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Scratchammo 04-09-2011 08:50 PM

Should we trade our gold for silver?
Exactly one year ago the silver to gold ratio was 63:1, today it's 36:1. Wouldn't it be wise to consider exchanging? We also have to take a possible gold seizure into consideration. I'm thinking of exchanging my APMEX ounce for a kilo of silver & the remainder for Silver Eagles.

Poink88 04-09-2011 08:58 PM

A bit late but I would personally do it.

orangello 04-09-2011 09:11 PM

Well, if you have any muzzle-loading firearms, you could also benefit from having some anti-werewolf ammo available to you.

Scratchammo 04-09-2011 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by orangello (Post 482895)
Well, if you have any muzzle-loading firearms, you could also benefit from having some anti-werewolf ammo available to you.

Nah, I got silver plated buckshot :D

dunerunner 04-09-2011 11:11 PM

Gold has better weight characteristics for making bullets, but silver can be used. Is that what you meant? Cause SHTF, Gold and Silver will initially be worthless as paper or coinage. After the SHTF crisis, it will again regain its value. Depends on what you want to guard, carry, etc.

c3shooter 04-10-2011 01:19 AM

Seriously- the dang crystal ball is in the shop for calibration and an oil change- so I don't have a CLUE- and if I did, I would be too feelthy stinkin' RICH to be fooling around on some internet forum!!!

Remember- Bears make money, and Bulls make money. Piggies get slaughtered. IF you had made the switch a year ago, I would be cashing in, taking the money and running like squirrel that had sucked down two Red Bulls and a Jolt cola. Will silver continue to climb? Will the gold silver ratio continue to flatten? Will Little Orphan Annie find her dog?

Unless you got a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor, you're gonna have to wait and see.

Ploofy 04-10-2011 01:27 AM

I would say sell both and invest in non currency methods of payment. Get proficient with a welder. Get a decent water purifier with a couple filters. Precious Metals will be worthless when you'll want to sell them. Sell now, and sell to someplace like Switzerland. But thats just what I would do.

12fretter 04-10-2011 03:25 AM

Historically the ratio has always reverted itself back to 16:1 without exception. If I had gold, I'd do a lot of it especially in junk silver where bartering will be easier, when the dollar falls. No one will have change for an ounce of gold, but you can hand them a 90% silver dime. Just my two cents, of course, I have very little in precious metals because I've been running a struggling business since being laid off two years ago, but that's another thread.

dunerunner 04-10-2011 03:41 AM

Or, you can hand them 10 .22LR rounds! :D

Lindenwood 04-14-2011 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by Ploofy (Post 483088)
Precious Metals will be worthless when you'll want to sell them.

That's what I've always thought. By the time the situation gets desparate enough for you to try to dump off all your stocked precious metals, people will have way bigger concerns than jewelry.

On the other hand, early on, you might be able to buy a few things you need as things continue to fall flat. For example, a month after the dollar collapses, when paper money might be worthless, you might still be able to trade someone a 4-wheeler for a handful of gold coins, when otherwise cash wouldn't be acceptable.

The things that will keep you alive will be most valuable if TSHTF but some sort of social order is restored: weapons, ammo, food, water purification.

Other less important things might be toilet paper, deodorant, razors, batteries, etc.

But, I'd say keep a small amount of gold (or, I suppose in this case, silver) around, but don't put too much stock in it. I do see the logic in keeping silver, because it will indeed be difficult to "break" an ounce of gold, heh. On that same note, you probably wouldn't bust out the precious metals every time you needed a candybar, so in these cases you might very well say I'll give you five gold coins and a box of 9mm for [insert important item(s) that you really need].

And I guess to answer your question, if it is still worth a relatively large amount, then you might as well trade it out. But be ready to sell quick (if you can) because it is going to flip the other direction quickly and then nobody will want to buy it from you.

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