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Home Defense Dog?

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Originally Posted by mrm14 View Post
A friend of mine breeds mastiffs, but they must be the neopalitans as they are about 5/8 th's or so the size of yours. Jeeze thats the biggest dog I've ever seen.

Does he slobber all over the place like my friends mastiffs?

I've seen that picture floating around the internet before. It's a doctored photo, but mastiffs do get huge. I believe the biggest on record was over 300lbs.
Guinness Records Set By Dogs

I have three dogs. An 8lb terrier mix who is an excellent guard dog because she alerts us to every noise out of the ordinary. Followed by two Great Danes, Kaiser and Sadie, who are just turning 11months old. They wouldn't hurt anyone, but they are protective and intimidating.

That's all I want in a dog. I don't really want an attack dog.
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its not my dog...but would make one heck of a home defense dog...i just cant see spending thousands on any kind of animal,no matter how big-n-bad it is.i have 2 mutts that where ''FREE'' and do just as good as any other kind of dogs that let you know when someone or something is outside thats not supposed to be...

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Duh,,,,,,,,it's not real, it's Photoshop.
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My vote would be a German bred German Shepherd. I prefer the German line because they are a bit smaller than the American line. Makes them a bit more athletic, and less prone to hip problems. Reguardless of the dog, training makes them into a weapon. As my trainer puts it- The training is like teaching them martial arts. Dogs all have teeth. Teaching them when and how to bite makes them a ninja.
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It's been mentioned before...but I must concour with the Australian cattle dog. Not the biggest dog...but loyal until the end, tough as nails, scarily intelligent and able to keep fighting with half it's leg torn off (which has happpend when they've gone up against 80kg 'big red' kangaroos)

Home Defense Dog? - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum
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Originally Posted by skullcrusher View Post
Yes, at WalMart, you can pick up a gun, ammo, ski mask and your antidepressants all in one trip. Darn convenient if you ask me...:D
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Default My Home defense dog.

About a year ago I purchsed Olde English Bulldogge. This is a newer breed and much larger than the English Bulldogs we see today. I chose her for all of the same reasons you meantioned. She has short hair, and is the most loyal animal I have ever seen. She will let my 3yr old son ride her back and pull her ears ( I don't let him) and she just licks him plays, but you let a stranger come by and she is a different animal. Last week I was home alone while my wife and son were out, and all the sudden Maggie gets up, heads straight for the door and starts loudly barking and growlilng. As I get up, the door bell rings, and two "fine young democrats" are standing at my door. I ask through the door what they want, they tell me to open up, they want to talk. I open the side door and let Maggie out into the fenced area. I never even had to remove gun from the holster. As soon as they saw her trying her best to eat them to pieces, they found their way down the street.
She is the 5th piece in my 7 pirce home defense plan.
1. Outdoor lighting.
2. Sharp pointed landscapping under the widows. (makes it hard to climb through)
3. Locked and reinforced windows.
4. Home alarm system.
5. 60lb aggressive, and protective bulldogge who has run of the house at night.
6. If you get past the dog, me with 12 gauge shot gun loaded with custom ammo.
7. Me with Ruger 9mm back-up, armed wife on phone with police.
I know I rambled, sorry. Not sure what I love more the dog or the guns, just cant stop talking about either.
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My 13# Jack Russell Toby in his ghillie suit.

Home Defense Dog? - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

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- orangello
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I know this is random but in the past I had heard of a dog that originated in Asia that would go toe to toe with bears. It was supposed to be a very "pack" orientated dog and was great with families. I guess it was almost as big as a bear and as agressive when their pack was threatend........yeah I know it was random, but I'm rather curious as to wether any one else has heard of this breed either.
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Originally Posted by Duddn View Post
I'm a man, I see it as my obligation to like guns. And they are just so fun.
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Default Home defense dog?

Originally Posted by GlenJohnson View Post
I've had all kinds of dogs. Some purebreds, some mutts. Almost all were great. Had a Great Dane, he was locked in the house because I was working on his pen. Got home from work, window was broken, blood everywhere. Checked him out, not a scratch on him. Friend had another Dane. Dog was inside, someone came by, started pushing my friend around. Dog jumped through the living room window to protect my friend. You don't often here about Great Danes being good guard dogs, but I'm gonna tell ya, don't sell em short.
I've got to agree with you. I have two great danes and a chihuahua. They alert us if anyone even walks down our street. You haven't lived until you've seen a great dane slowly stand on it's hind legs to look someone in the eye. My older dane (3) did that in a park when I was walking him. The fella stopped to talk and my dog walked right up to him, sniffed and stood up to sniff his face. I haven't seen him do it since and still wonder what that was all about. It freaked me out and the guy moved along.
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Default dont forget the pitt

people may think the American pittbull terrior is a naturally agressive
and overly mean animal, but the truth is if the breeding is pure and you raise the dog correctly from the begining of its developing stage it will be a loyal powerful loving and protective companion. the dangers of this breed comes from a high level of intelligence paired with an extremely powerful physique.
Just like raising a human child wrong could lead to serious mental and therefore dangerous consequences. pitt bulls can just revert to no training or disipline or love into instinctual nothingness, like getting bored and using a cat for a playtoy. if raised from the beginning with love and concern for the outcome of a developing family member then i guarantee you will not find a better guardian and compainion.
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