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Vincine 09-26-2011 06:32 PM

Gold or Silver ?
9-26-11 PM.
Gold is $1600, Silver is $30.
Gold took a small hit.
Silver's taking a dive, again, like it did on 4-29-11.
Which are you buying, if any?
Which would you buy if you could?

JTJ 09-26-2011 07:07 PM

Gold is $1600. I would buy it if it were $160.
I am buying lead, brass and steel. Maybe some plastic too.

Poink88 09-26-2011 07:28 PM

This is just my personal check/method. If the gold to silver ratio (price per oz) is >=40 I buy silver. If it is <40, I would buy gold but since it is so expensive, I just wait until the ratio changes to >40 :D

I also try to project future value and use that as my reference when to buy. I like the current prices so I bought more silver. I like buying when the unit price is low.

shadamai 09-26-2011 08:15 PM

I personally like silver because it is something that ordinary people can afford to purchase occasionally when they have a little extra money to put into it. Another reason I prefer it is because if I ever needed to barter with it, I could do so, especially with the smaller increments, like 90% silver U.S. dimes. With the price of gold, that would be a lot harder to do, unless you were making a big purchase.

dunerunner 09-26-2011 08:24 PM

As an investment, precious metals aren't for me. They don't cut it for SHTF either, I prefer ammunition and alcohol for that!

I do, however own some silver. Morgans, Walkers, and Franklins purchased back when silver was $15 an ounce! :cool:

Vincine 09-26-2011 09:20 PM


PMs aren’t an investment; they’re a store of value.

It’s true you can’t eat PMs, but you can’t eat bullets either. When it comes time to trade it’s a lot easier to carry coins then the equivalent value of; rounds, textiles, bread, meat, or whatever, and unlike food, it’s not perishable.

The question is, at this ratio, do you go for gold or smaller value silver coins that are more easily used for currency?

bkt 09-26-2011 09:23 PM

Bought several ounces of silver today. Wanna buy more tomorrow.

Historical gold:silver ratio is 1:16. Current ratio is 1:52. Gold isn't overpriced; silver is undervalued. Hence, I'm buying silver. Feels good to get some new metal other than brass, copper and lead. :D

shadamai 09-27-2011 06:13 AM

Just out of curiosity, what have people found the best place for buying silver to be?

bkt 09-27-2011 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by shadamai (Post 587710)
Just out of curiosity, what have people found the best place for buying silver to be?

I've done some bulk purchases with friends through We got what we wanted at a good price promptly. No complaints.

Other times, I buy locally from a coin dealer near me who doesn't charge too much over spot. He has bullion coins and bars including 10 and 100 ounce bars.

c3shooter 09-27-2011 12:26 PM

You can check with some of your local coin dealers, and see what they have- generally worn US coins, not real collectors value, know as junk or melt silver, valued only for value of metal. I have a couple of local dealers that sell to me at spot- for cash.

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