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spyderfan 07-09-2010 05:13 AM

Best SHTF gun pair.
I am just realizing that I have been really ignorant thinking that S would never HTF. So I need to get a plan together I started thinking tacticool ar-15 then started thinking ar-15s are kind of high maintence. Then I though wouldn't a lever action be a pretty good idea yes I wouldn't be able to shoot extremly fast but there are less moving parts so less things to break. I can get a marlin that shoots 357/38 special because thats what I carry as my CCW. So I decided that A ruger Security six and marlin 1894c would work well for me if any one would like to persuade to getting a AR/AK please state your case and tell me what you guns your taking when SHTF.
Thanks Aaron.

IDVague 07-09-2010 05:58 AM

Off the top of my head, I would probably choose 9mm because of the availability of ammo and the guns available with high capacity magazines.

freefall 07-09-2010 06:38 AM

I think you're absolutely right Spydie. If I lived anywhere but Alaska I would go with exactly what you're talking about. That combo will kill pretty much anything you can see in the lower 48. And you can carry a bunch of rounds. Good on you.

Cory2 07-09-2010 06:41 AM

As I have posted in all of the "shtf what guns best" threads. The gun you start the situation with probably wont be the gun you end it with, what i mean is, as you start having to defend your self from the zombies or the un or the reds or the other reds or whoever it is. They will probably have guns, which means whatever gun they are using will be the gun wih the most available ammo, so you would take their guns and equipment. So if its china you would end up using some variant of the ak or one of china's newer inventions (cant remember what it is right now). If its russia it would be alot similar to china except the ak's would be alot better. If its un....well g36, m16,m4,g3,... all kinds of possiblilities. The order of importance i would look for in a gun for sht is reliability, stopping power, accuracy, weight, RoF. I have a mosin nagant with 7n14 ammo armor piercing. So whoever comes my way is going to have a bad day. If you have the money i would suggest a Draganov, as they are pretty accurate (around 1 moa) long range high powered reliable and semi auto, and the ammo is cheap (shoots same ammo as mossin nagant).

Thats my .02 and i know alot of people on here hate the dragunov because it isnt sub moa.... Just keep in mind the arabs seem to be able to pick people off from long distances with it so it cant suck to bad.

spittinfire 07-09-2010 10:52 AM

I see your line of thought and I agree, having a rifle that shoots what your pistol does would be handy but I wouldn't rule out an AR. It's a solid platform that is accurate and the availabilty of ammo is almost endless. I can promise you there is a lot more 223/556 out there then 38/357. Think about all the Wal marts, Dicks, Police departments, Amories with thousands and 10s of thousands of rounds on hand. Heck, look at all the yahoos on this website with that much 556 in their basement.
You can run an AR pretty hard before you'll start having problems, even in a dirty environment. You could go all out and get the insides coated with a teflon embedded nickel so you don't need to use any lube.

tallguy130 07-09-2010 03:01 PM

I tend to look at this from a different angle. I think food will be a bigger issue in keeping me and mine alive so ablity to hunt with will effect my choice. A good .22 for small game would be a must. Ammo is plentiful and takes up little space. Also a good shotgun. Here again the ammo is everywhere and is good to hunt with but would also work well for defence. A 9mm for your sidearm would also be a must. Tons of ammo, high capacity mags, easy to carry, bla bla bla.

If I'm day dreaming then ya an AR with a 357 on my hip for good looks while I'm greasing Mad Max style bikers. But really the more I think about it, in my situation, I want to travel light and get my family to our bug out location. That means being well fed and very mobile.

So .22 rifle and 9mm handgun. I'm really not trying to be in any firefights.

spyderfan 07-09-2010 04:17 PM

I agree with you I really don't want to look into starting a gun fight but some time fights find you and the marlin weighs what six pounds so it's light so theres a plus. If we did bail out my son would be carrying his ten twenty two and he's a better shot than I am so he can kill some small game for food. As for spittin fire I agree with what you are saying but I think if i start stock piling ammo more than I am now I would be pretty set to go. I am still deciding but I grew up on a marlin lever I know the gun pretty well.

DrumJunkie 07-09-2010 06:00 PM

If you're going with a lever gun then having a handgun that shoots the same round is pretty nice. I have such a combo in a Ruger Super Redhawk and a marlin 1894SS (44 mag). But not as a oh hell it's falling apart kind of thing. It's more a wow I have two weapons that shoot the same round so I guess I'll keep them both type thing. The thing that keeps me selling off every 357 I've ever owned is that I only used the round in one weapon and for some reason that's what gets put up on the trading block first. I am looking for a 357 lever rifle though. Maybe that will help. I love those things!

Now, for the poo flying into the redneck air conditioner type rifle I want something that is easy to find ammo for. Two pop into mind real quick. An AR and an AK. Ammo is plentiful and pretty cheap. If the are invaders running a muck more often than not they will be using something that uses the same ammo. The two are the most prolific weapons on the Earth at the moment. If an AR is your cup of tea there are so many different ways to go it sometimes becomes overwhelming. I personally don't care for the ultra fancy models and lean to a more traditional design that might have a little better chance to work when it's really dirty. The one I have is a cheap (as AR's go) mil-spec plain Jane M4gery. It shoots as well as I'll ever need it to. I've used the savings on the rifle to get more ammo.

An AK type weapon is a great choice too. Cheap plentiful ammo and you can drag it behind your truck all day and it'll still shoot. Again I don't look at the real high dollar models. Some are more pricey than a god AR and that's just crazy to me. I bought an M70 some years back before all the BO stink come to be. I have all of 450.00 in it not counting the nifty flash hider I put on it. And if I fold up the stock I could do some cool Hollywierd stuff and hide in a trench coat. Well, I would need to get a trench coat first. Anyway, they are plenty accurate, reliable, and ammo is usually always around and wont break you up too bad.

But you will have to eat after a hard day popping zombies so you might want a decent 22 rifle. And as pistols go there are just too many good ones to start listing those. But a good 1911 and/or about any Sig Sauer will fit that bill for me.

In all honesty careful planning will do more for you than anything. Get what you get and make sure you have enough ammo to get you to where you are headed. Make a plan and put into motion obtaining the things you think you will need to put the plan into action. AS for me I live in the woods and am not going anywhere. So I just make sure to keep a good bit of ammo, food, and first aid/medicines. I've been growing and canning my own veggies for years. That stuff will last a good long while and I make sure to rotate stock to keep things as fresh as possible. WE have cattle for meat and springs for water. I like to keep bottled water around anyway just in case. After all that's what we are taking about here. What will we do if things start getting really different in a real hurry.

Jynx 07-09-2010 06:34 PM

I have the same thing going with my .45s and my .22mags (.45 Blackhawk, .45 Vaquero, and .45 1894 Rossi - .22lr/mag SingleSix and Henry Goldenboys). Its definitely nice to only need one type of round while plinking at targets etc. I plan to pick up another Rossi or Marlin to match the .357 Blackhawk and .357 Taurus.

For a SHTF scenario, I would probably not rely on the revolvers (trust me, I just died a little bit by saying that). The Rossi would be nice for close quarters since it is only a 16" barrel, but I would definitely be reaching for the Sig 9mm for a SHTF handgun. I can only use the speed loaders with the .357 Taurus, but I have 10 mags for the Sig.

danf_fl 07-09-2010 08:38 PM

IMO, what I bring depends on where I am going to when SHTF. I've practiced natural disasters (thanks to hurricanes), but other scenarios have not been tested.
My choices for defense are different than those I would use for hunting.
To me, this is like saying "What 2 firearms would you keep if you could only keep 2?"

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