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SmithKid308 03-24-2013 02:58 AM

Collapse of America
I don't know if anyone has the same views as me but those people are still welcome to read this too.

Now on with the topic I do think that it will, happen and MAY happen in the next ten years or twenty. But I think that anyone who has the same views as myself, i would enjoy talking with. The deal with the government doing what it is doing is by constitution "unlawful" and since our Current president has issued more Executive Orders than any other president in history has and does scare me, considering they are supposed to be done only for national security and emergencies quote,"Executive orders have the full force of law,since issuance's are typically made in pursuance of certain Acts of Congress, some of which specifically delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power" unquote. So if anyone on this forum reads this i do think that we should all have a universal sign to use for everyone to wear/use in the sense of this predicament. So any and all ideas and opinions are accepted.


Birchhatchery 03-24-2013 03:03 AM

i belive it will happen in the next 12 months

Birchhatchery 03-24-2013 03:07 AM

Since the age of the baby boomer, America has been spared widespread disaster for the most part, and this has bred in us a deep-rooted normalcy bias. We wander about in ignorance, thinking that tomorrow will always be just as comfortable as today and that because we have never witnessed real pain and suffering, we likely never will. To me, this attitude is far more unbalanced and insane than the forward-thinking mindset of the average prepper

SmithKid308 03-24-2013 03:12 AM

It would take a huge event like the gun ban, or a state seceding from the rest of America which is a constitutional right, and if this does happen what could the like minded people on this site use to identify each other such as the patriots did in the revolution?

Birchhatchery 03-24-2013 03:26 AM

the economy is on the verge of collapse im not worried about finding people or feeding myself i am worried about defending famly and farm as it will be hell on earth

SmithKid308 03-24-2013 03:33 AM

I don't own a farm, don't have a family yet, and i have an arsenal of small arms, no AK or AR I own an SKS, Mossberg 500 savage 110, and a few odd revolvers, shotguns and pistols. My father would be the only person i'm worried about protecting.

Birchhatchery 03-24-2013 03:39 AM

good luck to you

SmithKid308 03-24-2013 03:43 AM

why do you say good luck? i may not have a farm but a large garden, no animals but meat to hunt, no family but close like minded friends and the will to live.

SmithKid308 03-24-2013 04:03 AM

I belive that the people who don't exercise their rights are the ones who think that the containment or tolerance of these actions in this a fine thing but those like me who avidly use their rights and respect them are the ones who aren't blind and need to read up on their national documents.

dango 03-25-2013 12:04 AM

1.6 billion "Hollow Points" , the privatization of "Fresh water" ,"Monsanto's"
"Dwindling oil" , this isn't rocket science..! When and not if .! Biased , ignorance , I say hard core denial , seems like to many , If not on my back porch , it's not happening..! Fact is , the back porch is a little too late..!

Ban the "Patriot Act" and everything that super seeds or turns the "blind-eye" to basic civil rights..! CONSTITUTION , it was written for a reason..! We have been warned many a time by "Profits , Presidents of past , ex-military Leaders , etc..! How far will this have to go before WE stop it..?

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