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tallguy130 01-09-2010 11:33 PM

"Apocalypse Man" on the History Channel
Did anyone else see "Apocalypse Man" on the History Channel this week? Its like "Survivor Man" or "Man vs. Wild" but with a post-SHIF theme. I thought it was a cool idea for a show and would sure like to see them make it a weekly thing but I kind of question how informative it really is.

Any thoughts? If nothing else I got a couple of new ideas for the BOB.

Wings-ofthe-Luftwaffe 01-10-2010 11:01 PM

id love to see it as a weekly. great idea. bring preparation and critical thinking to the public eye.

slwarren 01-10-2010 11:38 PM

I caught part of it. I thought it was pretty good. I'm glad they made the guy more of an every day joe, with some basic knowledge and prep, than a guy that was loaded to the gills with gear.

canebrake 01-10-2010 11:52 PM

Think I'll check it out. Thanks

crossfire 01-11-2010 12:43 AM

I watched part of it; had to turn it off.

Traversing open terrain in broad daylight? Dangerous at best. You can be easily followed back to your safe zone. Why don't I let you do all the gathering and then take if from you?
No weapons? Ok, but if you run into someone armed with anything, you lose what you have, if not your life.
Suggesting one goes to a hospital to use the generator and security system? Where does he think everyone will be? Food, electricity, drugs and first aid items will be the first things folks who aren't prepared will go after. All are available there and everyone knows it.
Going to homes to scavenge food and supplies? Yeah. An invitation to get shot. A restaurant is better or get a phone book and find where local food distributors are. Avoid supermarkets; again, everyone will be there.
Wasting time finding a radio to broadcast exactly where you are? Absolutely foolish. The instinct for survival should trump any "immediate" need for companionship. The best thing you can become is invisible.

and that is just from the portion I saw.

Wings-ofthe-Luftwaffe 01-11-2010 03:40 AM

ok, so it isnt as well thought out as it could be, but i love the idea and think they shld keep it up. there were a few good tips in there, but like with anything else, you have to wade through all the bs to find the gold nuggets. i think its better than another g.d. "20 whores fighting over a nobody in a mansion" show.... maybe we shld let R. Lee Ermey have a shot at it instead of that guy?

dmacken 01-11-2010 05:20 AM

I watched about 5 minutes and that was it. I saw the CB radio setup. When the SHTF I hope nobody sets up a CB radio on channel 9 and then keys the mike open with his tape looping. How the HELL are the rest of us supposed to use channel 9 then! Go to channel 9 in his area and get nothing but his lame recorded message. Can't send or receive anything else. That was all I could take was that one dumb idea that would adversley effect everyone else in the area. Had to turn it off. If I see it again while channel surfing I'll give it one more try.

spittinfire 01-11-2010 11:31 AM

I'd be interested in watching just to see what they come up with. Doesn't sound like they came up with much from what you guys have said.

tallguy130 01-11-2010 01:07 PM

All good points, it does feel dumber the more you think about it. However I still would like the History Channel to pick up the show for a full season.

And for God's sake give the man a gun, its the end of the world for crying out loud!

Shooter girl 01-11-2010 01:31 PM

I didn't see that one. But there were several good shows on the history channel during Apocalypse week. There was one that followed a family after a global pandemic killed off most of the population. Can't remember what it was called. But it was pretty interesting.

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