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bildee 07-24-2013 05:50 AM

naked/afraid. what would you take?
what would you want your partner to have? I'd take a carbon steel cooking pot, and lid, about 3 gallon size, for ease of carry but of a size to boil enough water to do me some good. Before I went, I'd sharpen 1/4 of the lid for use as a knife, with a more blunt "hatchet grind: on another 1/4 of the lid, and any "flinty" type rock could be used to strike sparks from it. The pot lid can serve as a roasting pan, atop of the boiiling water pot.

I'd want my partner to bring a "tarp" made of a pair of miltary ponchos,(including the neckstrings) velcroed togetherm with a 'liner" made out of Mylar space blanket. Then we could have both individual protection from the elements,, or a common roof, A heat reflector, a way to catch rainwater, insects, fallling seeds, pollen or sap from trees, etc,

On the Show, they take tremendous risks with their limbs/fingers, by chopping on trees with machetes, (when weakened by dehydration/fatigue, malnourishment), Just to have a lame shelter that bugs, snakes and rain still enter, and which a 20 mph wind will wreck. Most of them lack the sense to immediatly make a fishing spear and defensive club for her and a throwing club and big-game-fighting spear for him, So if they do get a chance at a snake, lizard, fish, or bird, they have no way to take advantage of it. None of them seem to have a clue about edible plants of their assigned areas, either. They are using up a lot of calories and time (on shelter making fire making, trying to avoid thorns) that should be spent on other things, like making cordage, fishhooks, snare, and "box-traps" (woven out of sticks and cordage)

Why all the bs about making fires with friction? The carbon steel and "flint" spark striker is many times more efficient, especially in jungle conditions. Keeping fires going, drinking bad water, (cause u have no way to boil it) being too cowardly/inept to spear a caiman or a hog, too silly/inept to make a pair of sandals (in country heavily laden with thorns) Sheesh, man! Have a little sense and take proper gear with you and you will suffer 10x less. The men are nuts to not shave their heads and crotch before going into bug-laden areas, not immediately make some sort of headgear against the sun, etc.

All that energy they are wasting on (lame) ways to make/keep fire and shelter should be spent instead on replenshing used-up calories. They lose an average of 1 lb per day of body weight. That is quite unsustainable, obviously. They are all supposedly 'survival instructors", but I wouldnt let them teach my cub scouts. :-) I'd surely smuggle some condoms along. She'll almost certainly need some TLC, but won't risk it over worries about STD's and pregnancy. One condom can contain/protect 6 more condoms, All can be carried inside a body cavity, and all of them can be water containers, if you support them in a sleeve sort of woven item. Some water treatment pills and antibiotics could be smuggled along in those condoms, too. The "only one item" is an artificial bs restiction that's hazardous to your health.

I've yet to see anybody make even a rough clay "pot', with the mud smeared on a woven basket sort of item. A few of those, and you can store up some boiled water and dried food, and not have to bother cutting all that firewood, staying awake/nearby to tend the fire, etc. Those constant chores mean that you can't travel far enough afield to get adequate food, don't have time to make enough traps, snares, cordage, stone tools, and trotlines to catch (and process) the animal food that's available to you.

Instead of eating that handful of worns/insests, why not use them as fish and crab bait? Why no bird snares being set? feathers, bird heads and guts make good bait, for some mammals and for fish and crabs/crawdads. Insects that you don't want to eat, like leechers, centipedes,spiders or caterpillers, and some plant parts, can serve just fine as bait, if used properly

One 150 lb caiman or hog speared/snared means both of you will eat well for 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks you will "score" other things to eat. So being scared of such critters, cause you aint taken 1-2 hours to make some weapons, is just silly. The first couple had to worry about hyenas, but it took them a week to come up with ONE spear. Because they were all panicked about making fire and shelter.-, and because the "man; was too silly/inept to make a pair of sandals.

MisterMcCool 07-24-2013 11:06 AM

I thought you were nuts until I realized you are talking about a television program. :D

trip286 07-24-2013 11:32 AM

You actually put thought into smuggling condoms up your ass so you could tap your partner?

NC1760 07-24-2013 11:41 AM

Naked & Afraid....
Thank you... I was waiting for someone here to start a thread on this!!!...
My hat's off to those who take this challenge... If I could take only one thing...Hmmmmm..... It would have to be my bug-out-bag... :D
Seriously though.... I wouldn't go. The least I need in a wilderness/survival situation would be footwear, a good knife, a firestarter of some kind, vasaline, a water container of some kind and paracord... so choosing one item.. Forget it.

Besides... To my last breath in life I am still a card carrying hetero male. Seeing a female naked next to matter WHAT the situation... would be a major distraction (so sue me!!! :p) ... and the butt-shots are probably the ONLY reason I (...and yes, my wife also) watch this show.

It does seem that most of the time it's the guys who either do something stupid, loose it emotionally or otherwise are complete dicks (pun intended) on that show.... and the women seem to keep it together. And what's up with the stupid unexplained "survival skill" rating system???

bildee 07-24-2013 11:42 AM

why not? plenty of other uses for them. One little pissant TV crew does not insurance make when in the wilds of Borneo. I"d have snuck a firestarter and a small knife into the deal, too. Just in case of dire need.

danf_fl 07-24-2013 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by NC1760 (Post 1313645)
It does seem that most of the time it's the guys who either do something stupid, loose it emotionally or otherwise are complete dicks (pun intended) on that show.... and the women seem to keep it together.

Have you noticed the latest commercial (or tv ads) trend?

The media does its best to portray guys as dipsticks. Even car parts stores commercials.

Marthor 07-24-2013 01:07 PM

The 5 Cs of survival:

Your item should hit one of these. The guy that picked swimming goggles failed and they paid a price when they couldn't start a fire for several days.

I'm thinking that cooking pot and a hatchet are the 2 best items with cooking pot being way out front as most important. You can make cover, fire and cordage, but the people in Africa with no coconuts wouldn't have survived a week without their cooking pot.

Marthor 07-24-2013 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by NC1760 (Post 1313645)
what's up with the stupid unexplained "survival skill" rating system???

They did get the rating right with Alison Teal having the highest rating of any of them. For a game that has no prize, they still managed to keep score. :)

The PSR rating is bogus though. I'd like to see it more specific like fire-making skill, etc.

bildee 07-24-2013 02:03 PM

Cooking pots have been made on the spot by many peoples, in many places. Clay pots, baskets with clay linings, hollow limbs, hollows in rocks, etc. You can boil water in a plastic bottle, if you know to suspend it by a string and keep it moving. :-) You can line a hole in the ground with leaves/clay and cook in it, by means of dropping heated stones and/or coals into the water. It's been done with the stomach of a large critter, too.

I picked a CARBON steel cookpot and lid, so that it can be used to strike a spark and so that the lid can be used as a knife/hatchet. stone tools break easily, and not every area has suitable stone for knapping, either. Also, you need a knapping tool and a pad of some sort for your hand. Having one's partner bring the double-poncho with Mylar lining takes a ton of load off of you, along with the cookpot/knife/striker. aluminum pots, stainless steel or titanium won't strike sparks or take (and hold) a cutting edge.

NC1760 07-24-2013 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by danf_fl (Post 1313675)
Have you noticed the latest commercial (or tv ads) trend?
The media does its best to portray guys as dipsticks. Even car parts stores commercials.

Shoot man... It's been like that for decades!! "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"... "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!" ... right up to "Honey!!...Code word tomahawk!!"... But you would think at least ONE male could come on this "Naked & Afraid" show and keep a clear eyed objective in check... Guess that's hard to do when your genitalia is free. Bet you won't catch Les Stroud doing this !!

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