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Caoimhin 03-29-2013 07:01 PM

Nuclear bomb refresher
Reading the news looks like we may need a refresher on surviving after a nuclear bomb blast. Anyone feel qualified to do that? I live about 30 miles up wind from a likely target and have a bug out plan and place that was approved by the experts at Los Alamos. But I am a luck one in this regard and know they really want me as security but my family should be safe. I think Kim will back down but you can never be to prepared.

manta 03-29-2013 07:04 PM

I wouldn't start digging a hole just yet.

dango 03-29-2013 10:01 PM

From what I recall , from the "Cuban Crisis" , duck and cover..! All you need is one of them little grade school decks , right..? :D

Kim..? Reminds me of a book I once read "The Mouse That Roared"..! :confused:

mrm14 03-29-2013 10:32 PM

Duck and cover works for atomic bombs but doesn't work for thermo nuclear bombs. I know, I uesd to have to go through duck and corver drills in grade school even shortly after they came out with thermo nuclear bombs. They gave up in about 1962 on duck and cover.
Also, whats a little fall out between friends.:D

Devin556 03-29-2013 10:39 PM

The only way to prepare for any kind of nuclear, atomic, or hydrogen bomb, if you live in a major area that is likely to be hit, is to either move, or learn how to get your head between your legs and your lips planted on your ass in a matter of seconds.

c3shooter 03-29-2013 10:52 PM

Nuke survival 101

There are two main categories
1. Being in the damage radius of a nuclear weapon when it detonates
2. Being in the area that will be contaminated with radioactive fallout.

For 1. there are 2 defenses- A. Put 7,000 ft of granite rock above your head (see Cheyenne Mountain Colorado) OR-B. Be somewhere else when it happens. The damage done by a nuke consists mainly of the same things associated with conventional explosives- blast and heat. They are almost immediate (well, so fast you don't really have time to ponder it). Direct immediate nuclear radiation in excess of 600 rads- no real treatment possible- it is a done deal.

Most of the concern is with the second hazard. Soil and debris that is sucked thru the fireball becomes radioactive. It is carried downwind, and falls back to the earth as dust. It IS radioactive- but unlike plutonium or uranium that stays hot for hundreds of thousands of years, it decays a lot in about 14 days.

You mission is to keep the dust away from you, and refrain from breathing it for about 2 weeks (or less, depending on how much is out there- but we will call it 2 weeks)

You CAN try shielding (dense materials- Concrete, lead, brick, books, dirt, water) but distance is also in your favor- all radiation works on an inverse square- 4 times as far is 1/16th the dose, etc. So a clean space with air between you and fallout is a good start.

Not breathing fine dust- and keeping it away from you- Requires a space that can be pressurized with CLEAN air- pushes out, keeps dust from coming in. Called positive pressure. There are commercial filters and blowers- but you can also build a pretty decent version using furnace filters and rolls of toilet paper. You can also build a simple bellows type air pump from heavy cardboard and good tape. Idea being to pull air thru filter into your place of sanctuary, letting excess push out.

Inside, you will need food, water, and provisions for sanitation for 2 weeks. If you MUST go outside for any reason, time is your enemy. Keep it short. A high efficiency respirator or military protective mask can keep dust out of your lungs, a poncho can help keep it off you, but you need to decontaminate before going back into sanctuary.

You can score a surplus radiation meter for a few bucks on E-bay. or make your own foil electroscope type. There are also meds to help prevent your body from taking in radioactive iodine, (potassium iodide) since your body concentrates iodine in one spot- the thyroid.

There is a LOT of reading available on line and in print. Look for a paperback copy of Pulling Through by Dean Ing. Read it before you need it.

Now, some of you right now are thinking "Boy, old C3 sure is paranoid!" Well, of COURSE I am! Graduated from US Army NBC school in 1970, live in a target rich environment, and have 2 nuke power plants about 20 miles away.

bluez 03-29-2013 10:59 PM

c3 was off to a good start.
But I think its important to remebr that fallout ONLY affects those downwind.. so maybe a quarter of the people near the blast and only to a certain distance ( the more distance the more dilution and at some point dilution to irrelevance) and even IF u are down wind and IF you are in the band where its hot by distance you are still free to major threat after sheltering in place for 3 days.

3 days are 10 half lives which means you dont have a significant radiation threat anymore

We have threads on this (with mixed success) on

Over there we are not allowed firearms threads because we are supposed to come here for them.

My suggestion is that those interested in preparedness issues check our as a gesture of reciprocity.

Vincine 03-29-2013 11:29 PM

And all this time I thought NBC was a broadcasting network.

c3shooter 03-29-2013 11:35 PM

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical.

Vincine 03-29-2013 11:42 PM


Originally Posted by c3shooter (Post 1195968)
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical.

Considering their broadcast programming, it's appropriately named.

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