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CJohn364 11-24-2012 02:26 AM

B.O.B. I've waited long enough...
...I've read many a post about BOBs and have wondered. Is a BOB really, I mean REALLY, neccessary? I can put one together, but will it be worth it? Putting one together and just waiting, only to replace the certain items that expire, seems kind of a waste of time. I can see using a cheap backpack and such to put this together, but spending a lot of money on stuff you prolly won't need or use seems wasteful to me. Someone educate me, please.

bonney 11-24-2012 02:32 AM

I use mine for campout backpacking, minus the rifle, tho,(usually)and almost always minus the concealable body armor, and minus the gold coins, non-hybrid seeds, microfiched info, and the concealable body armor.

Seven 11-24-2012 02:38 AM

Hmm. I'm picking up what you're laying down. And it all comes down to semantics imo.

Do you need a 'GHB' in your vehicle? It never hurts to be prepared for roadside emergencies. And a really good 'roadside emergency' bag pretty much equals a 'GHB.'

Do you need a 'BOB'? Nope. 3 days? Stay at home, or use your 'GHB' to get home.

INCH or bust. A BOB is an El Camino. Neither here nor there.

Srs, what does a BOB hurt? Goods that go out-of-date? Use them and replace them. Buy stuff you usually eat to pack in your BOB. Eat it, replace it. EZPZ.

hiwall 11-24-2012 02:38 AM

odds are good that you would never need it or have advanced warning to get one together. but there is a chance it could save your life. it is not much difference than any other insurance. At the least you should make a list of items you have that would put in one so packing one would take less time and items not forgotten.

Seven 11-24-2012 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by bonney (Post 1024968)
even without the gun and armor, mine costs hundreds of $ to put together

i thought u waz a scavenger! ;)

shadamai 11-25-2012 12:52 PM

I keep a bag in my trunk (more of get home bag.) So far I have mostly just used an item or two from the first aid kit. Hopefully I won't ever desperately need most or all of it. However, I can foresee some items being useful this winter if I can't make it home from work due to bad weather. The extra hat, gloves, shoes, bottled water, etc. could be very important. It's always a good idea to have a change of clothes, blanket, and food handy just in case. When any food items are about to expire, I take them out and eat them and put new ones in. It's stuff I would eat anyway, so it's not a big deal. Most other things aren't a waste of money in my opinion- paracord, tools, a knife, means to start a fire, etc. will always be useful. The only thing I can really think of that will go bad and probably be unused is the water purification tablets and I am okay with that. I'd rather be prepared and not need any of it than have something happen and wish I had it.

TLuker 11-25-2012 01:19 PM

At the very least you should have a bag/backpack ready to be used for a BOB. You keep a suitcase or travel bag stored somewhere for potential trips don't you? A BOB is the same thing except it's for a potential emergency. Keeping it stocked would just make leaving even quicker than having to take the time to stock it. Odds are you would have time to stock it, but keeping it stocked is one of those just in case things. And as bonney pointed out they are great for camping, and most of us should occasional use ours for a camping trip. That gives you a chance to actually use the items, see how they work (or don't work), and to think about what else you could added to make life a little more comfortable. :)

As Seven pointed out, a GHB would also be something to think about. That's not as critical today since we have cell phones but it could still be a life saver. All of us should have at least enough items in our vehicles to be able to survive a night in bad weather in case of a break down. How many times have you jumped in your warm vehicle to go somewhere on a cold possibly rainy night, get there, and realize that you didn't bring a heavy coat? What would have happened if you broke down and didn't have cell service or couldn't reach someone?

CJohn364 11-25-2012 02:44 PM

Potentially dumb question...what is "GHB"?

I guess I had the mentality of "It can't happen to me". That and mixed with a few shots of Bacardi didn't help, either. :-/ I gues a BOB couldn't hurt with some basic essetials.

hiwall 11-25-2012 04:16 PM


Get home bag

TLuker 11-25-2012 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by CJohn364 (Post 1026398)
Potentially dumb question...what is "GHB"?

I guess I had the mentality of "It can't happen to me". That and mixed with a few shots of Bacardi didn't help, either. :-/ I gues a BOB couldn't hurt with some basic essetials.

A GHB is something to keep with you while traveling. It's like a BOB but with fewer items. It consists of only the things you would need to "get home" with in the event of some sort of emergency and driving were no longer an option. For example, you would need some supplies if all hell broke loose while you were at work and you had to walk home. That's not really a problem if you live a mile or two from work but it would be a problem if you had a 1 hour commute.

A lot of people think that "it can't happen to me", and it probably won't so don't take out a second mortgage for prepping supplies. Just keep in mind that bad things, however remote the chance, do happen. Everyone knew that eventually a hurricane was going to hit New Orleans and it was going to be bad. It was just a matter of when. So Katrina shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone, but it obviously was. The same goes for Sandy. :)

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