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Been on the site for a little while.......

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Originally Posted by layton View Post
Just curious, in a ****f situation, and when there are no supplies to be had and the mobs start hitting house to house to find supplies, if you just hunker down in place, are you going to have enough people to perform guard duty 24/7, then if you don't, you wont be able to keep what you have or probably your life or your families.Remember there is safety in numbers that you can trust, and don't count on the Military and Leo to keep you safe, because they will only be interested in keeping the infrastructure in place, food and fuel will be one of the items and it is rumored that that will be for the LEO and Military and the officials of said area, it will not be released to the consumer.
I have a 7x18 foot cargo trailer with 3months supply with every thing I will need to survive with the people going with me, the reason of 3months, it might take that long to get where my cache is, once there, I have about 4 years of food along with a good supply of ammo, as of right now there are about 200 that will be there, and more are deciding to go every day.If you do decide th just hunker down, at least try to get people you can trust the hunker down a a group, that is the only way you will have a chance.

I agree Layton, both of my boys are trained that if a situation happens they are to come straight to the house and hunker down. Then we regress to my basic roots and culture (Im Irish, celtic) and anyone who comes looking for trouble will find it and as my ancestors did so will I I will mount the head of my enemy on a pike in front of my house and let the buzzards have a feast. I figure after I have a few mounted the others will take the hint and look somewhere else.
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You bring up a great point, layton. Unless the collapse is totally permanent (we can all think of some doomsday scenarios in that category), we will most likely be returning to our home after we bug out. We'd probably be returning home to a ransacked, squatted hovel unless we have neighbors like you patrolling.

I'd rather be one of the patrollers in a neighborhood I know, with my house as my base, than go somewhere I don't know with a bunch of stuff on my back or in a trailer. But that's my situation and it works for me.
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Well, looks like things might start, just saw that Nato has ordered all assets to be positioned 100 miles out in the Gulf, just take that with a grain of salt, also in case you don't know, the beaches are effectively closed and under control of Homeland Security and BP, they are not allowing any pictures to be taken.It is said that they are on the alert for more earthquakes to start in the Gulf also and that the Sin is to start having more Solar flares that could have an effect on the Grid and electronics from now until about the 11th, as I said, just takee it with a grain of salt.

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You won't be the only one holed up in NW Ohio. You'd be suprised how many of us there are. I've always planned on staying put. I understand there are scenarios that could play out and force me to bug out, but I'll stay as long as I can. As a place to ride it out you could go worse places. Lots of good fertile soil, artesian springs, plenty of live stock, woods for fuel and hunting and rivers for traveling and fishing and lake erie is close.
I've traveled all over the world and decided to live here and raise my family partly because of the people and partly because you can survive here.
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I am of the "hunker down" variety. Hitting the road with a wife and two kids would not be too smart. I am still working on a BOL, in case we eventually had to split.
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Well im in favor for hunkernig down, I got a grampa who grew up in the beginings of the cold war, he stocks up on food, water, chemical suits, and best of all AMMO! Bout 1000 rounds of .223 in Airtight metal comtainers just at hand; I aint counting the hidden stuff! when you say "SHTF" i think of invasion... For natural disasters we got a generator, that sucker sure come in handy during ice storm '09 (if you dont remember it, YOU WERENT THERE)
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My generator is good for 8 hours on 5 gallons. I do not run it for 24 hours, but I try to keep enough fuel that I can rely on it for 5 days if need be (been there, done it)
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I have too many kids to transport to think about leaving my house. Only if the worst happened I would leave with whatever we could carry.

I have extra food stroage as well as two great danes that would sustain us for a while.
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My hunker down place is near a small town in northern Vermont. I believe that all of us would band together to protect what we have. There are plenty of ex-military folks in the area and firearms ownership is widespread. I have a few relatives that I would provide space for (one who is a M.D.) and I think we could make out alright. I think what will happen will be a bad finacial collapse. As time goes by, I am stockpiling those things that will be useful.
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