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bigbomar4 07-18-2013 03:49 AM

Semi-arid/arid climate SHTF
Ok so I know the basics. Stock up on food and water and the like but in almost every thread I see on here once that is all used up everyone just says "I'll head to the woods" or what ever.

Well there are no woods around here. It is farm land as far as you can see in any direction. There is no game other than the occasional rabbit or bird if its the right time of year. There is very little to no water.

The best thing I could think of is to go to my families farm 90 miles NE of here. 30 miles east of there on some friends land is some decent hunting and a small amount of wild fruit but still very little water.

So my question is what would yall do in my situation if SHTF? I am slowly stocking up on supplies but without being able to replenish with fresh stocks I kind think me and everyone in this area might be up s*** creek.

Sorry for the long post.

sbeezy 07-18-2013 03:52 AM

Do you keep stores at the family farm? If I had a farm at my disposal I'd store stuff there. But I'd want to get there as soon as possible to secure everything and make sure no one steals it all or takes up shop in your home.

sbeezy 07-18-2013 03:53 AM

And as far as water, since it's farmland aren't there irrigation canals?

bigbomar4 07-18-2013 04:19 AM


Originally Posted by sbeezy (Post 1307497)
And as far as water, since it's farmland aren't there irrigation canals?

We have two wells on our land. The shallow one is 450ft deep. That would be kinda hard to use if the power for the electric pumps went out. I suppose we could try to get the old windmill up and running again but that well was capped back in the 30's so I don't know if its even deep enough to draw water anymore.

As for supplies, we keep some up there and what we have is safe but it is not sustainable. We have a decent garden but most of the land leased out to a cousin who grows cotton or feed hay on it.

Vikingdad 07-18-2013 04:21 AM

Last time I was through Texas farm country there were wind pumps pumping water from the ground and stock tanks to hold it in. These days there are probably lots of solar pumps too. Take a look around, you might find they are still there. A buddy of mine has a place down south of here where they get 5 inches of rain a year in a wet year. Last season they got 5 inches, but 4 of it was in one storm system that lasted only a couple of days. There is absolutely no surface water to be found anywhere around there. Creekbeds are bone dry. But he still has his antique Aeromotor windmill pump standing over the one hand dug well. I could get that sucker working in a day I'm sure. If not there is always a rope and a bucket.

(Edit) You posted as I was writing. I don't think a wind pump will pull water up 450 feet. Solar electric will though.

Vikingdad 07-18-2013 04:25 AM

This is what i'm talking about as far as solar well pumps.

bigbomar4 07-18-2013 04:51 AM

The only solar powered pumps I have seen around here are at the research farms near Lubbock. All the other pumps are the occasional old natural gas or electric pumps. I will look into the solar though.

hiwall 07-18-2013 01:42 PM

wind mill pumps can pump as deep as solar (around 1000').

JeeperSC 07-21-2013 10:26 PM

Make a pond and put in some fish. Learn how to grow vegetables.......

Vikingdad 07-22-2013 04:07 AM

I have a buddy who has 60 acres up in Tehama (northern CA) where is is as dry as a bone in the summer (most of CA is extremely dry in the summer and fairly wet in the winter0 Tehama gets about 23 inches of rain annually and none of it comes during the summer.) Anyhow, one of his neighbors put in a solar powered well pump and it pumps as long as the sun is shining so he built a 5 acre pond to pump the water into. The pond stays full all summer long.

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