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Musket 08-31-2008 01:38 AM

Full evac in New O and surrounding parishes
In case you folks have not been watching, Gustav is steaming right at New Orleans--almost 3 years to the day Katrina hit. Gustav is now looking to be a CAT 5 hurricane by tommorrow am, and there are rumors that this might end up being the storm of the century. (I am involved with CERT, SART and k9 SAR teams, so have been watching this storm closely).

Also, concern is growing that Hanna will likely hit the east coast somewhere--and its not known yet at what strength. Its entirely possible that we may have two major hurricanes strike the US within a week of each other. For you folks on the east coast, I would suggest you monitor NOAA and CNN for the next week.....

please see the story on the full evacuation:

Some of you may recall that during Katrina--law abiding citizens had their firearms seized, and gangs of thugs were assaulting citizens. :mad:

SirIsaacNewton 08-31-2008 04:27 AM

I am currently residing in New Orleans I left Friday Night Late to avoid Traffic. I was in a gun shop on the West Bank Friday afternoon and people where stocking up for the looters. There were two kinds of people. The ones evacuating and the ones who said I survived Katrina I can survive anything and are arming themselves and riding this storm out. I know the property manger of my building is staying through it and monitoring our properties so they don't get ransacked. My prayers go out to the ones staying. I think this storm if Gustav doesn't shift it will make Katrina look like a joke.

Musket 08-31-2008 12:20 PM

wishing good luck to you and all those in the danger zone. The sad thing is that even though this is a disaster, there will always be a criminal waiting to exploit the situation, whether through looting or some other way. And this is an obvious case where its unlikely that police will be near to help you.

Not to mention, during a mass disaster, frequently people resort to acting in a primal manner in general.

This storm is no joke, and this time it seems that people are listening. However, wherever this storm comes ashore, it will cause enormous damage, and I think we can expect at least some deaths. :(

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