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bonney 12-12-2012 10:25 PM

Google for Ciener .22lr conversion units.
they have some for .30AK, 223 AK, Ar-15, Mini-14, 1911, several other handguns. Survivalists need one in the worst way, cause it's just not feasible to lug around 2-3 firearms and a back pack, and few are skilled enough with a .22lr pistol to take small game with it.

Anything that you do to the "main" rifle is also done to the .22 unit, you see. Folding stock, ambi safety, scope, red dot optical sight, sound suppressor, luminous sight inserts, trigger job. Do all those things to ANOTHER rifle, and the costs are over $2000. So the $200 for a .22 unit is a bargain, guys.

Practice with a 1022 is not nearly as good, cause it aint got the same sights, "feel", trigger pull, mag release, safety lever, etc, as your fighting rifle has. Under lethal stress, you tend to do what you have practiced the most. 4c a shot for .22lr, 40c a shot for 223, which makes more sense for sub 75m snapshooting practice?

There's a 60 gr, 950 fps subsonic .22lr rd (loaded into .22 Short cases_) from Aquila that makes a .22 rifle hit a pretty fair 'lick". It will drop deer, men, hogs, cattle to 50 yds or so, with a brain hit, and with a 223 sound suppressor, it makes no more noise than a quiet handclap. If it were not for the noise that escapes the ejection port when the bolt cycles, it would be as quiet as a BB gun, and there ARE ways to lock shut that breech. L:-)

hiwall 12-12-2012 11:48 PM

Why would you dis-mantle your "battle rifle" when you might need it "in the worst way"?
I could see in peaceful times using a conversion unit as a training tool without spending so much on ammo(maybe). But otherwise buy a separate rifle for a 22. One reason would be if one gun was disabled you would have a spare. If you found a helper you would have a spare rifle to give them. A spare gun has many pluses.

bonney 12-15-2012 02:31 AM

why would you make all the noise of a centerfire, just to take a deer or cow, or dog at 50m or less, hmm? You take that fighting rifle apart to clean it, and it takes a LOT longer to do that than the 20 seconds needed to swap calibers with these .22 units. Practice with a .22 handgun will not make you fast with your rifle, so the claim that a .22 handgun can serve 'just as well" is not accurate, even if you are pretty good ith it.

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