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Originally Posted by mrm14 View Post
Actually what comes into play is protein content of the freeze dried packs for backpacking or other needs for functional survival in these "MRE's"

I use the Mountain House and Mary Janes brands of freeze dried (MRE) packs for extreme trecks on the PCT. Protein content is most critical for heavy exertion.

Generally speaking the "Military" MRE's are not the best tasting option and the selection and variety of meals are limited. Mountain House and Mary Janes are contractors to the military for MRE's but they offer much more and better selection for backpackers than they do the military.

Check out REI for these brands.
Freeze dried? Military MREs have not been freeze dried in 30 years....
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The newest generation MREs have some decent meals, chili w/beans, tuna, and the ever present chili-mac are the favorites in my platoon. But definatly not something you want to eat consitently outrageous amounts of saturated and poly-saturated fats!!
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I go with a more primative approach. Rice, beans, dried fruits and veggies, biscuits, and whatever I can get from the land.
I will eat MRE's under 2 circumstances. 1. I am starving to death. 2. I can lift my leg over my head so I can lick my own ass and get the taste out of my mouth.
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Most of the civilian MRE's have a shelf life based on the temperature they are stored at. Based on the information listed below: - MRE Shelf Life
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Originally Posted by jca1 View Post
I bought some MRE's a few years ago. I ate one of each flavor I bought...they were disgusting. I liked the old C-rations better
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There not that bad, you get enough hot sauce and you can hardly taste it, personally though I like the veterinarian crackers, or 4 year old pound cake where the sugar is crystallized on the cake.
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one thing to always remember about the military. they always give their money to the lowest bidder. military MREs are crap. they dont taste good. they arent healthy. all they do is provide some energy when there is no other food source. this is the case with any MRE, but since they are so dehydrated you will need a higher fluid intake to digest them which in some cases could be very bad. you can use the spoon to start a fire. the salt packets are good for replacing salt in your body when you are sweating a lot. the tobasco sauce is well... tobasco sauce. the wipes are handy. but the food its self, no good. eat from the land before you resort to surviving off of MREs. they arent bad to have around tho.
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I have tried the MRE's on several ocasions and have a small supply for various uses. They are not exactly "5-star" cuisine but they have their place.

I have had the old C-rats in the cans and they tasted better....still not "5-star" cuisine.

I keep an emergency supply of food in cans and you can actually buy some canned stuff in the stores and make your own varieties of stuff if you are just going camping or something. Stuff like "spaghetti-o's, those little hot dogs in a can, spam, etc. Not exactly "5-star" cuisine either but I have thrown some in the jeep a few times and have eaten them cold out of the can if I am out in the boonies and there are no resturants around or something. They are just a "back-up" for me. Stuff like that might come in handy in a SHTF situation if you are at home but not practical for a BOB.

I wouldn't want to make a steady diet of any of that stuff.

Just some of my thoughts.

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I saw them in the cheaper than dirt catalog its the real deal same ones we had in the Marine Corps as far as tasteing we had hundreds of jokes about MRE's seems like the only people who like them are the ones who never had to eat them for extended amounts of time but wont lie I have a bunch stock piled for when SHTF and now and then have one. Also you might want to try some army surplus places, worst case you could allways go on creigs list and type in the name of a city next to a base and post that your lookin for some sure some supply guy would hook you up on the
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I bought half a dozen cases on eBay five years ago. IMO, they are much better than the old "C rations". If my stomach could handle it, I ate C rations a minimum of two meals daily for a year. If I was starving to death and you set a can of Ham & Eggs on one side, and a nice fresh pile of dog do do on the other, and told me you can only choose one, well, the wife wouldn't want to kiss me
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