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Quick poll, how equipped are you RIGHT NOW?

View Poll Results: How prepared are you?
I have made ZERO preparations, consider me dead! 12 13.04%
I've made SOME preparations like extra food & supplies 38 41.30%
I've got enough food & supplies to last 2-3 months 22 23.91%
I've got enough food & supplies to last 6 months 9 9.78%
I'm ready to survive & thrive for at least a year! 11 11.96%
Voters: 92. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-13-2013, 07:54 AM   #81
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Waters easy. I have a home brewing setup. I can sanitize and filter 5 gallons of water at a time. And I have a natural water source nearby. But who needs water when you've got a pantry full of home brewed wine, beer and hard lemonade?! Nothing says "these people are crazy lets leave them alone!" To looters like a drunk redneck with a shotgun in one hand and a clay growler full of hooch in the other!

Food is easy too. I have plenty of MREs, canned food, an upright freezer full of meat. Every time it starts to look empty, more meat finds its way in there. Some of the meat looks like the neighbors cats used to. But it's just a passing resemblance. Its wild game. Some cuts of meat also look slightly like the stray dogs that used to run around on the street before I moved in. But again the resemblance is passing. Its all wild game that was killed in the wild. Not next to my trash can. I would never kill any innocent poor animal for spreading my stinkingtrash ALL OVER THE FRICKING YARD! Ever. Never ever.

Weapons... Let's just say im covered and leave it at that. I'm not into discussing exactly what I have. Talking about it leads to pulling it out. Then you show me yours I show you mine and then !BAM! I got another kid. That crap is how I got the first two to begin with! So no. I will keep my gun to MYSELF! Use your imagination. Imagine a BIG gun. With lots of bullets. Very accurate bullets. They seem to find their intended target every ":$/$-i@&( time I shoot the "/&:$:$/i gun! I wish I could have a squib or misfire, but no. Instead I have kids. I can follow all the basic range safety procedures and STILL end up with a ND and a kid. But I digress.

Medical supplies: good on the basics. All the way up to a gunshot wound. Lots of tampons stored up. I have plenty of practice at patching bullet holes with tampons. Especially in the assular area. So if SHTF and any of you gets shot in the @$$, I can take care of you. Just come by the house. I have tampons and rum. 1 stops infection the other stops the bleeding. Then the first one gets you drunk enough to let me keep practicing.

Honestly the only big need I ever have is gas. I'm self sufficient with everything else for at least a month. Everything but rum. I need to tell my wife that we need to start buying a rum supply that will last at least a month. Hopefully she won't double check on that supply and be all like "why is all the run gone?" Because then id have to look at her and be like "why is the rum ALWAYS gone? I caught scurvy from yer poisoned cooking and had to make some grog. That's why!"

Or I'll blame the rum on patching up those gunshot wounds. And ask her for another bottle and a few more tampons in case anybody else shows up.

That'll about do it. I am ready to roll. Perfectly prepared. Any questions?
" is ...ALIVE!!!"
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Old 10-13-2013, 09:12 AM   #82
disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED...
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Wonder what happened to my reply. Ok let's reboot....

My wife and I have enough food and medical supplies to last 8 months for us, a year if we're careful, or: with some close friends making it here, 4-5 months. Water: 25-5 gallon big bottles, six cases of 12 oz plus a few larger bottles, and we buy every week. We also have our own triple filter osmosis system wired to the house, plus portable filters.
Power: 2 generators, one diesel and one propane. Some fuel stores but not enough, will be trading with several here in our community's " Multi-household" CO-OP. Mobility: one SUV('12 Ford Escape currently getting various upgrades, one UATV (Polaris 4 seater with storage box and roof racks. In our CO-OP: several medical career folks, 7 ex military (4 also LEOs) plus a few other asst Aux LE's. I am the Exec-officer. The Commanding is a ret. Special Forces & Ranger Lt. Col. Aged 71 who did 3 tours in the Nam, and stuck around...we are only 14 months old but growing, now 11 house holds, and 7 of them here in our development. We Are accepting "shareholders" in our Co-OP but it's based on how we can help each other... I am 7 minutes away from a private airfield just outside of Sedona that can handle up to medium 4 engine prop planes, and will soon have access to the only American made US military plane ever created with no foot pedal controls(helps if you can't feel your feet anymore to fly) the US AF O-2( re: See Danny Glover in "BAT 21")...

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." Vince Lombardi

"No One, and I MEAN NO ONE Craps on me and Gets away with it!!! Those days are gone...
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Old 10-13-2013, 12:14 PM   #83
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My only real preps have been to not not have my face where the punch is thrown. I live in the Boonies, probably dont have nearly enough ammo or fuel and only about 3 weeks worth of food but Im counting on the rurality of my nature to provide! There are only a few months a year here where fresh fruit and veggies arent scroungeable or growable, that when were eating high protein whatever I can kill! I have 3 Spring Wells and one drilled 220' that will provide all the water we need starting with a 90 gal Hot Water tank full at all times.

Most Country folk will not be bugging out, we are out to start! My Neighbors and relatives have farms and other substantial means of feeding our small communities without trucking it in and Im pretty sure we can rally to defend. We do that already, with our all Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squads, Ruratins, Kiwanis, Lions, FFA and other clubs, we really dont wait for agencies to fix our problems, we fix them locally. I might add that I can count the folks I know that dont have guns round here on one hand or less!

Lastly, according to how bad The SHTF, I might rather die sooner than survive in a wasteland of any type. In the end, the Lords gonna take me when he's good and ready and not a minute sooner or later, see ya on the other side!
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Old 12-05-2013, 10:51 PM   #84
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I have to say I am nowhere near where I would like to be prepping wise. I have 2 or 3 months of food and water (for drinking and food prep not bathing). I'm ex military and am currently a defense contractor and CQC instructor so I have enough assault rifles, pistols, and ammunition that it is nearly divorce inducing. I have moderate bushcraft and survival knowledge and tools for such needs. My problem is that my work keeps me in the DC area which is terrible in all ways. I dont have the property for survival gardens fruit trees or animals and not having sustainable alternatives to stored foods means your not really prepared for anything in my opinion. Respect to all of you who have found a way to make your lifestyle more suitable to long term (quality) survival. I will continue to try and get there for me and my wife and daughter. I guess my best prep is that I can navigate by sea and fly a plane and my neighborhood has both docks and a small airport. Good luck to you all and If I see you in the bad days Ill have a warm meal and a soft bed for ya.
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