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Ghost Rider 07-06-2008 08:21 PM

New Guy with a Question
Hey Fellas, hope this hasn't been asked before: I am considering getting a pellet rifle like the ones here to add to my regular arsenal:

I am thoroughly convinced that we will expereince large scale civil disturbances in the future, mixed in with occassional periods of stability in which the government will go after the good people that protected themselves from the armed looters/rioters under pressure from protesters who encourage unrest.

Although I have an AR-15, Combat shotgun and several handguns, I have a Ruger 10/22 that I think is a cheap way to send warning shots to mutants who start scanning your property, or as a last ditch defense in such a scenario. I wondered what y'all thought about deploying a powerful pellet rifle during civil unrest where you are not facing a lethal encounter at the moment, but would like a non-lethal way to let a looter know he was venturing too close to your home/area or if he was starting to break into a neighbors house. You could sting someone at a relative distance and not have someone trying to prosecute you for murder when things get back under control...

all thoughts either way appreciated

bkt 07-06-2008 08:56 PM

Owning a decent air rifle has its advantages. The best I can think of is that it's quiet and still suitable for hunting small game at close range. You may be able to get dinner without attracting unwanted attention.

As for fending off the hordes or dissuading an enterprising thug from cleaning out your neighbor's house, I'd be more inclined to reach for something with a little more power. You might be right about it being a means to drive off someone. (Then again, they might interpret that as being the most potent weapon you have, and be back again another time with friends.)

Dillinger 07-06-2008 08:58 PM

I have to say, personally, I would discourage using such a small weapon as a "warning". You are tipping your hand, basically telling the other side that you are marginally armed. While you may have (6) Big Thunder Handguns and a dozen Hammers of Thor lying about within arms reach, enticing someone that you are an "easy mark" is not the best battle plan in a SHTF scenario.

While I would agree there is no reason to go all Rambo on the first person knocking on your door to get some extra food or water, sending the wrong message could invite more problems.

I believe you are a former LEO, so you know how good a deterent "that special sound" of a shotgun racking or a round being chambered can punch through the BS and get right to the point.

As a training piece, something to teach the kids or the wife to start shooting accurately I believe a quality pellet gun, or something like a bolt action .22, is invaluable....


G21.45 07-06-2008 09:40 PM

:) First, you're not the, 'Caped Crusader'; so it ain't your job to, 'get there first with the most'. Second, unless you're part of a mutually cooperative neighborhood watch program, let the neighbors take care of themselves.

(Remember, you might need them for food.) :p

Third, I absolutely guarantee your local predators will know who's a, 'hard' or a, 'soft' target without any additional posturing or threat displays from you. Stay close to home; hunt and forage at night if you must; and, do everything you possibly can in order to guard both your privacy and hide your personal capabilities well.

Don't make the mistake of pissing people off with either small caliber munitions or a pellet rifle. That's just plain stupid. If you're hungry: traps, deadfalls, tanglefoots, and drags are very useful things to know about; and, at backyard distances, 22 caliber CB caps work very well on varmint size game. CB's make about the same amount of noise as a pellet rifle; and often hit a lot harder than all, but the most expensive, commercial pellet rifles.

During periods of high civil unrest - Which, indeed, might be coming. - you will need to do as much as possible in order to keep and maintain a very low personal profile. I'm puzzled: Hasn't anyone told you it's always the guy with the gun who gets shot first!

You, most assuredly, should not let others know you are either armed or proficient with weapons until AFTER you're forced to engage. If you enjoy this sort of study, I'd suggest you Google both, 'Ragnar Benson' and, 'FerFAL' on the internet and start reading away.

(It ain't gonna be purty!) ;)

By the way, while we're on the subject, have you given any thought to where you're going to be hiding all those bodies? :D

RL357Mag 07-06-2008 11:00 PM

If someone shot me in the ass with a pellet gun, I would have to "up the ante"...and come back with a howitzer. I agree with G21.45 about CB caps. They are great for silent kills on small game - if the slobs in my neighborhood don't start having their cats "fixed" I may well have to "fix" them with some well placed CB caps...

dragunovsks 07-06-2008 11:46 PM

It has it's advantages like using it to hunt without attracting attention but like Dellinger said, I would use it for firing warning shots. You could always fire at thier feet with a rifle (an SKS in my case). They make a lot of noise and make a good, grapefruit sized piece of ground disappear at someones feet. I've used mine to fire "get-on-outta-here" shots at the neighbors mean dog. That will teach him to groul at me in my own yard, he didn't come back for months.

dragunovsks 07-06-2008 11:47 PM

Sorry, I meant to say I wouldn't use it to fire warning shots. I missed a couple letters, tried to type to fast.

Righteous 07-07-2008 12:20 AM

get you a paintball gun and freeze the paintballs or shoot jaw brakers

next633 07-07-2008 01:18 AM

If you are worried about being prosecuted. The first thing I would do is get familiar with your state and local self defense laws. That way should you need to defend your self or property know exactly what you can and can't do. You can only be prosecuted with the laws that are in place at the time of the incident.
If feasible put up wooden or metal shutters on your windows lock them and the house and wait it out. Civil unrest usually only lasts a few days to a few weeks. Have enough supplies on hand to get you through a while.

G21.45 said it well: "I absolutely guarantee your local predators will know who's a, 'hard' or a, 'soft' target without any additional posturing or threat displays from you. Stay close to home; hunt and forage at night if you must; and, do everything you possibly can in order to guard both your privacy and hide your personal capabilities well."

Now my personal opinion on warning shots or racking shotgun as a deterrent:
If a looter makes it through a locked shutered window or a locked door. Why would you want to give up your best advantage the element of suprise?
Keep the things you can't live without in the house. and do your best to keep the rest locked in a garage or out building. Looters usually look for easy targets.
If a looter steals my car or lawn mower I can live without that and I have insurance for those things. Are they really worth risking your life or the lives of your loved ones over?
But if he breaks into my house the only thing I want him to hear is bang.

mike4jade 07-07-2008 02:27 AM

One should always have a good pellet rifle, battery powered radio, food, duct tape, etc. I agree with most folks here though that a 22 CB whether long or short will be more useful. Really there is no big difference in a 22 cb in a long rifle compared to a good 22 or 5mm pump-up pellet rifle, except the 22 rifle can fire better ammo if needed. To the main point: If I'm going to shoot someone, I don't want to piss them off so they come back to get me. Have a good reason for shooting and shoot to kill. Or don't shoot.

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