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RONSERESURPLUS 07-07-2008 10:27 PM

Firearms for a Survival group and why?

The following are the RECOMMENDED Firearms for SURVIVAL GROUP
Membership and it's allied units. Pay close attention to the
calibers and type of Firearms when you make your Choice of
weapons. Compliance is expected with in 1 YEAR of Active


1. Colt AR-15/CAR-15, 5.56MM/.223 CAL., or Equivalent Variation.
2. Kalishnikov AK-47, 7.62X39MM or Equivalent, QUALITY ONLY!
3. Ruger Mini-14/Mini-30, 5.56MM/.223 CAL, 762X39MM
4. Springfield M-1A 7.62X51MM/.308 REM. CAL.
5. SKS (SIMINOV CARBINE) 7.62X39, Of Good Quality. Have this
checked by a Reputable Gun Shop, this should be a Back up
Rifle/Carbine to the first 5 listed. It is also an acceptable
Rifle/Carbine in Transition to one of the first five choices.
6. Speciality weapons will be on a CASE BY CASE BASIS!


2. Beretta/Taurus Model 92, PT-92-99, 9MM NATO, SEMI-AUTO PISTOL
4. Ruger MK-1,2 or 512 Model .22LR SEMI-AUTO Pistol, Beretta M-21
or Taurus copy in .22LR -TRAINING/BACKUP ONLY!!

In times of emergency, you will have little if any warning of
what the situation at hand may be. With advanced Preparation,
YOU CAN AND WILL SURVIVE, as can your loved ones, even
in a Hostile environment. This section is designated to be a GUIDELINE
for weapons and their loadout for your team.

These guidelines have been kept to a BARE MINIMUM, but they are
required for the "UNIFORMITY" of all units involved. (I.E. Twenty Different
Calibers of Rifle and Pistol Ammunition would be a LOGISTICAL
NIGHTMARE but Five (5) Standard Calibers would be easier to
control from this idea.)

FIREARMS: This can easily be the MOST COSTLY area of your
Survival Kits, that is if you let it be! On a Limited Budget, as
Most of us are, common sense can save you more than just money.
If you are already set up in the Firearms Department, great, but
if you are not follow these guidelines. Most New Members
have obtained Firearms that they intend to use for Survival
purposes. We understand that along with a certain amount of
Personnel pride, comes a true belief that the Firearm they have
chosen is the best and most reliable. What we are asking is this,
that the Standardization of Firearm/Calibers to be to a UNIFORM
"LIST", for logistical purposes. A Small Number of you will fall
into the "EXOTIC CALIBER" Category. The .454 CASSUAL and .458
Weatherby Magnum are fine Calibers and Firearms, but NOT IN A
SURVIVAL SITUATION! In the LONG RUN, Scavenging may become more
than a way of life. If so, the Likelihood of Finding these and
other Calibers is slim to none. The Following Calibers and
Firearms are considered to be the best for several reasons. They
are readily available. They have excellent "BALLISTIC
CAPABILITIES," and they are plentiful. Experience has shown time
and time again that by sticking to common, High Quality Calibers
with excellent Reliability and Ballistic Track Records, we will be
far Better served. Also Calibers that are readily used by both
Police as well as Military units such as the .223, 308, 45ACP,
9MM and 762x39, 38/357 Magnum and 12 Ga, are easily found in most
area's and are economical compared to the "EXOTIC". Plus the
ability to interchange Ammo with other Team Members is a Major
PLUS! If you have an "EXOTIC" weapons or ammunition and break your
weapon or run out of ammunition and your team member have uniform ones,
you have just become a NEGATIVE FACTOR!

We will not Coverer "SPECIAL WEAPONRY" such as Sniper Rifles or
SPECIAL OPERATIONS FIREARMS as they are a Special Case, they will
be worked out with the Personnel Involved.


A. .22 L.R. (LONG RIFLE), When used in a rifle or handgun, it is
the least expensive, most available round on the market. It
can be easily stockpiled, requiring little room or cost considerations,
and is a good training roundfor the inexperienced and inexpensive
for the ADVANCED STUDENT. Also good for the elderly as well as
children who mightnot be able to handle a round with additional recoil or Blast.

B. .38 SPECIAL, Long used in Law Enforcement, but not highly
recommended except as an "ALTERNATIVE Round in a .357 Magnum and
in Revolvers only. A Low Power Load except for +P Ammo, Not
suited for C1 use except in the "Back Up" Role, or for same
weaker shooter listed in item A.

C. .357 MAGNUM, STILL used in the Police and Security Field, and
is touted as, "One of the BEST "MAN STOPPERS" in a Pistol Caliber.
Massive stopping power coupled with massive recoil and blast. Not
the highest rated round on the list, yet not totally discouraged.
Can be used as an BACK UP WEAPON, by those who prove themselves
capable of using it correctly!

issued to most units and is one of the most commonly found. STRONGLY

E. .45 ACP, Heavy favorite of many Special Operations Units WORLD
WIDE because of it's "MASSIVE" STOPPING POWER. My favorite
recommendation for all applications of Preparedness. Ammo is still
very plentiful for this round and it's only drawback is it's inability to
penetrate "Body Armor."

F. .223/5.56MM, Widely in use by Military as well as Police
agencies and is the most widely used round in Preparedness. Good
medium range caliber that will shoot farther than most can hit!
Effective ranges of up to 300 meters with SS-109 Ammunition. Easy

G. .308 NATO, Excellent hunting and sniper round. Should only be
used by Experienced Personnel familiar with it's recoil and capabilities!

H. 7.62X39MM, Solid performer in many of the Post Soviet Block
Countries for may Years. Performance falls between .223 and .308
Nato. Recommended as an initial firearm in a Major Rifle Caliber
with the SKS, until such time as a .223 or .308 Nato can Be obtained, or as A Primary use in the AK-47 Rifle Family!

SHOOTERS. Can be used for small game as well, a short range Firearm!

J. 12 GA. Most Highly Recommended Shotgun Round used in Preparedness situations. In either 00 BUCK Or Slugs this Firearm will clear a room or place meat on the table. Good Medium to Short Range round that is deadly in the hand of an expert, an "EQUALIZER" in the hands of a Novice!

J. (A.) Shotguns can be used in Preparedness Situations, but in most
cases they are heavy, bulky weapons with heavy ammunition that
takes up a lot of room as well as can be expensive. However, nothing works
quite as well in a Firelight Close up though. There is little problem with their
Legal Ownership. All these factors should be considered before picking this weapon as a primary choice! With that said, a good shotgun is often times like a swiss army knife? It has many capabilities and many ways to be used!

When considering selecting Firearms for yourself or your loved
one's, take into consideration their Build, Physical Ability,
Training and Previous Experience and Duty Assignment! Remember,
it does not pay to have "Snipers" as Cooks or Rangers as File Clerks.
We Don't Need "Little Old Ladies" Carrying Heavy Caliber Sniper Rifles.
As always, a healthy dose of common sense is used best here!

LOADOUT of Firearms and Ammo is a tricky and quite personal decision.
What we are concerned with here is your Member LOADOUT of Firearms and
ammo, because of the weight factor. Also we are concerned with the dispersal of Firearms within your team. The following is an EXAMPLE of a four (4) Person Cell or Family unit with an idea of the proper loadout of Firearms/Weapons/ammo for those members.

This may not be a "TYPICAL" Group or Family, but a fair example,
Notice the Diversity of Firearms based on Ability as well as
Experience and Size of the Personnel Involved. Always remember
that you are only as strong as your "WEAKEST LINK" !!

Please remember that each individual Satellite Leader has the authorization to set up his or her team as they see fit! Using Group Directives, the Team Leaders have the latitude to assign to Members Weapons and duty Assignments, Training, and other subjects as the Members are best suited for them! If the Satellite Leader deems that the team needs two or even three medic's, that is up to their discretion. A Team Leader might even decide not to have Snipers, Assistant Team Leaders, or Spotters for that Matter. Why should they need such positions if the Team is not able to use them effectively. If your Best Shooter "Can't Hit the Back Side of a Barn," why have a Sniper?

Remember WE Are a PREPAREDNESS GROUP, Not DELTA FORCE OR SEAL TEAM SIX! We need to be able to withstand a Fire fight as well as suppress one, but in the end, Survival of the team is our Ultimate Goal! We Need inflict or receive Minimum Losses!

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