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kilogulf59 05-09-2007 10:48 AM

Survival Long Guns
I had posted this on another forum and it generated some interesting replies. Based upon that, I thought I post it here as well...

Greetings All,

My reasons for this post on survival rifles are twofold. First, any weapon is better than no weapon at all so, in a survival situation, a .22 rifle with you beats that .30-06 that is in the gun cabinet at home. I would however back it up with a good stout stick. Second, I feel it is an oft-overlooked subject and one that is worth addressing especially if you live in or foray out into the “boonies” frequently.

The category of which I refer is not the “Armageddon has arrived and it’s every man for himself” type of survival rifle. It is the canoe/camping trip, go everywhere, camp-meat-getter and signaling tool, the “boy, I’m glad I had that little .22 in my truck” type of survival rifle.

I have always liked, but for some reason have never owned, a “survival” rifle. You know how that is, some other firearm always seems to take precedents. In any case, the love affair with this category of guns probably started when, as a youth, I saw and shot the Charter Arms AR-7. It was just slick and, incidentally, I shot well with it and have liked AR-7s ever since.

Currently manufactured as the U.S. Survival .22 by Henry Repeating Arms, the little rifle still has appeal for its intended purpose. I would certainly hope that Henry has finally solved the jamming issues that have plagued this weapon for years. This was another reason for my non-purchase.

This “new and improved” version, as Henry calls it, is perfect for the job. It weighs just 2.5 pounds and, along with two 8-round magazines, all fits into the 16-inch long stock and it floats.

Another rifle in this category is the Marlin M70PSS Papoose. To my knowledge, it is a takedown variant of the M795SS with a 7-shot box magazine. From what I have been told by owners of both these rifles, the edge goes to the Marlin due solely to reliability.

The rifle stores in a separate carrying case and weighs a trifle more than 3 pounds. For the average user this is handy and the entire weapon is protected. I know I love my old M60 so I am sure this would be just as good albeit a much handier package to keep in the trunk.

The only other weapon that fits this category (that comes to my mind) is actually a combo-gun, the Springfield M6 Scout. Like the AR-7 this was developed for the Air Force and was originally chambered in .22 Hornet/.410 Gauge I believe. The civilian versions were modified a bit and came in .22LR/.410.

This weapon was unique in that it folds in half, has a hand-squeeze type trigger (good thinking for frozen or injured hands), and stores spare ammo in the stock via a hinged door. It is also not very attractive though it was never intended as a showpiece.

That is about the lump sum of my knowledge on the subject of survival rifles. I would appreciate input from you all, as I know I cannot be the only one who likes these specialty tools and I am certainly not an expert on them.

RONSERESURPLUS 05-11-2007 10:57 PM

Survival long Guns!
Hello all

Ron Here = Seresurplus, as for Survival Long arms, I see it as a Complicted question? I do like and use the .22 in the Way of an Henry AR-7 and a Battered Charter Arms AR-7, but at times, 22 seems like not near enough gun? I know folks have Killed Bears with one and such, gathered big game and all, But I've seen 22's used in poaching and found the results of the Kill after it failed to knock that animal down and take it for meat? I see it as a Question of what you have with you, a survival 22 is a good item to have stashed, but What about that CAR-15 or AK clone you might have with you? Would it not serve as well? YUP, it can and It has and at times, you have Little other option? Lets all try to think "Out of the BOX" and survival is doing what you can , with what you have right? Just a few thoughts and YUP, I do like my AR-7, But I like My CAR and AK better in many cases?


Splatter 05-24-2007 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by Brent L (Post 1907)
I personally want to engage an enemy as far away as I can

The OP specifically said this isn't the "zombapocalypse", so how would you know someone at 500m is "an enemy"? If they start shooting at you, they either are working towards their Darwin Award if they are an average shot or if they are an excellent shot, you don't really have anything to worry about, do you?

For the OP's problem, where it's legal, I think the best solution would be a .357Mag revolver, with the first couple of cylinders stuffed with .38 spec. target vel wadcutters. It's light, and you really can't get any handier than hanging on your belt, with the light loads it'd be perfect for small game to 25m, and the full-throttle .357s would be plenty for somewhat bigger game out to 100m.

Where handguns are not advisable, I'd be thinking about a 'Trapper" length lever action in .357, .44 or (best IMHO) .45 Colt.

Brent L 05-25-2007 03:41 PM

I am indeed sorry for the response. I was confused with another thread on THR, and responded inappropriately. I do apologize.

The choice of a handgun is ok for the person that shoots one well, but most people don't. If you want a camp/survival rifle that is compact, light, and has enough oopf to take larger game- consider the break action rifle like the Rossi or NEF. They are simple, accurate, and are available as combos with interchangeable shotgun and rifle barrels. This makes for a more versatile firearm.

As regards caliber/ guage, .22 mag/20bore shotgun would be pretty good. .22 for smallgame, 20 bore for birds/ deer.

45_Storm 05-25-2007 08:23 PM

I might be a little biased (look at the screenname), but the Beretta CX4 Storm in .40 or .45 ACP (I have the .45) is an awesome weapon. I see it as an answer to those wild animal/armed opponent encounters. Lightweight, quick on target, and when equipped with the optics of your choice (I prefer the EoTech HWS, which is my next purchase) leaves you with both eyes open targeting, a big plus when periphrial (sp?) vision is a must. I have a 2.5" shot group with iron sights at 50 yards...standing, kneeling, and prone...lethal enough for me.

Personal works out well with my sidearm, which is the same caliber. .45 will knock down or put a dent into most anything I'll encounter.

Brent L 05-27-2007 11:18 PM

45_ storm. You might have a hard time bringing down a quail or grouse with your carbine, in.40 or.45, and you might be a little over-gunned for squirrels and rabbits, unless head shots are taken. You're OK if that deer is within 50 yards...but.....


MOLON LABE 05-28-2007 11:35 PM

Ultimate survival long gun???

I would choose one of my MINI-14's. Plenty enough for game up to deer and really good for engaging unfriendlies, if needs be.

My 2c worth,


45_Storm 05-29-2007 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by Brent L (Post 2175)
45_ storm. You might have a hard time bringing down a quail or grouse with your carbine, in.40 or.45, and you might be a little over-gunned for squirrels and rabbits, unless head shots are taken. You're OK if that deer is within 50 yards...but.....


Good points brent. I wasn't looking at it from that perspective...I was looking it it for all around survival/defense....maybe I misunderstood the original topic.

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