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Which "survival" .22 rifle

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I have the Henry AR-7 and if I were you I'd get the Marlin.
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I have a Marlin mod.-25 bolt action .22lr that will go with me come hell or high water. It does not break down for easy portability but it's one hell of a shooter. Had it for about 30 years now and cleaned it for the first time last month when the bolt started sticking. Sense I cleaned it last month I should be good for another 30 years
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Default Rossi Matched Pair or Trifecta.

Originally Posted by RL357Mag View Post
Another option is the Rossi Matched Pair - for under $200 it can be had in .410/.22 or like the one I have in .243/20 ga. The "Youth" model is even better for backpacking with it's shorter stock. Like the Papoose, the Rossi breaks down and packs in a nylon case with both barrels (it doesn't float however).
+10 on that.. but I do prefer the .22lr/20ga. Matched pair. Rossi is offering now what they call Trifecta, wich is 3 barrels combo.... .22lr/20ga/.243, that would be nice.
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Originally Posted by RL357Mag View Post
I've never had any Marlin Mod. 60 action jam. I think this happens to people who are "mechanically & mentally challenged" and just expect their semi-auto to give them a lifetime's worth of jam-free shooting without ever disassembling the bolt and cleaning it! Sure it's a pain in the a$$, but it's a mechanism that gets dirty after thousands of rounds of accumulated carbon and cordite- it doesn't clean itself, and spraying the piss out of it with gun scrubber doesn't do squat except consolidate the crap in places where it can't be reached. After 10+ years I completely stripped my old Mossberg and couldn't believe it was still working after the crap I found. Now it doesn't jam, it cycles much faster, and the lag time between when the trigger is pulled and when it fires has been cut in half because the firing pin is not riding in a slurry of carbon and lube.
++1. Throw in lazy too!
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Default Even more choices...

Originally Posted by NitroxAZ View Post
I have been looking around at "survival" .22 rifles. So far I have come across 3 different models and want your opinion on them.

1. Henry Arms U.S. Survival AR-7
2. Springfield Armory M6 (out of production)
3. Marlin Model 70PSS "Papoose"

Any info would be appreciated.
I own a Papoose, which is just a Marlin/Glenfield Model 60 that you can break down. Never had a problem with it or the regular Model 60 that I owned. Keep them clean and you're okay. Also, make sure the feed ramp is well-polished. [NOTE: Charter Arms made a version of the AR-7 and one called the Explorer II. They appear to have identical parts, but the barrels are NOT interchangeable.]

IMHO, the primary cause for FTFs is cheap ammo. Those irregular cast bullets are notorious for snagging on the feed ramp. If you can find FMJ .22LR or copper-washed .22LR, that's a step up.

You didn't indicate how much you had to spend, or how long you expected to be in the field after TSHTF. Both the AR-7 and the M6 were designed for short-term use; just long enough for the Rescue teams to find you and haul you out of the jungle.

The reason I'm not fond of the Rossi pairs is the need to swap out. With the Savage 24 (in your calibers of choice), it's a flick of a switch to change barrels. I don't agree with ditching the shotgun for a .308; it would be hard to hunt bird with either a .22LR or .308! Again, you might be stalking squirrel and have the hammer selector set for the .22LR when you suddenly kick up some quail! A flick of the selector and you have the shotgun ready to go!

You could cut down the 24 to 16" or 18" barrels and replace the stock with a folder to make it more portable. However, you'll lose accuracy by doing so.

There are other multi-barrel guns beside the Savage 24. There are European "Cape guns", commonly chambered in 9.3x74R and 16-gauge (other combinations are available). There are even three-barrel "Drillings":

* Two matching shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel
* Two matching rifle barrels and one shotgun barrel
* Two rifle barrels of different calibers (typically one rimfire and one centerfire) and one shotgun barrel
* Three matching shotgun barrels
* Three matching rifle barrels

Those will run into the thousands, but I wanted to point out their existence in case you expect something like a months-long or years-long collapse of society.
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How about a feather USA Rav22? I have sold lots of there 9mm versions and people are very happy with them. The gun brakes down into a small carrying case. They are kind of like grease guns. I personally have never fired the 22 version but can vouge(sp?) for the big brother 9mm. I have one and love it. The 22's receivers are made of aluminum and the gun weighs next to nothing. I have one on my site but you can get a better view in feathers site which is;


Some that they show on their site are pretty mall ninja'd out but the basic version should be on there somewhere.
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I'd love to have one - but I'll never spend that much on a .22.
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In my opinion, I would only have a bolt action .22lr rifle, with a sling and a composite stock, as a survival rifle for small game use.

My past experience with .22lr. is, Semi's can be ammo sensetive and have failure to eject or feed.

I own a semi-auto and a bolt action, in .22lr. My bolt action will eat whatever, I feed it, and has less moving parts.

I also keep a M16 cleaning kit with it. I bought an extra cleaning rod section, a commercial adapter, with a brass patch holder so, the muzzle will not become prematurely worn, due to cleaning.
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I like the Papoose and own 2 model 60s myself but my favorite is my youth model 10/22 16.5 bbl with a butler creek folding stock. Small light and 25 round mags that work. In my bug out bag I carry a 4in Ruger MK II not a rifle but a good survival tool.
Have a good one!

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Default survival .22 rifle

mr nitroxaz, i have given much thought to the ultimate .22 surv rifle. i like a ruger 10-22 stainless with synthetic stock. the factory magazine is 10 rounds and fits into the stock flush. higher capacity mags are easy to get in capacities of 25 rounds (and more). these mags stick out below the weapon like military style weapons. i feel that ruger makes superb quality stuff, and the aftermarket parts supply is good. it is my surv gun. jeff.
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