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james_black 08-16-2009 07:46 PM

Bugging in/ apartment.
Thread said it all. I would like some opinions/suggestions for those of us who live in an apartment. Any written articles that you might suggest? Thanks in advance.

user4 08-16-2009 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by james_black (Post 145590)
Thread said it all. I would like some opinions/suggestions for those of us who live in an apartment. Any written articles that you might suggest? Thanks in advance.

I was an apartment dweller for a long time. I formed a small block of my neighbors and we made a point out of looking after each other. In the event of a true SHTF scenario, no one is going to continue paying for rent, so you can rul that out as far as worries. The only thing you have to think about is security and food. If it looks like you have lazy or complacent neighbors, make a point of cutting them out of your "circle of trust" unless you can get them on board with some food stock piling or weapon/ammo keeping.

GatorDude 08-17-2009 01:00 AM

I've been thinking about this because I may soon find myself in an apartment near important political and military targets. I would be most worried about fast shocking mass casualty terror attacks as the prime threat.

I would start with assembling the kit recommended at - Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

In case of CBW attack, I'm thinking that it will be important to have the duct tape, the plastic sheeting, and a way to turn off the air conditioning. I'd also like to have gas masks available. Then, I'd also like to accumulate a good 2-3week supply of water and food supplies.

My thought is that I'd want to shelter in place in the immediate aftermath of an attack and then to evacuate after a week or two of sheltering.

For small arms, I'm thinking that a typical high capacity pistol would be sufficient for self-defense (and retreat) in the face of an organized Mumbai-style terror attack. The government does not lack firepower where I might be moving.

I like Ineffable's approach of organizing neighbors. In our Atlanta complex, all the dog owners generally knew each other and could keep an eye on each others apartments and cars. Since we were walking the complex regularly, we were able to keep abreast of crime and other developments. My dog and I also discovered the scene of a burglary and were able to alert the police and complex management. The hard part was determining which neighbors to trust.

gorknoids 08-17-2009 04:23 AM

Check out the plethora of hurricane survival sites for non-CBR stuff like living without electricity, food and water tips and improvised shelter repair. If your town gets gassed or bugged or irradiated, all bets are off. If you invest in respirators, make sure that the filters you buy are designed to extract the threat. Pre-adjustment of fit and practice donning them must be done.
Make friends with your neighbors and get to know them.

Shotgun Shooter 08-17-2009 04:36 AM

If I was in an apartment, depending on space, I'd keep to myself and not get anyone else involved. Unless they were willing to buy their own supplies, they are just dead weight. I'd be living alone or with a significant other, so even in an apartment there would be some extra space for food/ammo. From what I've seen in apartments around here, the number of windows are limited and only 1 door to enter/exit. So, barricading [if you wanted to] wouldnt be a huge issue. My dad has lived in quite a few different apartments, so you could say I lived there "part time".

I'd be careful on what weapon/ammo to use in an apartment setting. Since neighbors are on the other side of the walls, choosing ammo for your gun should be looked at thoroughly. For example, dont use slugs with a 12ga. You'll hit people that you dont intend on hurting, even in a SHTF situation. Could be a good friend or a family member in another room.


zhuk 08-17-2009 08:39 AM

The only trouble with a SHTF situation is since I live in public housing, the people I should really be worried about ARE my neighbours lol

And call me cynical, but something tells me that if you used a firearm here in self-defence, when the time came for any Govt to be formally reconstituted all [legal] hell would break loose on you!

FTK87 08-18-2009 02:48 AM


Originally Posted by GatorDude (Post 145728)
I would start with assembling the kit recommended at - Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

The only thing lacking from thier kit is weapons.

Lindenwood 08-19-2009 03:59 AM

+1 about keeping to yourself!!! If you insist on finding like-minded neighbors (unlikely, to be honest), let them tell YOU about their preparations, first!! You basically have to act like an undercover cop, heh.

I think there are some good people in my complex that I've met, some people I might go to if I needed help with something (like sealing off entrances, going to get supplies, etc), but nobody will know about my guns or supplies until long after the dookie has been spraying through the fan blades.

james_black 08-20-2009 12:07 AM

I have never trusted a neighbor. I have lived in a apt. complex for 2 yrs without knowing my neighbors. I want to kill my neighbor upstairs right now. Mo fo makes to much noise. I think ill take the advise of keeping to myself. I have food and water for at least 3 months for 2 people. I live 5 minute walk from a major river here in WA. Neverending water there. I'm always buying extra food at the supermarket. I have been doing this for 3yrs now. I got food at home and a storage unit with xtra locks. Any other suggestions? Yes I got guns ammo g.masks body armor etc.

Shotgun Shooter 08-20-2009 12:12 AM

Other suggestions? Supplies to give your doors/windows more support if someone tried breaking in. I'm not saying 2x4's and nails, but plexiglass may work. These are ideas, not experiment ideas, but got to get the juices flowing!


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