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Any ideas on disabling your firearm in shtf scenerio so it would be useless

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How about this.

Pistol or rifle. Make sure the top round in the magazine only contains the bullet and the primer. trigger gets pulled, the bullet "sqibs" and gets lodged in the barrel. Next shot, BOOM!

Revoler. same Idea as above, but with all 6. It probably won't blow the gun, but it will atleast render it temporarily useless.

Shotgun. Super glue and a shell one size smaller. Ie, 12\20 stacker.

Or, depending on the action, Pull a vital component (the bolt, trigger group, etc.) and as you make your retreat or send the others out of the house or shelter, have them take the piece with them and hide or dispose of it. If nothing else, members of your group could go back and potentially rearm themselvs at a safer time. That's all I can think of for now. Some pretty good ideas from others so far.
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In a SHTF situation, you don't really have to destroy the gun to make them useless, just remove one part that the gun NEEDS. Triggers, bolts, ect. Unless the next person who comes upon your gun knows where to find a replacement part (very unlikely in a SHTF situation), or knows how to jerry rig it to work (very hard if the whole bolt or trigger assembly is gone), then that guns is as useless as a paperweight.
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In a SHTF situation ANYONE not part of your immediate group IS an outsider and therefore a THREAT.

Why would you give a damn what or who your guns get used on after your dead?

Your notion that there will still be "good people" post SHTF speaks to a bit of na´vetÚ...
And people call me negative. So, EVERYBODY is going to turn bad? Except the people in your group? You think I or other people might not want to barter, trade, or collaborate with you? Granted, I would be automatically suspicious of anyone I didn't know personally, (and of some I do), but to think every single person would be out to get you is harsh.
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Originally Posted by trip286
I liked me better when I was drinking too...

I'm about due for another range trip to Olive Branch, MS, where there is bourbon and coke, good friends and good food... And a funny dog. Can't forget the dog.
The door is always open for you, the bourbon the best we have. Standing invitation.
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SHTF? Just make sure you have enough bullets to take yourself out! After that, not much else matters...
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I do expect, that if I were laying on the floor, watching my life drip out of my chest, I wouldn't be too worried about getting rid of my gun. Even if I had a sledge hammer handy, I don't think it would be on my "to do" list. After I am gone, you people can work out your problems any way you wish, I won't give a damn.

Besides that, I couldn't destroy all of my guns in just a few minutes.
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Problem here is that if you're down for the count, there's a reason. That reason is probably that the bad guys outgunned, outnumbered, or out-thought you. Your single weapon is hardly going to turn the tide in the post-you world. Now, if you're talking about an entire stockpile and location, you might have a concern, but again, if you're that well armed and defensible, how'd you get taken down by someone with less?
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How about just soaking your ammo in a bucket? A guns no good with out it.
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You could make a magnetic Rosie O'Donnel sticker to slap on the receiver in an emergency. Plus you have the added bonus of disabling anyone who sees the sticker when they go to pick up the rifle.
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if the ammo is sealed well, as all military stuff is, it will still fire just FINE after soaking in water for a week or more. You can seal your own reloads or .22 ammo with an artist's brush and model airplane "dope".
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