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opaww 07-18-2011 10:34 AM

Can you survive?
There is some place around 80-85 million-gun owners in America right now. Should a SHTF happen of the 80 million about 60-65% will try and head to the hills. About 50% will make it to the hills to try and survive. Now 50% of 80 Million amounts to 40 million people trying to hide from what ever, be it government troops, invading zombie hordes, or gang members.

Not all of the hills can support life on the run as will be the case until you can find the right place. Some of the hills lack the necessary things for survival such as water, game, growing soil and adequate cover.

If you manage to find just the right place that has what is needed for long term survival, there is a good possibility you will have to kill to take it or maybe be killed trying. Every day that passes brings with it special circumstances that will effect your ability to survive. Such as today you fished and caught a dam good meal for you and/or the family. The wife and kids was able to find some wild edible plants to go with the fish. You cooked it all up and celebrated. But the smell and smoke from the fire was seen and smelled because it drifted all over the place, so tomorrow you may have unwanted visitors.

If you are lucky and no one seen your campfire nor smelled the cooking, they will surly hear the gunfire when you try and take that buck you just seen. A .22 lr. will make enough sound to resonate through out the Hills for quite a distance. Not many people have a suppressed .22 to hunt small game with and even less has a suppressed large cal. weapon to bring down larger game. Fishing, trapping, and hunting are not reliable enough to depend on for survival. Today the fish bites, but tomorrow they just laugh at you.

With 40 million all fighting for there little piece of area to survive in there will be bodies all over the place and with bodies comes carrion birds and animals. This is a dead (no pun intended here) give away to your possible location. A rather large-scale gunfight will result in someone hearing the sounds and knowing that others are close.

Just how long do you think game will be available with 40 million hungry gun owners trying to hunt to survive? Let us not even throw in the family members who came with you nor the others that did not own guns but think they can make it in them there hills.


Yunus 07-18-2011 11:25 AM

Just making up numbers here but of those 40 million gun owners heading for the hills, probably about half are not hunters. So that's 20 million or so that will not get any game because they don't understand the basics of hunting and will more than likely scare away any game in the area.

Poor resource management (food /water they brought) will eliminate a good % of the people within 3 weeks. As counter intuitive as it may seem I think this scenario is more of a sprint than a marathon, as people die off natural resources will become more readily available. Hunker down and survive for a month and you will be pretty well off considering.

opaww 07-18-2011 11:44 AM

I agree and your figures are more then likely close or maybe under estamated, we can always hope.

bkt 07-18-2011 12:06 PM

Leaving home in a SHTF situation would be my last choice. If I had to stay home and go nowhere, my family and I could survive well for about a year. But there's wild turkey, ducks, geese, deer and other smaller critters that use my back yard as a highway, so hunting is an option. I'm also about two miles from Lake Ontario and there's good fishing there.

Building a suppressor isn't rocket science and in the event of a total breakdown, I'd build one for my .22 if I thought it was necessary. But we also have bows and a crossbow which are quiet.

Having a pre-planned and stocked bug-out location is smart. Do that now so you're not forced to "head for the hills" with only what you can carry later.

But I figure if there is a total collapse, you really only have to stay alive for a few weeks. Then you can go collect whatever you want or need (food, fuel, clothing, etc.) The likelihood of that happening is, IMO, pretty small.

opaww 07-18-2011 04:24 PM

My son and I are planning on staying put unless its all out war then we will join the side we want to fight for. In any SHTF all we need to do is survive for 2 week at most and we can do that.

We have a 72 hour bag but that is to get us home incase we are out and about when the SHTF. As an alternate we do have a nice place to head incase it is needed. The problem with Kentucky is that 65% of the gun owners in Ky. are hunters.

I to can make a Ghetto silencer for a .22 if needed and will do so. I also hope to add a Bow to the weapons collection in the near future.

Gus556 07-18-2011 04:33 PM

I agree that 40million is a pretty heafty figure. Many people that I talk to think their gun is the master key to get food be it through hunting or through forcefully taking. Very few of them have taken the time to really THINK their way through a survival situation. One thing I learned pretty quick during my recent primitive lifestyle experience is even the most basic things need a plan. Without a plan and having the tools around to put the plan into action, it would be next to impossible. Knowing that a LOT of people today depend on google for their answers, google will not be there in a SHTF situation. People will surely die and they will die off quickly because they didnt think about or plan two basic things, water and waste disposal. Sickness will claim many more because they did not plan out what to do with their waste so it does not contaminate any supplies they have.
I also believe that many people who are trying to exit areas you would bug out from (major population areas) will have a MUCH harder time getting out of those areas. In a major SHTF situation it is almost guaranteed a martial law type scenerio will play out. I have yet to see any checkpoint (military or police) that would wave a person through laden down with weapons and ammo. I figure many people moving within major population areas would quickly have their weapons taken away.
Being from out in the sticks I am very fortunate to have a home and property. I have my primary house that is pretty well stocked and defendable. I also have a secondary location that I own that has back up supplies. I can take on a couple squads worth of people and arm, cloth, feed, and water them. All they would need to show up with is any gear they could smuggle out of the areas they are in now. I am within one tank of fuel from major population hubs (NYC, Philly, Syracuse, Rochester, Albany).
Also, you are talking about that kind of population spread accross the entire US. I imagine the hardest or most competitive areas would be the Northeast and Northwest parts of the country. A mind boggling number of people will not have the forsight to plan and execute an exit plan. They will be forced on a bus and sent to a FEMA camp set up to handle (kinda) the population. I also dont think many people today have the stones to actually do what it takes to survive. People today get all disgusted in a restauraunt if their hamburger isnt cooked enough. How could these people survive if they had to eat grubs. They would barf up more than they take in.
I know there will be many people who will survive and have the ability to survive but those that do are many of the types of people we have right here on this site and others like us. Many of us thrive on talking survival and every day look at our supplies and think, how can I make this BETTER. We play scenerios out in our heads and we discuss ideas and plans. Most people would call us paranoid because they think their advanced society and government will keep them from any basic survival situation. If the S does HTF the people that will be around after a month or two are the very people we talk to day to day on here.

Snakedriver 07-18-2011 04:37 PM

Yep, could get ugly real fast. :( We've got several cases of MRE laid-up for emergencies. That will get old fast too. Fires and cooking will bring the skunks running mighty quick, so not recommended. I think many people forget that fishing is a real possibility for survival. Again though, cooking is preferred.

cddbrowns 07-18-2011 04:40 PM

Im gonna camp out near a cow farm in the woods. Ill just shoot a cow. LOL!

Gus556 07-18-2011 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Snakedriver (Post 544590)
Yep, could get ugly real fast. :( We've got several cases of MRE laid-up for emergencies. That will get old fast too. Fires and cooking will bring the skunks running mighty quick, so not recommended. I think many people forget that fishing is a real possibility for survival. Again though, cooking is preferred.

You can make a great dish out of skunk. There is a trick to processing the animal so that you dont contaminate the meat with the skunk spray but skunk is a very edible white meat. Stay away from the rear end make a good head shot. All the meat from in front of the back legs to whats left on top of his neck is good eatin. Have soap and water handy to clean the meat and use a healthy dose of chipotle seasoning. Cook it well done.

Yunus 07-18-2011 04:46 PM

In all honesty in this situation I would have been called up for duty. So make sure you show me the secret FTF hand signal and I'll take it easy on you all, maybe even toss you an extra Soylent green ration while herding you to one of the "FEMA camps". ;)

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