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rodwhaincamo 10-15-2009 04:05 PM

T/C rifle/pistol?
Seems if you will have more than 1 cartridge it would make sense for weight and packing to utilize an interchangeable barrel system such as the T/C Contender or Encore with sights. What do you guys think of this? I own a 44 Mag pistol and feel if I had a barrel for it I would have large game covered (as well as SD from pistol), and with a 22 barrel I could take small game all day with minimal space needed for the small cartridges, not to mention the light weight of rimfires (LR). I like this idea also because the rifle weighs less than an average rifle, and I can pack a longer barrel with the rifle being no longer overall, if not shorter. Just brainstormin' and felt it was a great idea and figured I'd pass the idea along. :)

robocop10mm 10-15-2009 07:09 PM

The TC is a very good system. For hunting, a single shot changes one's mind set. You are very careful to make a good shot. For a survival/SHTF scenario you could not provide fire volume, but could provide accurate fire from a variety of calibers for less cost than having a weapon in each caliber.

WDB 10-17-2009 04:00 AM

I own a TC and several barrels, some with a scope. While it is a deverse firearm and good for target shooting and hunting it is not a reasonable defense firearm. Consider mutiple targets or a second shot required. A semi auto or a wheel gun is a far better option. as much as I like my TC not my first choice to hunt with or for defense. Most firarms fit a need and while the TC has a barrel for every need it doesn't cover any of them well except target shooting and possibly hunting.

Comming from a TC owner and fan.

rodwhaincamo 10-17-2009 05:27 AM

I already have a pistol - 44 Mag. I'd be apt to bug out if things got too crazy, and so the rifle is for game. Would you happen to have an idea what size groups I could expect from a 20" 44 Mag barrel @ 100 yds from either the Contender G2 or Encore?

masterPsmith 10-17-2009 06:56 PM

With the right loads, you can expect sub 2" at 100 yards with the .44.
I also have a T/C Contender with about 10 different barrels ranging from .22 clear up to 45-70. It is great for target or hunting but would be a poor choice for SD, unless thats all you have...


WDB 10-19-2009 07:19 AM

Master, is a far better shot than I am with a TC 44 mag with a 20" barrel at 100 yards I would expect a 3 to 6" with a scope, open sights 6 to 8". If you already have a pistol then buy a good bolt action hunting rifle (second shot is quicker and so many choices that can reach out with better results than a TC). IMO the TC is a novility firearm, I truly enjoy mine but if I had to bug it would be on the long list of what I would take.

hunter Joe 10-19-2009 12:22 PM

I hunt with a T/C Encore in 7mm-08 and as far as accuracy goes, it is second to none. I believe the "one shot challenge" makes me a safer hunter and a more responsible hunter. I own many firearms but the Encore is my favorite hunting rifle. If the Encore would have been my first hunting rifle my gun safe would now be filled with barrels instead of other rifles.

I also have a 209X50 black powder barrel and a 15" .308 handgun barrel for this firearm's frame. The black powder barrel extends my firearm hunting season by ten days here in Wisconsin. That black powder barrel is suppose to be accurate out to two hundred and fifty yards, although, I can't see that far with iron sights.

It appears that in a survival situation that some believe that it is other humans that your going to have to kill to survive (that's what the black gun is for). Although, this may be true, when I think survival I picture hunting animals to survive. In either case, the T/C in capable hand will do both jobs nicely. Shoot Straight and Stay Safe.

rodwhaincamo 10-19-2009 07:41 PM

I too see myself just needing a survival rifle to kill 4 legged critters. My handgun is for the 2 legged type. Don't figure I'd "need" a repeating rifle since I'd just leave, and if that won't work, hope that several 44 Mag bullets may change their mind. And since if it were to ever get that insane I'd head out of town. I have been thinking about the riot/natural disaster looting SHTF type rifle in 6.8mm SPC or a levergun in 44 Mag (since I have a pistol) or maybe a 20-12ga auto shotgun. I don't see needing 20-30 rds since not many would stick around once the shooting begins, and I have a pistol if it does. Although if I had an AR or Mini you can bet I'll eventually have high cap mags! Survival to me is the basics. A lot of families made it through the depression because someone put some food on the table with an old single shot, as did the old fur traders and pioneers.

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