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USEBOTHHANDS 01-31-2011 01:03 AM

Safe water storage
i am thinking about purchasing a few LARGE (up to 2500 gallons) water containers from this place Water Tanks, Plastic Tanks, RV Tanks, Custom Plastic Tanks, and my questions is........................HOW WOULD YOU KEEP THIS AMOUNT OF WATER "POTABLE" FOR A LONG STORAGE SESSION?

algae would be the biggest problem i am guessing, the containers are sealed and can be buried if so desired (with the right precautions).

JonM 01-31-2011 01:29 AM

i would prolly put the tank in between the main house water supply and the house itself so there is a constant flow of water through the tank. even so your going to have to be careful in that you need enough turnover fast enough to prevent contamination.

there is no good way to store water longterm without sterilizing it first and even then there is a fairly quick expiration.

i think your better off having a ground well dug and investing in a generator to power the pump rather than one huge pita stockpile. personally i have a generator that can power the essentials in my home if i need it. such as my freezer refrigerator and well pump.

if your talking about shtf zombie time then a solar chargeable battery that can power the well pump.

if you gotta leave your location you can take the generator or battery system with you a 2500 gallon tank isnt very portable.

USEBOTHHANDS 01-31-2011 05:02 AM

you are very correct, but i don't intend on leaving. i read up on the "inline" situation, but i would rather not due to possible "upstream" contamination @ any point could and would contaminate the whole supply -- that's why i plan to buy a few tanks.

here is my thought processes: underground stored water is kept @ a constant temp, outta sunlight, and sealed until needed, thus no algae should grow........correct? it would be tap water (from a parish source, so it is treated already), and if need be, it could be boiled before use. whattya think? i read (and think this to be true), if sealed and kept that way, good (treated) water should be able to be stored indefinitely.

CA357 01-31-2011 06:30 AM

As far as I know, you should be okay. But I'm an amateur, not an expert.

Neophyte1 01-31-2011 10:33 AM

USEBOTHHANDS: Sir, these are good reads; with good? ideas

Storing Water, includes how to purify water

Emergency Water Storage : Homeland Security News

How to store drinking water for emergencies - Detroit Country Living |

USEBOTHHANDS 02-01-2011 05:49 AM


thank you sir, good information for good water and water storage. 'preciate it!

Redarrow18 02-01-2011 09:50 PM

you can buy water purifiers, i think you just need alot of it, and i would keep it moving with like a pump so it doesnt get stale and attract mosquitos and stuff

USEBOTHHANDS 02-02-2011 05:19 AM

check out the post, it'll be sealed and put "outta sight, and outta mind." no mosquitoes, no sunlight, verly little temperature changes, and NO access to possible tainting from "inline" water supplies to "keep it fresh." don't want to risk possible contamination of upstream pipe breaks, or boil water notices.

i just need to know if i can 1. fill, 2. seal, 3. forget till needed.

CA357 02-02-2011 05:53 AM

Water is supposed to have a pretty infinite shelf life. However, it may pick up an odor or taste from the plastic tank itself.

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