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Say I have no gun oil... what do I do.

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Default Well, when whale oil...

Became unavailable to the south in the civil war, peanut oil "saved their
bacon"! As "ironic as this may sound", the peanut originated in south america
& was introduced to Africa to replace a simmilar "ground nut" with better
yields known as a bumbara ground nut also known as a Goober! (I thought
that was a southern word for peanut), but it was an African word for the
domestic "native nut". As it turns out, African slaves brought peanuts with
them as a food source & the plant thrived in the southern states. Peanut
oil became the primary lubricant that lubricated the machinery & weapons
of the south! The peanut is just one many contributions that the dark days
of slavery (not commonly known) helped feed this nation & establish many
other foods!
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Make yourself 1 1/2 Quarts of the finest gun lubricant money can buy. And it doesn't bake off easy when used on the AR or M-16 Rifle.

1 Quart of Mobile 1 Synthetic 15 W 50 Motor Oil mixed with 1/2 Quart of Mobile 1 Synthetic Transmission Fluid.

In deep cold applications use 5 W 30 Mobile 1 Synthetic in place of 15 W50.

Fantastic Lube for weapons. Also think about it! The Motor Oil and Transmission fluid contains a light amount of detergent also which helps to deal with any carbon build up!

I get one of the small Red Gas cans like the ones used for Radio Control cars, boats and etc. Poor the Quart and the Half Quart in it and have a Quart and a Half of the best lube at a fair price. We have been using it in our AR schools for 6 years.

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Buy 3 quarts of 5w - 30 and you are good for 40 years......should be dead or close to it by then.
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An acquaintance of mine recently bought a Hi Point JHP .45. While racking the slide I noticed it required some effort, I looked closer & saw that it was caked on Crisco. That stuff is NOT for firearms, it's for frying wings & running your 7.3 IDI. Tranny fluid on the other hand would actually be practical. Tranny fluid is also power steering fluid, they won't tell you that though because you'll spend less money.

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we were at the range one day and my buddies semi auto beretta shotgun was jamming up and not cycling...the gas port was all gummed up and he didnt have any oil...we went into the club and grabbed some more jams the rest of the day.

its just a water based cleaner with mild chemicals in good for cleaning...not sure as a lubricant though.
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A while back, while on a pheasant hunt a friend found his 1100 autoloader inoperable. A quick search found a paper clip tp clean the gas ports. A paper towel made the magazine tube and gas rings reasonably clean. Oil from the dip stick was used as a lubricant. The Remington operated without a glitch for the rest of the trip.
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Default I know this post was old, but...

Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
Castor oil (from castor beans- keep a few growing in the back 40- repels moles, can be used as motor oil)
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You CAN use vegetable oil for knives to prevent rust, but not on guns.

The mechanical parts and the heat generated from shooting will cook it off and it will gunk up your gun.

I actually prefer vegetable oil on knives just because it has no chemicals, so if it touches something that I intend to eat I know that its safe... well, aside from all the lead poisoning...
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I didn't know that about the cooking oil, In a jam I would have probably not of givin it a second thought. I will always remember that piece of info...

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