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FIRECRAFT (FTF Bushcraft School Lesson 1)

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Today was Bushcraft Day at the Nitrox household. My son, daughter and myself cut up an old T-shirt into 2" or so squares. We then proceeded to put them in an Altoids tin and poke a hole in the top. After that we took it to the BBQ to make charcloth. We watched it carefully, checking it every few minutes and got it right on the first try. We then proceeded to go out into the desert wash that runs near our house and gathered some dry grass, small twigs and some larger twigs. My son was able to find an old birds nest to use. We could not find a rock that would give a spark so went to the backyard and used the backup firesteel. My son went first and struck the firesteel onto the charcloth, put it in the bird's nest and with a little blowing on the ember he made fire. My daughter went next with the same result. The only difference was that she was a little freaked out when the drygrass she was using caught quickly and burst into flame. She dropped it quickly, but recovered and added the small twigs followed by the larger ones and had similar little fire going. I don't know who was more proud, me or them!!!

Here are the pictures of my son making fire. I would have posted some of my daughter but like I said she freaked a little and she is more important than pictures.
FIRECRAFT (FTF Bushcraft School Lesson 1) - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum
FIRECRAFT (FTF Bushcraft School Lesson 1) - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum
FIRECRAFT (FTF Bushcraft School Lesson 1) - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum
FIRECRAFT (FTF Bushcraft School Lesson 1) - Survival & Sustenance Living Forum
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Originally Posted by Franciscomv View Post
Everybody needs to do it a few times in their back yard before mastering the technique. It's something that you're not used to and it isn't easy.

When it comes to bushcraft skills, sometimes it's better to fail a few times. It forces you to learn how to deal with different obstacles and overcome them. The important thing is to keep trying, and to do your best to enjoy the journey.

You're being too hard on yourself, mate. From where I'm standing you did great.

Oh, by the way, I just posted the second lesson. Friction fire... now that's going to be fun.
Sir thank you for the support, I need to get my knife back shape after beating it againist a rock! I did ding the cutting edge more than once, thought about PM JD and asking if he has any left so I could get a replacement if I ruined mine on the first class. Working the edge and believe I can bring it back (so says the novice knife guy). BTW JD do you have any Mora's left

Friction fire That is going to be hard for a city boy like me but I'm in for the education.
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Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post
If you're really bored, I'm your huckleberry. If you really want a challenge, I'm the one.

If you're really smart, you'll just peddle your paint.
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I did my bushcraft out in the woods on a campout. Got all the things together including a few types of the best tinder I could find. I hiked all over the top of the mountain but could not find rocks that gave sparks. After hours scraping the Mora on rocks the spine was so scarred I could not even get a spark off the fire steel. So I used the striker the steel came with. Sparks would not ignite the tinder I had so I tried the charcloth. First strike started the charcloth glowing. But that still did not fire the tinder I was using. I finally wrapped the tinder and some pine needles up in the charcloth and blew like a crack whore. I finally got fire. Dinner was late that night.

Next night I used the firesteel with the cotton balls smeared with Vaseline. It took a while hitting the balls with sparks but then…wow…they burst into flame. I like that, no blowjob necessary.

Since I could not get rock fire I went for some extra credit and built a camp table out of sticks, bark, and para-cord. Then did some knife throwing at a nearby dead tree.

BTW that Mora is a great little whittling knife. And I carved wood all weekend and still have all my fingers.
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BUMP...Can we get a Sticky?
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Sure thing.

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After the success from the Zombie outbreak thread I thought this one needed a revival. The weather is breaking here and I plan on getting to the tasks.

How about some more participants?
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Many, many years ago I learned this neat little trick from one of the sporting magazines that had subscribers send in useful hints. Your take 2 empty, plastic shotgun shells (one 12ga. and one 16ga.) You fill the 16ga.with shavings from a pencil sharpener and this will fit snugly inside the 12ga. making it virtually waterproof. I've carried several of these whenever I'm in the outdoors. Their cheap and very functional.
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Better late than never I just found this thread, and am intrigued. I've done the cotton balls and fire steel about two years ago, steel wool and a 9 volt works good too. I have a fire piston that I want/need to try out, but haven't found any tinder fungus yet.
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