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To Stay or Go??

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The wife and I will stay put. I've already described our setup but as far as a "bug out bag" I dont have one.
We do have several big plastic tubs with lids that have some essentials in them. Tp, soap, toothpaste, etc...
And of course my second favorite barter goods. Kentucky bourbon. Sour Mash of course
Stay prepared my friends . it is coming

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BKT nailed it for me. Half the battle is already being where you want to be when the wheels fall off. If I am there (AND NOT SOMEWHERE ON A FRICKIN' AIRPLANE!) I ain't going nowhere unless local conditions make the bunker untenantable. In which case I may have to fire up the turbine on that AH-1 that was left unattended......... (nap of the earth, no traffic jams, if you want me, come get me!)

What we have here is... failure- to communicate.
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I live packed, most of my stuff is in bags & if I need to get the hell out of Dodge(Memphis) the bike is always ready.

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Originally Posted by Trez View Post
So in a SHTF situation how do you deside if you stay where your at or leave?
It really depends on your situation. It sounds like you don't have many threats in your area regarding natural disaster, so buggin in is your best bet for most things. BUT one should always be ready to leave. -

- What do you do if your house catches fire during SHTF? Suddenly you're in a desert without shelter, supplies are gone, water well/generator is disabled...
It might be good to have a truck with some fuel and water ready to go, and away from the house so you aren't stuck in the desert.
OR, what if people start fleeing Tucson, (as your friends have already mentioned their intentions) your house becomes a stop. how many other people will follow them? Will they bring their families, or will people desperately fleeing the city thinking they can run the desert on foot, or with dry gas-tanks wind-up on your doorstep?

Is it possible for your well to dry-up? The possibilities of What-If's are endless. Only you can determine if you are in a good position, or are better off leaving. But there are reasons to be prepared to leave.
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I think i posted a similar post in another thread but I would be gone. My nearest family is Houston Texas, Im in Cleveland Ohio. If **** hits the fan, im gone and on my way to Texas with my dog. I am not prepared for a real SHTF scenario. This is mainly because im deploying again in June. I have enough that I can carry on my person, and live for about 3 weeks. I usually keep about 400 rounds for my FNP-40 pistol including the 3 loaded mags. Whole bag weights in at about 100 lbs with food, ammo/water, a little tactical gear and a bottle of Jack. Its not made to sustain me long, its made for quick undetected movements and even at 100lbs weighs in less than the gear I carry with the military.

So in short. I leave. I haul ass and get outta here before it gets too bad and make sure the family is protected.

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I'm in the "it depends" group.
For most natural scenarios, I can plan on staying. I have been tested by hurricanes and tornadoes.
Other scenarios should give enough warning that I should be able to decide to bug out or not.
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I'll stay as long as possible.
When it's time to leave, I'll leave as quickly as possible.

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Originally Posted by Trez View Post
Nope and Nope... where i live its blessing is its curse.. ive really have nowhere to go, theres pretty much nada for a couple of hundred miles, just sand, snakes, and more desert.. (well theirs tucson, but not going there for anything in a SHTF situation..) my biggest concern would be water, as there is none close. Even if you were to find water somewhere there would be a very good chance its contaminated with mercury and arsnic, left from the mines in the area.
I would say always have a bag and a back up plan too. The reason is you never know what's going to happen.

If you live in the middle of nowhere it would become kinda hard to go on restocking missions.

Get a hand pump for the well. The sound of the generator may give away your location. After awhile all the ill prepared may come looking to take what they need.

My friends and I plan to go to the mountains. High ground and seclusion. Figure we wouldn't survive long in the city. Plus would always be on edge even in the most fortified and well stocked building.

Our only fear is bugging out and starting a mountain side community, miles away from anything. While in the meantime the government came and straightened everything out about a month after we left.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke
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Originally Posted by trez View Post
i was talking to some friends about a bug out bag and they said "why? You already live in the boonies, have a private well, and can supply a small platoon." most of my townie buddies say if the s ever does hit the fan their b-lining it straght to my house.... Being in the desert i can see the well being a definite advantage as their are no close (or easy) water sources.
So in a shtf situation how do you deside if you stay where your at or leave?
dude stay where you are!!

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