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Hand to Hand Combat?

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Originally Posted by pioneer461 View Post
Hand-to-hand, unarmed fighting should be avoided at all costs! If you find yourself in a street fight, fight dirty. Cheat. Bite. Gouge. Go for the gonads. No rules apply when someone is trying to kill you. Better yet, don't get caught without your gun.
I was always taught that a fair fight is a losing fight. I'll use what ever I can find as weapon to ensure my survival/keeping my wallet intact/avoiding butt rape.

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When I was still at the cop shop, we'd get annual training in "arrest & control techniques." We'd be taught the newest, fancy, magic hold or grip to use on bad guys. Some of the methods taught worked rather well, and many others were forgotten before we got back on patrol. These were the latest "lawyer approved" holds, based on one martial art or another, that would assure we would never get sued for excessive force. Yeah, right!

In reality, on the streets you use what works. If the bad guy is making a move for your gun, then all bets are off.

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Default All In Fighting


I thought I might mention the book, 'All In Fighting' by Capt. W.E. Fairbairn, although one might say a little dated (1942) I think it still has relevance today. Fairbairn as you may remember was instrumental in adopting radical for the time handgun defensive techniques when an Assistant Commissioner of Police in the Shanghai Municiple Police. I fortunate to have an original signed by the author.

A few years ago a couple of SEK officers in Germany asked me for a copy, which with great difficulty I managed to get. They thought it had merit, and it may be have been reprinted since, you might find it interesting.........
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Default Hand to hand combat?

Hello all


Hand to hand? Yup, ya can do that, I've always seen the need for some of those skills as we were always going to different countries and you rarely could get by with the carry of a weapon, evan a knive was frowned upon, though many of us did it?

My Hand to hand skills came from early on Traning in Tae Kwon Do, but we had a 7TH dan Instructor from Korea who taught empty hand to the Rocks, so we got a real crash course on how to stay alive, our school was a small one, but soon we were winning a lot of competition, and though that made many happy, our head instructor, always say,. competition teaches you SO many bad things? Like pulling a punch or letting your opponent up? He was all for the finish him off and then see if he needs a hand up? I try to live by what he taught us and sadly he passed away a few years back! He always taught go for the knee's, throat or many other vital area's and never show mercy! Kinda sums up how to stay alive and how to fight in a nutshell? Just my .02 cents, but I know that works!
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Default Hand to hand combat

Well, fellas I for one am never with out a blade, I may from time to time, not have my gun, but always have a blade, when I was younger I could hold my own any day of the week but now approaching 40 and smoking for the last 25 years am not the man I used to be, and to tell the truth, come down to it I've probably only got about 30 seconds of breath to put the woop ass on anybody, I know I can make short work of most men in my age bracket, but the cold hard truth is we are all going to have to face sooner or latter is as we get older, we are not as good as we were once were, This has came to my attention lately, so my way of thinking has changed dramatically, The way I see it, I have no choice other than to go balls to the wall ballistic with anything I can get my hands on, and use it as a weapon to to eliminate said assailant with extreme prejudice, as it is a matter of survival, So the rules are, there are no rules!!!
If you run your just going to die tired!!!
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For the guys that mentioned MMA and BJJ, where do y'all train? I just got back into training about a month ago. I'm training at a school that just opened up in the area called Rush. They are the first MMA gym in the area.
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i train at a local mma gym here in alabama. it took a while for me to find a gym, i was looking for a bjj dojo but there is not one here so there are like 3 mma gyms here that all offer bjj classes. and a friend of mine had been training at one for a few years and told me to come try it out and im glad i did because i enjoy it.
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Marine Corps Martial Arts Progam also known as Semper Fu
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check this out
The only times in this nations history that anything great happened it was because normal men put aside their petty differences and fight for a common cause.


"The great object is that every man be armed . . . Everyone who is able may have a gun." (Patrick Henry, in the Virginia Convention on the ratification of the Constitution.)
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but it is more of a that dont hurt me the kick my azz in class more than that

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