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SHTF Survival Guns

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I guess I was thinking in a survival situation(this thread). There would be no games laws or fair chase rules. So deer would be jack-lighted and shot with a 22 or shot in daylight with 22 or other rifle). All fowl could be shot with a 22(in most cases easier than with a shotgun). And If you had a defense-able home-base you would want to engage the enemy at long range. Even with a good base you would have to consider going mobile at some point and that is where the weight/bulk of the shotgun ammo would be detrimental.
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I understand your points, and they are good ones, thanks for contributing. There are folks who live and will be surviving in locations with terrain much different from yours. Again, I'm not defending the choice of a shotgun as a primary, but I do respect and understand how many across this land would prefer the Battle Shotgun as a first choice. But, as I do not favor the shotgun as a first choice (as stated just about my last choice), I do have a Battle Shotgun and it stands ready (real ready). I'm quite capable of optimizing on it's advantages as well as overcoming it's few pitfalls.

BTW: I'm also quite familiar with your terrain (many reading this thread will not be), as I hunt, camp, and train nearby along Crown King Road, closer to the Bumble Bee Ranch area. It's not that much different than where I live in Navajo County (although I'm about 2,000 higher in altitude, and run a few degrees lower year round).

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I think my main choice of weapons would be .22 rifle bolt action , .223 bolt action , 9mm .
all fairly small rounds , low recoil , simplistic and easily carried , if you got desperate a .22 headshot would do , I dont know how many .22 shells you can get in a 1 gal milk jug but I know its a hell of alot , easily carried , easy to keep dry and now you have a source to hold your filtered water with when you get to your destination . .22 rounds and 9mm rounds are common and seems as though alot of households have them that have weapons , .223 being my long range SHTF gun , There cheap , accurate, used by LEO and Military and it seems as though this round is readily available most anywhere that carries ammo . I know I keep right at 500+ rds of
.223 several thousand .22 and 500+ 9mm rounds on hand along with other ammo and weapons , 5000 acre Water source and 3000+ acres of woods to hunt food source , fish , deer ,rabbit , pheasant, turkey and squirrel is readily available where I would leave and go if it got bad ,but it would need filtered and I do have a pump type ceramic filter that is in my BOB .
There is shelter there but not the best or most secure but it is 300+ yards off any roads and in the woods , there is plenty of old machinery , bricks, appliances and tin laying around the place if it was needed ,along with many miles of unused rusty old rolled barb wire , Im not sure why this stuff is even here as its in a 15 ft gourge and cant bee seen until your litereally on top of it all but its there along with many empty bottles, cans and buckets . Maybe someone has the same idea as myself and been storing all this crap there , I guess the key thing is My family and I have a place we could go to and be safe and comfortable for a while if needed , It is about 6 miles from home and could easily be walked to thru the woods if needed and we have a canoe and 2 kayaks that would could launch 2 city blocks from our house and paddle there in about 3 hrs if needed . I know all the surrounding woods like no other as I spend on the average about 80+ days a yr in them . My wife and kids know all our guns well , how to safely operate, load and shoot them . Cleaning maybe not so but my 14 yr old has watched and helped me tear all but a few handguns down to clean them and Im more than sure he could figure them out by himself if he had a situation .
Would my family like staying out there ? probably not for a long period of time , but if it were to be reality they would make do and be happy not being in a town of crazy people trying to take everything you have . May god help everyone if it ever happens
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