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I can't get into the "Zombie" thing?

View Poll Results: What do you think about the Zombie craze?
I like it, participate in it and/or encourage it 21 32.31%
Whatever, neutral and/or don't really care one way or the other 36 55.38%
I don't like it, I don't want any of it and/or it's going a bit too far 8 12.31%
Voters: 65. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05-13-2012, 09:49 PM   #21
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I like the Walking dead and Zombieland, but really don't get into zombies for the most part.

Check this out for a laugh

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Oh please god no, no more. The firearms industry doesn't need to be trendy.
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I just thought of something hilarious. Ammo lasts 100 years, so someone is going to come across Zombie ammo stashed and be like WTF?

Then again, SHTF will have already happened by then so who knows what they would think to find Zombie ammo. If civilization books electronics and the Internet were wiped out, the person might not even know what a Zombie is or never heard of it... assuming English is still able to be read and all that. Hmmm.
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Originally Posted by sputnik1988
I like the Walking dead and Zombieland, but really don't get into zombies for the most part.

Check this out for a laugh

Video Link:
Lmao i'd watch it
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love the walking dead but seriously Zombie survivial suppllys ammo and such is a load of CRAP
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I voted neutral, but insofar as the idea of zombies is taken with a grain of salt, I have no problem with it.

While I do not believe this likely - I suppose some sort of virus or something could make some version of zombies possible - although to prepare for that over something more likely like and earthquake or hurricane would be stupid.

In general I use the zombie concept as a fun way to push the boundaries of preparation and try to expand my mind for thinking about things. For example, if I imagine hordes of zombies outside making leaving the house a refuge without escape, what needs to be in the house to survive? The other thing I use them for is as a general - virus/health hazard outbreak, for prep purposes. Ie, if a virus did get out, if it was water or airbourne what do I need? What protocals would I have, how would I react. I guess one could use a real virus/hazard, but its more fun to just use zombies. It allows me to be more creative when thinking of a fake thing - that could have unknown results, than to prep for a "regular" disaster that I may be desensitized to or complacent with.

I also use zombies as a metaphor for other people post-shtf. A group of hungry people who may kill/attack you for anyhting you have that could be of use to them. This could include cannibalization, or it could be stealing your car or food or water or whatever.

So, in general, it's all in good fun. Using zombies as a fun way to do things that are useful is fine as long as you don't lose sight that it's just imaginary.

As far as the zombie ammo and such... well again, it's all in good fun, now buying it up to horde it because you really think that it will do you any good over regular ammo....

It's fine to use it for creativity or entertainment purposes. As long as you don't lose objective sight that zombies are, at best, unlikely, and that they are not a real threat in the here and now.
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I don't believe in zombies, I don't watch zombie movies, but I still think it is prudent to be prepared if they come.
My dog's are contantly barking at invisible zombies, My grandkid's battle them on the x-portal-box, and I still deny their existence, yet remain vigilant and prepared.
I don't really need my stuff to be green, but it's still good to go.
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I've got some friends pretty into the whole zombie thing, except they've been into it for many years, long before this fad came about. One went as far as to get a tattoo of himself as a zombie slayer fighting a horde of zombies on the inside of him bicep. Then, that year dressed up to match his tattoo for Halloween, from the clothes to the weaponry that he was carrying.

I don't get into it, but hey, more power to you if ya do, I'm sure I'm into some stuff that people would shake their head at, so who am I to judge.
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Originally Posted by Fathead00 View Post
I do have a question. Who authorized the official zombie color being neon green?
Le ZUI -- Zombiie Union Internationale
They are HIGHLY unionized -- headquarters in a Paris suburb.

This is silly.
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I find it amusing that something meant entirely for entertainment value can evoke so much animosity. The zombie products represent less than 1% of firearms products, it's a fad and businesses will jump on fads to sell more product. It's just good business. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I get the z-max bullets because we can get them a little cheaper than the nearly identical v-max bullets. As far as SHTF type stuff; a 'what if' conversation with my friends is a lot more entertaining when including zombies, than if we talked about fending off the neighbors or government. Those more serious conversations usually leave me feeling some what depressed and drained. Aside from the bullets I don't buy any 'zombie' gear. None of what I have seen has any advantages over non-zombie gear, and the stuff with bright green... Where I cash in with the zombie apocalypse is when people who don't know me well ask why I have all these guns and ammo. I tell them it is for hunting zombies, they then think I'm a little weird and goofy, but harmless. If I told them I wanted it to fend off the Feds or another real reason, they tend to put me into that "crazy and dangerous" category. The whole zombie thing is silly, but that is good. Most of the firearms industry is very serious, from safety, to competition, and 2nd amendment rights. So it is nice to have something silly to talk about that involves guns.
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