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How to make fire from a shotgun (Shell) ?

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Magnesium fire starter, BIC lighter, waterproof matches etc. Why screw around with a shotgun shell in the first place? That's just asking to get a Darwin Award.
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Originally Posted by subie-jeep View Post
the survivor man guy did it with a rifle by removing the bullet and some of the powder and then crimping the brass shut.i would imagine if you took out every thing but a small amount of powder and put the removed powder on a pile of kindling,and used something(more kindling?) to keep the powder from falling out the barrel you may get something after manny tries.never tried this though.

disclaimer: i am not resposible if you blow your hand/foot/dogs tail off while attempting this.

Les Stroud is entertaining, but he is a moron! I saw that episode and it took him several attempts before he managed to get a fire going. In essence, he wasted 3 or 4 rounds of ammo when he only had 5 or 6 total! I also saw the episode where he almost burned to death in his sleep because he built his campfire INSIDE his tiny dry-wood shelter ... He DOES play a mean harmonica though...
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Of course if you have no way of using modern fire starters, you can always go back to the original way, dry wood and a stick and spin the stick like crazy. It does work, and you get better with practice. I am still young enough to remember some of the original ways of survival. Most important of all is common sense.


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Originally Posted by indy_kid View Post
Unload the shot, cup and powder from the shell. Cut slits lengthwise in the casing, but DO NOT make them full length; you want a small collar at the top.

Fill with very, very fine kindling. Try to find a dry bird's nest - it will be lined with very fine, very flammable material.

Once loaded (not too tightly), press the shell against a rock to open up the slits. This will allow the gas to escape while retaining the kindling.

Firing the primer might get a little hairy. (you think??) You might wrap the shell loosely with some strips of cloth to help protect you hand and still retain the kindling.

I have NOT tried this, but it seems reasonable.
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