeans they are cotton and they will soak up any moister you may come into contact with.

Also I didn't see a good quality set of trekking poles.

At an aprox 3 mph for 6 hours a day that is only 18 miles a day it is going to take you 24 to 25 days if everything goes exactly as planned. Don't you have a car?

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The Balota's
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Trekking poles is a great idea. I have a pair of Leki's that I use for exercise walking and some hiking.
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I was planning on wearing microfiber long johns under the jeans but you all are right. I swapped the jeans out for a pair of northface pants insulated with goose down. The shell is made out of 100% polyester.
I also picked up 4 more pairs of wool socks and a northface jacket. It's water proof, wind resistant but not insulated.
I need a better base for the top part. I have a polyester jacket by starter that I can wear under the northface jacket, but I need something that will be on my skin. I'm thinking maybe a top part of the microfiber long johns, but I will need to buy that. Everything else was just laying around in a clothing pile.

So I need suggestions for a better base.
Oh, and I have a pair of hiking shoes, not boots, that I will also be taking. I will use them in non snowy conditions.
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My only question is why? I can see going to Florida for sunshine and warmth - but Illinois?

I'm also surprised nobody has mentioned the inherent danger of such a trek. You're a youngster, unarmed, alone, and this world is full of bad folks and some are even predators. It's nice to look at the world through rose colored glasses; however, that's not the world we live in. Personally, I don't think this trek is wise at this point in your life - especially in the winter...

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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
My only question is why? I can see going to Florida for sunshine and warmth - but Illinois? never had Chicago Style pizza and Old Style beer?
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Well, he seemed to ignore the advice that C3 and I gave him about planning his route so he can find campgrounds or certain places he can camp rather than wandering through neighborhoods and knocking on doors in order to minimalize attention from the po-po. Not sure if he is listening anyway. But, very solid advice about not heading north during the winter. Portsmouth, Ohio is as south as one can get in Ohio, so just leaving town and staying on this side of the river is heading north and into flatlands...I am getting cold just thinking about the wind chill.
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