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SHTF Bugout Locations

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Default SHTF Bugout Locations

As with so many of these kinds of questions, it depends.

Are we (me & wife) together, or apart? Am I at home? Is she at home? Can we communicate? Is the cell phone system down? Our kids are grown and live in another city, but within easy driving distance, if the roads are open.

Is the Ship Hitting The Sand weather related? Civil unrest? Earthquake? Vulcano? (We live near Mt. St. Helens.) Flood? (We live on a flood plain of the Columbia River and are okay as long as the Bonneville Dam holds .)

Lots of IF's. We can only be so prepared, and trust our good judgement and wits to get us through with the survival gear we are packing at the time. In an ideal situation we would both be home and have access to all our stuff, but we can't count on that happening. Food for thought.

Main issue; Survival.
Major issue; Gathering with family.
Minor issue; Jobs and replacing "stuff.".
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Old 08-28-2007, 03:10 PM   #12
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Getting on my sail boat and heading to sea.

I'll find some place that the 'Sh!t' didn't hit the fan, learn a new language, meet some new people and see what the women look like!
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Old 10-28-2007, 04:11 AM   #13
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Inlaws farm, Minnesota river valley about 45 mins from Sout Dakota....
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Old 11-26-2007, 07:18 PM   #14
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Yeah, we have given this one some thought. We are entirely too close to DC for comfort, but at least we are on the "right" side. If (when) SHTF and my husband and I aren't home, the kids have instructions on what to load in whatever car is home, and head west. My in-laws own several pieces of property in the Shenandoah Valley snugged up tight against West Virginia, and we can be right cozy over there with their built in arsenal plus what we bring with us.
We periodically rehearse the kids on what to do and when, and the rule is if in doubt, leave town. The worst that'll happen is you'll get to visit Grandmom!
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Old 02-02-2008, 10:13 PM   #15
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Pole Hill, estes Colorado. I camp there alot, you have to rock crawl in a capapable 4x4 to get up, only 1 road up and down, plenty of wildlife, and the top is a rock type fortress that would enable me to defend myself from attackers and the environment. Ive camped there for 7 days once and could do it for months.
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I have 6 acres with a spring, a Berkey Light and sport bottles, a root cellar/bank house that is difficult to find at best, and it is stocked to capacity. Probably 3 years food supply now. I would assist friends and neighbors, but most are as ready as we are. My property is on the top of the mountain. We are so far out in the woods, we have to head toward town to go hunting, ya know? We are near the Blue Ridge Parkway. We know the woods very intimately. Eric Rudolph used to drive nails on one of my crews, so that should give you an idea of the kind of woodsmen we are in general. While I don;t share his philosophy on ways to be politically active, I do share his love of these mountains. One should have several caches for food, survival equipment, tools of resistance, etc. I hope for a peaceful revolution as I am Christian, however, that is not in my control, so we will go with whatever others decide for us. I am not afraid to die as I have done so once already and it was a very positive and good thing. I am glad to have returned to finish raising my kids and grandkids though. I just hope that where you are, there are many others of like mind so that you can form units for effectiveness. I hope to fly under the radar, but am ready for a RED DAWN scenario if that comes as well.

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Default It took years but....

... I will stay put just about regardless of the situation. I do not have to worry about floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.

I have 60 acres that are "outback" behind every thing. I have a well stocked pond, unlimited wood, a propane fired generator and a 400' deep well that produces 15 GPM of really good water. With what I have on hand we can live for weeks with no assistance. The beautiful thing about it is there are only a handful of folks even know we are here and if you don't know where "here" is you probably won't find it.

Like the other poster, everybody says how in the world did you ever find this place.
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read Bad Times Primer by CG Cobb
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