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TLuker 01-12-2013 01:09 PM

Home Security Ideas
I've just about finished remodeling a house and I'm getting ready to move in. From a prepping standpoint it is a really bad location. It's right in the middle of town with lots of neighbors. The neighborhood also has the perception of being a rough area because it's primarily a low income working class neighborhood. In reality it isn't any worse than any of the other neighborhoods in town, but my friends are all concerned about theft and have been suggesting I be proactive. While I don't agree with their perception of the neighborhood (I grew up in the neighborhood and it's actually safer than most of the neighborhoods my friends live in), they do have a point about me needing to be proactive with home security. I figure while I'm wrapping up the remodeling and landscaping this would be a great time to work on home security, which is something I need to do regardless of the neighborhood.

So I'm looking for some ideas here! I've thought about video surveillance? It wouldn't be any good for stopping anyone but it might help catch a thief. So is it worth it?

I also need some ideas for securing the windows that doesn't include bars. I want something covert that doesn't make my house look like a prison.

I need some ideas for the yard as well in order to limit or control foot traffic in the back. I'm already planning a hedge row for the back yard to give me some privacy, but that also gives bad people lots of cover. :confused:

downsouth 01-12-2013 01:32 PM

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Congrats on the new house !

Outside hedge row.
You can use these same thorny plants outside of windows.

Pea gravel border around house. I don't care how light you are on your feet pea gravel makes a clearly audible and destinct sound when stepped on.

A good dog and signs posted is probably the best deterent.

Motion sensor lights.

When decorating inside mirrors can be used to your advantage. Place them where you can see enterances from other rooms. From my back door I can see my front door by use of a mirror and visa versa. Mirrors that have broken lines like old school window panes will give you the best advantage. You know where and what to look for but it

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won't be so obvious to an intruder.
Don't forget to place a mirror where you can see stairways if more than one floor.

You mentioned cameras, they are also a great deterent. Make some highly visable.

HOSSFLY 01-12-2013 01:35 PM

+1 on the dog ;)

Mosin 01-12-2013 04:28 PM

+1 on everything Downsouth said.

A home alarm like ADT is a good choice too, with a sign allowing people to know you have an alarm. Plus the home alarm we have has a panic button, that you can activate the audible alarm if needed.

Our home also has deadbolts that require a key on both sides, to no one can smash a window and open the deadbolt.

You can also look at (if you have the money), reinforced doors and windows. Some of those windows and sliding glass doors can't be broken in..

dog2000tj 01-12-2013 05:04 PM

There are a lot of ways you can protect your home and make would be criminals think twice before even entering.

before a criminal gets in,
1. Signs, stickers, placards that say the house is protected by security. Even if the house is not the signage alone may be enough to deter a criminal.
2. Motion activated lighting - criminals prefer to keep to the shadows. Place the lighting in such areas to come on when a person enters the area. Keep in mind it is not a bad idea to have an interior light or two tied into the exterior motion detector. This gives the impression that someone inside has taken notice of the exterior lights coming on.
3. Personally I think video surveillance is a waste of time/money and does not offer protection. But a camera that flashes and takes a photo is a different story. These cameras will emit a flash, getting the criminals attention and then take their photo. More often than not you end up with a high quality clear image of the criminal. And again this goes to the idea of #2 ... criminals prefer to be in the shadow.

once they get in,
1. Sensory disorientation devices - they make these devices that work for both audio and visual deterrent. These devices make it difficult to remain in an area for to long by overloading the senses.
2. Floor squeaks - do not fix them ... the Japanese actually used to purposely lay down floor boards so that they would "chirp" when walked on - So if you have a floor that already squeaks leave it be, not only will it alert you to a criminals presence, it will tell you exactly where they are ;)

just some simple ideas along with some of the other excellent suggestions already offered :)

Mosin 01-12-2013 05:22 PM

Being trained in maritime security and other stuff, I can tell you this. We're taught that the main component of security isn't defending from a threat, it's deterring the threat, before an attack begins.
Terrorist attacks and likewise property crimes, occur usually after some stage of planning on behalf of the attacker. You want to cause the attacker to shift priority to a softer target.

Here's an example. 2 criminals drive through your neighborhood, looking to break in. They see bushes and shrubs away from your house offering no place to duck and hide from passing cars. They see security lights, and or motion lights. they notice an ADT alarm sign, maybe a security camera or security camera sign...
They choose another target, because why risk it? too much hassle, UNLESS you've gone blabbing about something they might want.
Like if you're a crack dealer, and keep a kilo in the living room. Then, the reward might be worth the risk. Or if you tell everyone you have a rare Picasso on the wall.
While the above are exaggerations, the point is to keep your mouth shut and deceive people as to what you have, even your friends.

You'd be surprised. In my youth, some 18 years ago, I got into mischief, and you'd be surprised how word gets out.

You tell your best friend "Hey, I've got tons of guns, and hidden gold."

Your best friend says to his wife over dinner, "Man, if zombies ever attack, we're going to Mike's house, he has an arsenal, and gold." Well, his 12 year old son hears that, and guess what... now every single one of his friends do too.

Things like that.

A lot of crimes like home invasions and burglaries happen by people who have worked in your house, like an electrician, plumber, whatever.
Make a show of force to those people too...
I don't care if you have to lie. If the plumber shows up, you should crack the door and say "Hey, give me a minute to lock my Rottweiler up, he bites the crap out of people he doesn't know."
Things like that... You should get the word out. Because if there is a burglary being planned, their conversation should be like "What about that dudes house?" "Nah, man. They got dogs and cameras and alarms and ****."

If the friendly neighbor asks why you're installing security, your answer should be, "Well, we don't really have anything worth taking, but I want to keep burglars away."

Just things to keep in mind.

Mosin 01-12-2013 05:26 PM

Also, consider making your bedroom a "safe room."

You could put a thicker, reinforced door to your bedroom, put a dresser or something near the door that could be quickly placed behind the door to slow access. You could also have something solid, like a piece of furniture to crouch behind.

Say someone kicks in the front door, you should be able to get to your firearm, call 911, and have a good position with cover to fire from, should they gain entrance to your room.

dog2000tj 01-12-2013 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Mosin (Post 1090689)
Also, consider making your bedroom a "safe room."

one would be surprised at how affordable building a safe room actually is ;)

HOSSFLY 01-13-2013 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by dog2000tj (Post 1090710)
one would be surprised at how affordable building a safe room actually is ;)

I got one-
I point a 12ga at the entry door :)

sirhc 01-13-2013 04:17 PM

I have installed cameras on the perimeter of the house. They are hooked up to all the TVs in the house. We can see who is at the front door before even getting off the couch. It also shows a split screen of the back of the house at the same time as quite a few break-ins have happened in the area as the home owner answered the front door and a group came from the back of house. Also having your windows covered with a full size security screen that will set off an alarm if cut or removed. They look like a regular window screen. Anti smash window film is also good. Photo electric perimeter sensors can also alert you to people entering your property before they get to your home. If you have children I also recommend a panic room with a strong door and reinforced walls. We use my gun room which also has a hidden entry door. The room also can view any of the cameras in or outside the house. also recommend having a cell back up in this room and on your security system. These items are not really expensive to install and can be easily done by someone that can read and comprehend installation instructions.

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